So, you have been curious about Yoga and think it could help you. You don’t feel like your best self, which leaves you with little energy left for anyone or anything else. You’re so busy and stressed out, you just don’t feel fully there for those you love and your community.

You want to improve your health, get out of pain and relax. The only thing is, you’re not sure if Yoga is for you. You’re not super fit or flexible. Or You have back pain and aren’t sure if Yoga can be made accessible to you?

Maybe you’ve tried a DVD on your own and got lost, or wrangled up your courage and went to one of those big trendy Yoga studios. When you got there you felt a bit like the odd one out; you didn’t have a fancy Yoga outfit and felt a bit uncomfortable? Then after being crammed into the class like a sardine, it felt more like boot camp than Yoga!

You didn’t get any guidance or corrections from the teacher. You felt lost in the shuffle and left class feeling a bit deflated, not sure if this whole “Yoga thing” is for you.

We might be perfect for each other if……

  • you may have back pain that’s interfering with you rocking your best life
  • you need some “me time” so you can be more present to those you love
  • you want to learn Yoga from a teacher you can relate to.

Who I am….?

Hi and Welcome. I’m Nyk Danu. I became a  Yoga teacher because Yoga has transformed my life! My Yoga practice has made me stronger and more flexible (I didn’t start off that way). It has helped me heal old neck and back pain. As a recovering Type A personality, practicing Yoga and Meditation has helped me become more patient, content and loving. It has given me a safe place that is all my own to heal and recharge. Having this strong center allows me to offer this healing to my students, loved ones and the world at large. You can learn more about me on my Me page.

How I can help you:

  • relieve neck and back pain
  • increase your strength and flexibility
  • help you relax and heal
  • give you the time and skills you need for self- care
  • learn Yoga in a way that is accessible, welcoming, and fun (you might even laugh)

Who Are “The Rest Of Us”?

Creative Guys and Gals who don’t feel at home in mainstream Yoga Circles. Those of us who are imperfect, maybe we’re not super fit or a human pretzel. The Rebels, Misfits, the Underdogs, the Introverts, Geeks and Bookworms.

Who I love to work with, we might be kindred spirits if:

  • you have a great sense of humor and don’t take yourself too seriously
  • you value community and authentic connections
  • you secretly yearn to change the world (or at least your corner of it)
  • you’re open to new ideas and love to learn
  • you’re sick of feeling like crap and are read to commit health and healing

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