Therapeutic Yoga For MisFits


So, you’ve been curious about Yoga and think maybe it could help you with your Back Pain or Anxiety, but you don’t think you are a ‘Yoga person’.

Because of your Back Pain and aren’t sure if Yoga can be made accessible for you. Maybe you’re not super fit or flexible, so you’re not sure that you’d fit in at a Yoga class. And the thought of attending a regular Yoga class Is just making you more anxious.


Maybe you did wrangle up your courage and went to one of those big trendy Yoga studios. But when you got there, you didn’t have a fancy Yoga outfit, you felt like the odd one out — and it felt more like boot camp than Yoga! 

You didn’t get any guidance or help from the teacher on how to work specifically with your body. You felt lost in the shuffle and left the class feeling deflated and unsure if this whole Yoga thing is for you.

Maybe you’ve tried a Yoga video at home and got lost or discouraged when you couldn’t figure out how to make the poses work for your body.

If you:

  • believe that you need to be super-flexible or skinny to practice Yoga
  • are all about the latest Yoga trends and can’t get enough of hot Yoga, AcroYoga, and the like
  • are mostly interested in Yoga because you want to detox, get a ‘Yoga butt’, or get your ‘Yoga body’ in time for swimsuit season, or anything else along those lines . . .

then I’ve got nothing for you.

But if you:

  • are more likely to wear Converse than Lululemon
  • have more tattoos than Yoga outfits
  • want to learn Yoga in a way that is accessible, welcoming, and fun (you might even laugh in my classes!)
Then I’m your girl.

I’m an expert in teaching those who aren’t human pretzels — when you can’t reach the floor, I have ways of making the floor reach you.

I believe Yoga has the power to transform lives and change the world.

I believe if you can breathe you can do Yoga.

I believe Yoga makes life better.

I’m on a mission to make Yoga less intimidating.

It’s my honor to share this practice with others.

Know this: Whether you are in my in-person public classes, Live-stream classes, or a private session, you’ll get personalized attention. I want to get to know you and make sure that you’re getting the most out of Yoga in a way that works for your body.

Who am I?

I’m Nyk Danu. I became a Therapeutic Yoga teacher because Yoga has rocked my world! My Yoga practice has made me stronger and more flexible — and, believe me, I didn’t start off that way.

I’ve had back pain, anxiety,  injuries, and tightness — in fact, when I started to practice, I had to use chairs for many of my poses. But when I look back to where I started vs. where I am now, I’m grateful; it means that I can empathize with my students in a way that comes only through direct experience.

If you want to learn more about how a heavy music-loving, smoking, martini drinking, latte-obsessed Hairstylist became a Yoga teacher, click here.

Who I love to work with:

I work with Yoga MisFits, Gen Xers (and sometimes y)  who don’t feel at home in mainstream Yoga circles, the rebels, underdogs, punx, introverts, geeks, and bookworms.

If you are sick of feeling like crap and are ready to give Yoga a try, then I invite you to join my email list below, so I can send you free class passes, Yoga videos, guided meditations, and other goodies.