Back Pain? Squat Down!

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Back Pain, sadly, is a common theme in my classes. I myself have suffered from back pain on and off over the years due to some poor standing habits from back when I was a hairstylist and the misalignment of my spine because of it. For many of you, it’s likely from sitting at a desk all day.

In my Back Pain Yoga classes, we work directly on the common areas that affect the back, which includes stretching the areas that are chronically tight that pull our spines out of alignment and strengthening the areas that are weak and leave the back prone to injury.

Squatting down on a regular basis can do wonders for lower back pain and increase the flexibility of the whole lower back and sacrum.

Check out this fun informative music video by Denise Kaufman about why you should learn to give a squat.

The Squat Song from Denise Kaufman on Vimeo.

If you have knee issues, then squatting may not be available for you, but for the rest of you, I recommend squatting every day! This will likely be difficult at first, but with practice, you will become more and more comfortable and be able to hold your squats longer and longer.

I’m a bit of a Yoga geek, so I like to find hidden pockets of time to squat down while I’m doing other things (like during the commercials of your favorite TV show instead of hitting the fridge).

In the video below, I walk you through the complete how-to when it comes to squatting.

Happy Squatting!


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