Improve Shoulder Mobility- Two Therapeutic Yoga Poses

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Sometimes, Yoga doesn’t need to be complicated or have fancy Yoga toys to be effective.

These two gentle Therapeutic Yoga movements for your shoulders are the perfect example of that.

If you are suffering from a reduced range of motion and shoulder mobility, whether it be due to lack of use or a previous injury, these are simple, sweet, gentle and therapeutic Yoga movements help to improve shoulder range of motion and improve circulation.

These shoulder movements can be practiced 3-4 times in the first week, then you can work up to every day.

Whether you are recovering from a shoulder injury or just generally sore or tight from working hunched over, these gentle shoulder movements are great to add to your daily routine to improve movement, increase blood flow and circulation and relieve tension.

These were chosen specifically for their gentle, therapeutic, shoulder-friendly nature and will benefit most people with shoulder issues.

However, if you have an injury, always check with your healthcare provider before practicing this.

You can do it as part of your Yoga Practice, while working at your desk or I also like to do this when I have spent a lot of time traveling on a plane and often practice it right in my seat.

As always, only practice these within your pain-free range of motion. These should make you feel better, not worse.

First up, Easy Shoulders.

The Second is Elbow Circles.

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Here’s to Happy Healthy Shoulders,


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