How Do We Heal Our Broken Hearts In the Wake of the Flood?

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How do we heal our broken hearts in the wake of the flood? I am sure it will take us all many weeks to begin to heal. It’s normal to be processing and healing for a few months and we are likely to feel up and down emotionally and extra drained physically as well.

Although I live in a neighborhood that flooded and was evacuated, I am beyond lucky that my home was dry and safe when I returned. Still, my heart aches for all those who have lost so much. Many of us may have never been through a natural disaster and have no idea how to heal our broken hearts.

I have a few tools to help you cope in the weeks to come:

1) Get involved! Helping others heal helps in turn to heal ourselves. Community is very important right now. If you are looking to volunteer, is a great resource. If you can’t volunteer, consider feeding volunteers; food dropped off to volunteer sites is a great help.

2) Raise Funds. There are many ways to donate money. I have created a Karma (donation) Yoga class to raise funds for my local community. You can see the details by clicking the link below the picture. You can donate through that link, even if you cannot attend in person. You can also bring cash to class the day of.

3) Take time for self-care. Now more than ever it is important to take time for yourself to recharge and heal so you can be available to those who need a touchstone or a lighthouse right now. Summer Yoga classes are open for registration and some classes still have spots left. To See All Summer Classes In Detail Including Links To Sign Up Click

4) Shop local. Many of the small businesses lost thousands of dollars of stock and lost business during the floods. Small businesses are unlikely to have the float fund that a big box store would. So now, more than ever, is the time to go and visit the areas that were devastated by the floods, have a meal, go for coffee, and do a little shopping. Visit for a list of neighborhoods and businesses that were affected by the flood.

5) Here is a video with a Yoga practice to help in times of stress and insomnia.

6) Practice Gratitude. Take some time every day to be thankful and grateful. It helps to keep things in perspective and focus on the good in our lives, and now is a great time to count your blessings.

To all of you who have been affected by the floods, my thoughts and prayers are with you and together we can heal. Our hearts may be broken, but our spirits need not be.

Much Love & Gratitude,
nyk <3

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