How To Sit for Meditation (comfortably)

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Have you ever tried to sit for Meditation and been uncomfortable or in pain?

Although many of us likely sat on the floor a lot as kids, as adults we often don’t keep this habit up. Sadly sitting in chairs (which starts as early as grade one) begins the downward spiral that ends up in tight hips and weak backs which can make sitting on the floor difficult.

You can learn more about the evils of chairs here. 

How to sit Comfortably For Meditaion

I pretty much sit cross-legged on the floor for a living and have always preferred the floor to chairs. And even with this I was in pain when I first started a Meditation practice.

So often when trying to sit in Meditation, it can feel like a chore physically (not to mention dealing with the mind). Sore hips, knees and backs are all pretty common at the start.

So how DO you sit for Meditation comfortably?

cushions to sit in meditation comfortably

I’m glad you asked and I have some ideas on that for you. These tricks of the trade have helped many of my students get more comfortable so they can focus on the Meditation technique and not the pain in their bodies.

There is more than one way to sit in Meditation and there are no brownie points or instant enlightenment from sitting cross-legged (believe me I have tried). 

In the video below I’ll walk you through How to sit comfortably for Meditation


So Have a seat and try it out

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