February / 2015

Legging Love! Sweet Skins Leggings: Product Review

As a Yoga teacher I wear leggings a lot and most of them, to be honest, disappoint me. Now that has all changed. I have fallen in love with the Sweet Skins Soya High-waisted leggings!

After my recent articles on Elephant Journal about sustainable and ethical Yoga wear, I was contacted by
Mira Fannin, designer/owner of Sweet Skins Organic Apparel, she reached out to me about her clothing line. Sweet Skins fits right in line with what a look for in Yoga Clothing (ethically made and sustainable) so I told Mira I would be happy to review an item of her line.

Yin Yoga -Sphinx Pose

Back bends are so important to the health and longevity of our spine. We start to lose our lumbar (lower back) curve naturally as we age and this is even more likely to happen in those of us who sit at a desk all day.
When we lose the that lower back curve it can cause all kinds of back issues and eventually even the stooped over posture or hunch back of we often see in elderly people. This can be prevented if we pay some attention to maintaining this curve on a regular basis.
The Yin Yoga Pose known as Spinx pose is a great pose to start with and if you sit at a desk for hours at a time, you can practice it everyday.