July / 2016

Yin Yoga – Sleeping Swan Pose

Sleeping swan pose is a variation of swan pose only folded over the front leg. Folding over the front leg will increase the sensation in the hip, butt, IT band area and is a pretty sweet hip opener.
Once your able to settle into this pose in is quite soothing for the nervous system so is a great pose to do before bed. So feel free to have blankets and pillows near by for comfort.
In the video below I’ll walk you through the complete how to including props and modifications of sleeping swan.

Yin Yoga – Swan Pose

Swan pose is a great as a back bend and also a great way to lead into Sleeping Swan Pose. Of the Yin Yoga poses Swan is a bit more on the Yang side so the hold time isn’t as long. In general 1-3 min is good, but of course if you are an experienced ‘Yinnie’ your welcome to hold for longer.