September / 2014

My Facebook Detox- How I took My Power Back

I recently did a two month Facebook Detox. To those of you who aren’t on Facebook this might seem like no big deal. However for those of you who like me, use it regularly you know this is harder than it sounds……

Community- What Does It Mean To You?

Before I started traveling in Yoga and Buddhist circles, community used to be a very loaded word for me. It used to bring up images of small towns in the bible belt, where ignorance ran rampant, mob mentality ruled and anyone who didn’t fit in was ostracized or maybe even stoned to death in the town square. Of course junior & senior high school didn’t help this misconception either. As a self professed lone wolf, I really didn’t get the whole clique thing, this need to fit in. I was raised fiercely independent, to question everything, and stick up for myself (and the underdogs too).