November / 2014

Yin Yoga Principles & Practice- A Book Review & Giveaway

This is the third of a three part introductory series to Yin Yoga.
Paul Grilley is know as “Mr.Yin Yoga” in Yoga circles and is my Yin Yoga teacher so what better way to wrap up my introductory series than with a book review and giveaway of his newly expanded 10th anniversary edition Yin Yoga Principles And Practice.

Yin Yoga – New To Yin Yoga? Some Practice Tips To Get You Started.

If you haven’t practiced Yin Yoga before you may surprised at how different it is than more active forms Yoga. The focus of Yin Yoga is quite unique. In more active or Yang forms of Yoga, the focus typically on building strength and flexibility in the muscles as well as internal warmth. This is done my doing shorter holds in the poses, repetition dynamic movements. In Yin Yoga the focus is on targeting the connective tissues, fascia and joints. This has a profoundly different feeling in the tissues as well as the nervous and energetic systems of the body.