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Legging Love! Sweet Skins Leggings: Product Review

Disclaimer: This item was sent to me free of charge for the purpose of review. As with all my product reviews, I only give my honest opinions and I only review items I would buy with my own money. In fact, I send products back and don’t review them if  I don’t find they fit my very high standards for sustainability, ethics and product quality. I am not an affiliate of Sweet Skins and make zero money if you buy any items. I just think it’s important to to highlight some of the smaller companies who are doing amazing work.

As a Yoga teacher I wear leggings a lot and most of them, to be honest, disappoint me. Now that has all changed. I have fallen in love with the Sweet Skins Soya High-waisted leggings!

Sweet Skins Soya High Waisted Legging

Sweet Skins Soya High Waisted Legging

Mira Fannin, designer/owner of Sweet Skins Organic Apparel, reached out to me about her clothing line. Sweet Skins fits right in line with what a look for in Yoga Clothing (ethically made and sustainable) so I told Mira I would be happy to review an item of her line.

After looking at her line I selected the Soya high waisted leggings in purple and the rest is history. I have completely fallen in love with these leggings. They are by far the BEST leggings I have worn to date and I plan on buying more in purple and in black.

In the video down below I go into more detail about the leggings and give my full review, but before I get into that allow me to introduce you to the woman behind the brand, learn more about Sweet Skins and how it came to be.

Sweet Skins High Waisted Leggings


My interview with Mira Fannin Designer/Owner Sweet Skins Organic Apparel

Me: How did Sweet Skins come about?

Mira:  Sweet Skins is a minority women owned eco-clothing Company. I’m a Designer and mother of three. I  started the company 10 years ago selling at the Saturday Market in Eugene, Oregon. Sweet Skins has since grown into a web-based company shipping clothing all over the world, sold in fine boutiques nationally and internationally, and using the latest and greatest in ecologically sound fibers through conscious clothing manufacturing.

Me: What’s the vision or mission of your company?

Mira: Sweet Skins is committed to bringing women simple, elegant clothing that makes dressing and looking fantastic effortless and fun. I am committed to running an environmentally and ethically sound company, as we grow and maintain strong roots to the community, the health of the planet and to pave the road for a new more conscious business model. “I want to be an example of success for future entrepreneurs and young people from diverse backgrounds”.

Me: So many clothing lines are mass produced abroad in sweat shops with little care for the earth or the workers.
I know that your line is made in the US and sweat shop free, but you also use sustainable fabrics. Which ones do you use and why did you decide to go this route?
Mira: We use a variety of fabrics like eco-fleece, hemp, organic cottons, soy blends and wool for their low impact processing and superior texture and quality. Dyes are low impact and everything from fabric scraps to paper products are recycled or reused.

Me: If someone hasn’t worn natural and organic fabrics for Yoga before what can they expect? How does the fabric feel and preform?

Mira: Unlike most Yoga wear, ours is made from natural fabrics, so you will not get that synthetic sweat repelling effect. It is softer and more breathable. It needs to be washed after each session because it may tend to loosen up more than synthetics, only to bounce back to original tightness and be ready for the next wear. Nyk, maybe you can speak to this yourself, since you’ve been wearing our high waist leggings.

Me: Yes, I have been wearing organic cotton & bamboo for a while now but the soya and hemp fabrics are newer to me and I am loving the soya (more in the video)

Me: What are the ways the company gives back? Are there charities or non-for-profits you support?

Mira: Sweet Skins is designed and made in our own studio-warehouse by a handful of diverse women living in non-industrial Eugene, Oregon.

We make use of our small pieces of fabric, panties, scarves and slippers, baby shirts etc.

Pieces that are too small and all of our unused fabrics and scraps we donate to artists and crafters.

We have had fund raisers in the past for the international woman’s organization RAWA (Radical Afghani Woman Association). Definitely eager to do more of this kind of thing as we grow: focus on International Woman’s Empowerment!

Watch the video below for a more detailed review and to find out why I fell head over heels for these leggings. Mira was also  generous enough to offer a discount code for you off your first order, you’ll find that below the video.

Check out Sweet Skins and use the discount code realyoga15 to get 15% off your order (expires April 1 2015).

Elephant Journal Posts:

The day I broke up with Lululemon

So you have broken up with Lululemon now what

Lululemon: The End Of A Love Affair

I remember the day like it was yesterday. A number of years ago, I was chatting with my best gal pal, when she dropped the bomb “So you know Lululemon Isn’t made in Canada anymore”. This simple statement threw me into the first 2 stages of grief:

Lulu For elephant 4

Shock: What Are You Sure? She assured me a Yogini friend of hers had just been in store and the tags now read “Designed in Canada, Made In China”

Denial: No it can’t be true; this Yogini doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

Then a couple of days later when the shock had worn off, I had to see for myself. So I marched into my local LuLulemon to prove her wrong and said hello to the next 2 stages of grief.

Anger: OMG it is true! Walking around looking at the tags I found “Designed in Canada, Made In China” Made in China! Made in China!! Made in China!!! As someone who does her best to be socially responsible, I had been doing my best to avoid buying things made in China. The thought of some 8 year old child in a sweatshop making my Yoga clothes was breaking my heart.

Bargaining: Ok, but I have this gift-card I was given for my birthday ….I’ll just spend that, then I’ll never set foot in here again. It was a gift after all I can’t be rude and let it go to waste.

Depression: It had taken me forever to find cute, well-made Yoga clothes that lasted. Was I going have settle for ill-fitted Yoga pants that don’t last. Was I going to have to wear leotards or learn to sew?

Testing: Ok so if I wasn’t going to shop at Lululemon, where could I get my Yoga clothes? So I poured myself a glass of wine (organic of course) and pulled out the laptop. Ahhh the power of Google, I started to search for Yoga clothing made in Canada and Yoga clothing Made In the US. Whadda Know there actually was alot out there.

Acceptance: Once I realized the Love affair was over and could see things clearly, I realized the signs were always there, I just didn’t want to see them. I mean I never really jived with their message or values. I once had the misfortune of over hearing and employee review in a coffee shop and well …it was a bit cult-ish. There was also the lack of larger sizes which always bothered me, as a girl gifted in the bootie they really only had 1 style of pants I could wear. The music was always WAY too loud and I felt like I was at a club. So yah, it was a good thing in the long run Lulu and I were never really meant to be after all.

Lately I have noticed more and Yogini’s ending their love affair with Lulu and many have asked me for recommendations to other lines that are made in Canada or the US. Well since I’ve spent hours online researching this, I’ll be happy to share and save you the work.

I have divided the list according to where they are made, and many of these (although not all) are sustainable as well. There is a little bit for every style of Yogini ranging from the Sporty, The Chic, to the Woodland Fairy and the Punk Rock (or is that just me?)

I hope this helps you shop in line with your values and let me know if you know some I have missed so I can add them to the list.

Disclaimer: At the time of this post I personally checked these sites out, however the companies policies could change at anytime. Always best to double check before ordering to ensure a sweatshop free experience 😉

Esty has a ton of hand made local options as well try typing in Yoga clothes made in ____ (country of choice)