Lower Back Pain – Get Relief

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Lower Back Pain is unfortunately pretty common. It can be challenging to find gentle yet effective poses to help relieve lower back pain without causing a flare up.

This lying twist is one of my favorites for times when my lower back is feeling tender or vulnerable.

If you deal with chronic back pain, it’s important that you only move within a range of motion that feels safe to you and won’t make you sore tomorrow. Read More “Lower Back Pain – Get Relief”

Back Pain? Squat Down!

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Back Pain, sadly, is a common theme in my classes. I myself have suffered from back pain on and off over the years due to some poor standing habits from back when I was a hairstylist and the misalignment of my spine because of it. For many of you, it’s likely from sitting at a desk all day. Read More “Back Pain? Squat Down!”

Private Therapeutic Yoga Lessons – Are They For You?


Private Yoga Lessons might sound like something only for the rich and famous.

But actually, there are some really practical reasons why Private Therapeutic Yoga may be a good fit for you.

Therapeutic Private Yoga Lessons Might Be For You If:

* You have some issues, injuries or medical conditions that need to be addressed so you need a Yoga Program created just for you. Read More “Private Therapeutic Yoga Lessons – Are They For You?”

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