Lions Breath aka The Stress Buster Breath

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Lion’s breath, or Simhasana in Sanskrit, is a great breath for relieving stress and releasing negativity. It’s great for ‘clearing the air’ or helping you speak your truth.

When I first practised Lion’s breath, I felt a bit silly in the beginning, but once I experienced the power and release of this breath, I was a big fan!

You can also practice Lion’s Breath in your Yoga asanas. I specifically love this breath during the cat pose. But you can practice it during class when you need a boost of internal heat and energy. Or, you can practice it throughout your day when you’re feeling foggy or slow.

Here are a few of the many benefitsĀ of this fierce breath:

  • Relieves tension in the chest and face
  • Simhasana can be a useful pose for those who stutter
  • Stretches the muscles in your face, neck, and throat
  • Relieves tension and tightness while improving circulation
  • It’s an energetic and awakening breath that will also help to ease theĀ mind
  • Lion’s Breath opens the throat chakra and helps to boost confidence
  • It’s a warming breath that can increase your internal temperature

If the video below, I’ll walk you through this stress-busting breath.

It may feel silly at first, but stick with it and you’ll awaken your inner lion.

Ok, Lemme Hear You Roar!



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