Back Pain – Twist it Out

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If you have Back Pain or tension, twists can be a powerful tool to help release tight muscles in your back. The twist we are going to explore in this post is pretty deep, so if you are currently in acute pain, you may want to skip this one and practice twisted reclined deer pose instead, which you can find here.

Back problems and human backache pain with an upper torso body skeleton showing the spine and vertebral column in red highlight as a medical health care concept

However, if you are not in acute pain, have been practicing Yoga for a while and need a deeper twist, this one may fit the bill.

Have some Yoga blocks and/or bolsters on hand for this one (or blankets and books work in a pinch too) to bring the floor up to you or fill space between your knees. Because this is a deep twist, many of us will need the support of props.

Happy twistin’,

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