June / 2014

That’s So Un-Yogic! Busting The Yoga Teacher Myths And Stereotypes.

Do you have specific ideas about Yoga teachers and what it means to be a Yoga teacher? Many Yoga students buy into myths and stereotypes about Yoga teachers that are commonly portrayed in pop culture and media, but are these misconceptions even true? Putting Yoga teachers up on a pedestal is dangerous, for the teacher and the student as well.
Time and time again there are Yoga Scandals that come to light when the latest Yoga teacher celebrity has a fall from grace and the pedestal they have been put on.

Why Balance Is Bullshit!

f you hang out in Yoga & wellness circles long enough, you can start to get the idea that in order to be happy and fulfilled, you should be trying to lead a life of balance or a well balanced life. We feel like we should be eating a balanced diet, have a balanced Yoga practice, get a balanced nights’ rest, we should have “work-life balance”. Let me tell you why striving for a balanced life is Bullshit.

Happy Joints: The Yoga For Arthritis Handbook-A Book Review

If you or someone you care about suffers from Arthritis, You’re going to want to check out this book review. When I saw that Kim had released a book Happy Joints: The Yoga For Arthritis Handbook I Knew I had to buy a copy and check it out.