Meditation Classes

You Know That Calm, Peaceful, Centred Feeling You Get After Yoga Class?



Imagine Feeling That Way, Even When You Haven’t Just Come From Yoga.

What if you could learn a simple practice that could help you:

  • de-stress and recharge your batteries 
  • help you deal with your worry and anxiety?
  • What if you had the ability to respond instead of reacting to life’s challenges?
  • What if you could be more patient, present loving and kind?

But right now….

You’re often stressed out, anxious or worried. Life is so busy you feel like it’s slipping between your fingers. You feel like you are caught on a treadmill just running to catch your breath. You don’t feel like you have any time for yourself, let alone presence or patience for those you love. You know you aren’t living your best life or the best version of yourself.

You may have caught glimpses of the peace you crave in your Yoga class, but it’s always fleeting. Maybe you have tried some guided Meditations in the past. Maybe you’ve tried to learn to Meditate on your own, but you didn’t know what you were doing. You couldn’t stay focused and got distracted easily. It was a lot harder than you thought, so you gave up and thought maybe Meditation wasn’t for you after all.

I so get it!

I spent years looking for something I couldn’t quite put my finger on. I was a chronic worrier, I felt stressed and anxious a lot of the time. Life seemed to be rushing by me and I couldn’t catch my breath. As a type A personality, I was pretty high strung and reactive. Yoga helped but, not long after class the “Yoga Buzz “ wore off and I was back to feeling overwhelmed.

I started to look into Meditation classes (after all Meditation is the second half of Yoga). Somehow none of the classes I found were a good fit. They were too intense or didn’t offer much instruction, guidance or support. They just sat me on a cushion and let me sit there clueless about what I was doing. I felt pretty alone and lost.

It took me three years of hunting around to finally piece together a practice I could work with.

That’s why I created Meditation 101- Making Meditation Practical

I put everything I wished I had learned from the beginning in a simple, easy to follow 7-week course.

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In Meditation 101 you will learn everything you need to know (the who, what, when, where, why and how) of creating your own Meditation practice.

  • You’ll learn to Meditate in a simple clear way that progresses from week to week.
  • By the end of the 7-week live course, you’ll be able to sit for 20 min.
  • You’ll practice with a group of like-minded beginner meditators to support you on your path.
  • You’ll have access to both a private Facebook and insight timer group where we can support each other and practice together.
  • You’ll receive a PDF guidebook that you can refer back to as often as you need to.

Mediation Testimonial Rebbeca

Meditation 101-Making Meditation Practical is for you if:

  • You’re fed up with feeling worried, stressed and anxious. You’re ready and willing to make a change.
  • You’re not looking for a magic pill or quick fix, you want to create lasting change.
  • You’re ready to show up for yourself and can hold yourself accountable.

Meditation 101 is NOT for you if:

  • You already have a regular meditation practice
  • You know despite your good intentions you don’t hold yourself accountable or stick to your word
  • You can’t commit to showing up

You can do this!

I know there may be a little voice in the back of you head that has doubts, that thinks “sure, this might work for other people but not for me”. That’s normal. I had that voice too, we all have these doubts. But I promise if you have the will, I can show you how.

Meditation 101- Making Meditation Practical Includes:

  • A live 7-week course with guidance and instruction with me
  • 7 weeks of live group support
  • Private Insight timer group so we can practice together
  • Private Facebook group for support
  • PDF Guidebook you can refer back to again and again

Space Is Limited, This Course Only Runs Once A Year


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