July / 2014

Private Yoga Lessons-Are They For You?

Private Yoga Lessons might sound like something only for the rich and famous but actually there are some really practical reasons why Private Yoga Classes may be a good fit for you.

Indie Spiritualist A No Bullshit Exploration Of Spirituality – A Book Review

What does a “Spiritual Person” look like? When you think of a Spiritual Person does image come to mind?

“Many of us looked to religion or spirituality for answers but soon found that neither the dogma of old religion nor the “love and light” fluffiness of New Age spirituality were approaches that resonated with us. Still, we were left with an internal yearning – one of virtually deafening silence-that compelled us to answer it’s call, but how? What can we do? What about the rest of us who don’t resonate with the exceedingly positive love-and-light movement or the dogmatic tenets of spiritual and religious traditions? What are we left to do when we are looking for something more, something we can embrace exactly as we are?”