April / 2015

Back Pain? Squat Down!

In my Back Pain Yoga classes, we work on directly on the common areas the affect the back which includes stretching the areas that are chronically tight and pull our spines out of alignment and on strengthening the areas that are weak and leave the back prone to injury.

Squatting down on a regular basis can do wonders for lower back pain and increase the flexibility of the whole lower back and sacrum.

Yin Yoga – Seal Pose

Back bends are so important for the health of our spine, especially for western bodies since we tend to spend way to much time sitting in chairs.
I would recommend practicing lower back bends like Sphinx and it’s variations and getting comfortable with those before trying Seal pose. For those of you who are ready to take it a bit higher, and deepening the curve in the lower back allow me to introduce Seal pose.