Back Pain Yoga – Cat pose

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Cat pose is a simple movement that is a great way to nurture our spine, increase blood flow, circulation, and release back tension and Back Pain. Sometimes, the simplest poses can be the most therapeutic.

I love to do this first thing in the morning to gently wake up my spine, or before bed.  You can even do it at work if you are sore from sitting.

Rockabilly cat girl. Furry art illustration. Fashion animals. Hipster animals. Dressed up animals.

If your wrists are an issue for you, this can still be practiced by putting your forearms on a bolster. I also like to put a folded blanket under my knees if your knees are sensitive you can try that.

Sometimes, this pose is also called cat/cow, cat/dog, or spinal waves.

Either way, this pose by any other name still feels as sweet.

In the video below, I’ll walk you through the how-to of Cat Pose.

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Happy practicing, meow, purr purr,


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