Finding Calm – Yin Yoga For Grounding

Finding Calm – Yin Yoga for Grounding

In this fast-paced and ever-evolving world we live in, finding moments of stillness and grounding has become hard to do. And Yet crucial for maintaining our mental and emotional well-being.

One powerful practice (that I happen to specialize in) that cultivates a deep sense of grounding is Yin Yoga.

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Guided Yoga Nidra Practice for the Earth Element

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This guided Yoga Nidra practice for the earth element is grounding (pun intended).


Have You experienced Yoga Nidra?

I often say that Yoga Nidra is sort of like if you imagine that a guided relaxation and meditation had a baby 😂.

Sometimes Yoga Nidra is referred to as the Yoga of sleep or Yogic sleep, but that’s not really accurate. Read More “Guided Yoga Nidra Practice for the Earth Element”

Is Yoga Equitable? Why I offer sliding scale pricing.

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Is Yoga Equitable? This is a question I ask myself often.

Equity, of course, is a massive and very in-depth conversation that is likely beyond the scope of this blog post.

To be clear for this post when I speak of equity, I’m coming at it from a financial perspective.

For a large part of my life I had been what people would have described as ‘the working poor’. Read More “Is Yoga Equitable? Why I offer sliding scale pricing.”

Yin Yoga for Fall

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We are in a transition, within the transition. What I mean by that is we are part way through Fall and yet not quite at winter.

We have moved away from the ultimate extroverted, Yang, fire element of summer (which was a big transition to make) to the more introverted, Yin-like time of autumn. Read More “Yin Yoga for Fall”

Yin Yoga Yoga for Back Health

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I’m a Yoga Therapist who specializes in helping folks with back pain with the goal of getting them to a state of Back Health.

I’m also a Yin Yoga Teacher and Yin Yoga teacher trainer, so I love classes that focus on Yin Yoga Back Health.

So I have spent years studying Back health and teaching Back-focused classes. 

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How To Sit for Meditation (comfortably)

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Have you ever tried to sit for Meditation and been uncomfortable or in pain?

Although many of us likely sat on the floor a lot as kids, as adults we often don’t keep this habit up. Sadly sitting in chairs (which starts as early as grade one) begins the downward spiral that ends up in tight hips and weak backs which can make sitting on the floor difficult. Read More “How To Sit for Meditation (comfortably)”

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