How To Practice Walking Meditation – By Lyndsey Burton


A Walking Meditation combines present moment awareness with movement, and is a great way to help you become more mindful while rocking the Yoga mat!

The awesome thing about a Walking Meditation is in its simplicity – All you have to do is walk and become aware, which creates a magical, mindful experience to what is normally a mundane task.

It differs from a ‘normal’ Meditation practice because – yes, you guessed it! – Because you’re walking, not sitting. 🙂

In most seated Meditations, our awareness is often focused on our inner world, while a Walking Meditation the full experience of walking is the main focus, which includes our outer environment.

Here is how:

  • Dress in something comfortable
  • Keep your eyes open while walking
  • Become aware of the body as a whole and notice your posture
  • Notice how your feet feel connecting to the ground with each step
  • Slow down your pace and notice how that feels
  • Speed up your pace and notice again
  • Then take your awareness out to experience the elements such as the wind, sun or rain
  • Become aware of all the gifts that nature has to offer you – what can you see, feel and hear

See? Simple!

Many people feel it’s easier to keep focused on the present moment while doing a Walking Meditation – this means the mind is less busy trying to distract from the Meditation.

It can also help with the mind/body connection. As you spend time dropping out of the mind and into the body you will begin to notice more of the signals that are so easily missed during the day.

A Walking Meditation is sooooo sweet because it can be adapted to suit any situation…
Just think, no one will ever know that you are Meditating in the supermarket!

63985_10152343509991652_1043912196253166040_n Lyndsey Burton is a Mother, Wife, Meditation Coach and Founder of the Soul  Sisters. After years of being at the mercy of a busy mind, Lyndsey decided enough was enough and devoted her life to escaping the busy trap. She has trained with the Buddhist community and with No1 Best Seller Sandy C. Newbigging, in mindfulness and Meditation. Lyndsey connects with busy women and helps them to find 10 minutes a day to Meditate.

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