Happy New Year ~ My New Years Wishes For You

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Wow, I can’t believe a year has passed already! One year ago, I rang in the New Year on a rooftop patio in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I was surrounded by fireworks and candlelit lanterns floating by. It was a truly amazing experience. This year, I rang In the New Year inside with my Fella, take-out, a bottle of white wine and an evening of learning to play chess (so fun).

I don’t set New Years Resolutions or goals (I prefer to just resolve to change things when I notice I need to). However, I normally do a “year-end” reflection on my Birthday (Dec 21) where I reflect on lessons learned and lessons re-learned (sometimes it takes more than once). I do an extended Gratitude Practice & I do set some intentions for “my” next year on my birthday. These three intentions stood out for me when I did my year end for this year. Create, Learn and Travel.

I Hope You Had A Beautiful New Years Eve And Day! Here Are Some New Years Wishes For You.

My Wishes For You This Upcoming Year & Ever After:

  • Love So Big, You Feel Invincible.
  • Light To Lead You On Your Path.
  • Support You Can Sink Into.
  • Soft Sweetness That Brings Tears To Your Eyes.
  • Strength That Comes From The Depths Of Your Being.
  • Wisdom That Comes From Experience.
  • Courage To Speak Your Truth, When Your Voice Shakes.
  • Inspiration To Fuel You On Your Path.
  • Laughter So Deep Your Belly Aches.
  • Abundance So That You Never Never Want.
  • The Generosity To Share Your Blessings With The World.
  • The Solace Of Friendship To Lighten Your Load.
  • The Radiance Of Your Own Beauty Reflected Back To You.
  • The Bravery To Listen To Your Heart, Despite What “they” Say.
  • Good Health To Live Long With Joy & Grace.
  • The Silence to Hear Your Hearts Whispers & Dreams.
  • The Foresight To Follow Your Intuition.
  • The Humility To See The Lessons.
  • The Vision To See The Big Picture.
  • The Reverence To Embrace Your Shadow.

~nyk danu

In the comments below, let me know, what are your intentions or words you have any for your upcoming year?

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  1. Cindy Hall
    | Reply

    Thanks for the wonderful wishes for all of us, Nyk.
    Beautifully written.
    Same back to you.
    I hope we can all remember these wishes each and every year!
    Will be printing it up to tack on my wall. ?
    – Cindy

    • Nyk Danu
      | Reply

      Hi Cindy!
      Yes Please feel free to print and share as you like as long as credit is given please spread the love ox

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