Nyk is an amazing instructor. I look forward to my classes with her. She is welcoming, accepting and funny. I’m not even close to being a flexible yoga person but I always feel at home in her class. You can tell she loves teaching.

Monique Masterson 

I’m so glad I found Nyk! Through her wisdom and guidance, I’ve been diving deep into yoga and it has become a practice that is really buoyed me up in these strange pandemic times. I’ve been watching and listening to Nyk’s videos and podcast interviews and I feel like a slight sheepish groupie but I’m OK with that.

Kim June Johnson

When Nyk moved away from Calgary I was sad to be losing my teacher. For years, I searched for a class that had the same feeling as Nyk’s classes. The silver lining of Covid is that Nyk is now offering zoom classes. Words cannot express how grateful I am for the reconnection to this amazing teacher! She is keen to ensure that her students get what they need from every class, always providing modifications when needed, and she adopts the classes based on the students needs on the day. Nyk’s authentic self shines through her work and makes these classes the highlight of my day. Thank you Nyk!

Laureen Bryant

Nyk was my instructor for many years when we both lived in Calgary. I started her yoga for backs class and have now taken many many classes from Nyk over the years, most recently Nyk’s online yoga class. She such a wonderful teacher, compassionate and thorough in her instruction and brings a sense of fun and wonder to your practice. I highly recommend next classes.

Sarah Martin

I have taken classes from Nyk in person and online. She’s a great instructor. She has a calm, comfortable voice and manner, and she sets the contacts for her classes, and giving a pose, she always gives a variety of alternatives. I continue to access some of her videos and I recommend her for all levels of students.


Nyk’s a treasure. I began zoom classes with her this summer. I’m currently doing her in session on Sunday mornings. Nyk leads us in and out of poses with a quietly gentle yet precise explanation; there’s always a sense of joy and acceptance and humor coming from her. I leave her classes feeling as if I’ve been set up for a wonderful day physically, emotionally and spiritually. Just writing this makes me realize how much I look forward to our time together. Thanks Nyk.

Jennifer Mcleod

I attended Nyk’s in person and hatha the flow classes for several years and regularly practice her videos. She’s an exceptional instructor providing clear guidance and demonstrating respect for every individual‘s needs and preferences.

Haiku Nik

I’m very fortunate to have received my introduction to yoga from Nyk Danu. The class was composed of newbies and people who have been practicing for years. I had no natural talent. However Nyk was there for all levels and everyone benefited. The classes were fun and nicks moved to Victoria was rough for members. I will say if Nyk’s In person classes were still available in Calgary, I would be signed up.

Pat Lepine

I’ve been practicing Yin Yoga with Nyk for over a year now and I really look forward to her Yin class. She guides us through a series of poses, always adding in a pose if requested for a specific body part that’s causing trouble. Nyk has a soothing sound to her voice. She explains the poses well, she’s very knowledgeable about Yoga and passes her knowledge on with ease.

I feel like I could go out into the world with a fresh start every time I finish class.

Marlene Kelly

Nyk has been a guiding light and showing me how to befriend my anxiety or yoga for anxiety series has been the highlight of my week. I have learned new techniques like ball work, tapping & sweeping to calm my nervous system and relax my body. When you find a teacher that supports your essence and truly wants to care for you, you stick with them and I will be sticking with Nyk I highly recommend her work with anxiety.

Laura McCollough

Nyk is a big part of my journey to achieving the best health possible. I have some serious autoimmune illness and struggles with trauma. Her skill as a practitioner, her passion and heart for her work and her students and clients is inspiring. I found her classes of Yin Yoga my favorite and her therapeutic yoga sessions invaluable. I would recommend her to anyone in need of support on a healing journey discovering a daily practice of yoga. She is a one of a kind Teacher and Yoga Therapist.

Denny Hall

I loved your class last night! I woke up this morning feeling so nice and loose in my back! I haven’t felt that way in a long time. I think I mentioned to you that you were the best yoga teacher I’ve had! I tried a few places/teachers after you left Calgary including some yoga but I never found a class that I liked as much as our old union class that gave me that same sense of relief in the same way. I’m so glad to be able to do this with you on zoom and even felt like I was in the Rose room last night with my eyes closed hearing your voice.


I thoroughly enjoyed my Private Hands-on Yin Yoga Session with Nyk Danu. Nyk provided a personalized session specific to my needs and former injuries. The gentle session was seamless and I was impressed with the continuity and flow-beginning to end. I left feeling refreshed, centered and with increased vitality. I highly recommend Nyk Danu and her private classes, it is clear she is very knowledgeable and an excellent Yoga teacher.

Tara Roh

I have been studying yoga under Nyk since 2009. Her classes are a true retreat from the world and I leave feeling refreshed and relaxed. Nyk’s style is gentle yet challenging and she spends a good amount of time explaining and demonstrating the postures. She is knowledgeable, approachable, and a pleasure to know and learn from.

Anne-Marie Brennan

Nyk embodies the principles of Yoga both in and outside the classroom. With passion, humor and a keen dedication to proper technique and etiquette, Nyk’s natural gift to teach her practice to her students is evident.

I have enjoyed attending her classes for a number of years and have seen a marked improvement in my physical and mental well-being. Nyk has inspired me to take the time to seek balance, calmness and happiness, which has had a positive influence in all areas of my life.

If you want more than just a Yoga fitness class, then I highly recommend Nyk Danu.

Tammy Schuiling

I cannot say enough about Nyk Danu and her ability to guide students, novice and experienced, in the world of Yoga.

There was no end to the benefits that I experienced from attending Nyk’s class. My lower back pain-blissfully gone. Years of shoulder stiffness-eased. Sore and tired feet-soothed. All replaced with a renewed sense of energy, flexibility and calm.

I am a Yoga fan now, in the future and forever. Thank you Nyk and Namaste.

Cindy Good

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank-you for such a wonderful re-introduction to Yoga. Everyone at some point or another I believe, comes to a searching place in their lives for personal growth. I am having one such experience this year and the re-connection to my body and mind, with your guidance, has been very beneficial and healing. I look forward to continuing my lessons from you. You are professional and inspiring!

Andrea Moar

Relaxed, nurturing and fun! Nyk truly cares about her students,  Nyk is always there for her students, with guidance, information and a smile.


Nyk’s respect of Yoga and her genuine love of teaching are obvious. She truly cares about her student’s experience and growth. Her style makes Yoga accessible, interesting and fun for the experienced student and the student who is completely intimidated.

Miranda Bridgewater

Nyk’s class style takes the student from doing Yoga postures to learning Yoga postures. I’ve been taking classes from Nyk for years and she is still able to give me “aha moments” all the time.


I want you to know what a great influence you are on me, both physically and mentally. Although I mainly take your class for my back issues, I find that after each session, my thinking has changed, at least in subtle ways. I did not notice this in previous Yoga classes so, a credit to you, your teaching methods and how you prepare us.


I’ve taken this class for over a year and it is always different, interesting and informative. Nyk is thoroughly engaged in her practice and shares that knowledge with charm in a way that involves everyone. This class has actually improved my life; helping me focus, be more relaxed and healthy. Very grateful to Nyk!

Melody Jacobson

Nyk’s enthusiasm for Yoga is contagious, and she’s quick to share her expertise with the class in a way that’s accessible and understandable.

One of the first things you notice about Nyk’s classes is the fact that people are having fun. She manages to make the atmosphere so friendly and inviting that you forget your awkwardness and embarrassment at contorting yourself in front of a bunch of strangers and you just have a good time.

Jackie Brown

This serves as a grateful thank you to Nyk for inspiring me to stay dedicated to my Yoga practice. She is an encouraging and patient teacher with a fantastic sense of humor. A busy work schedule interrupted my Yoga for a few years but Nyk immediately made me feel welcome and happy that I joined her sessions.

I look forward to my weekly session as a way of restoring my energy and my body-mind balance. Nyk has a manner that makes you want to reach your optimal best. She always keeps everyone’s safety in mind and is very aware of anyone’s injuries or limitations, tailoring certain Yoga positions so they are still comfortable and beneficial.

Nyk, you are a gifted and professional instructor with a natural talent for helping others in their quest for personal health and balance. Thank you for sharing your gift.

Jane Otte

I love your sense of humor and your Yoga classes have been something I really look forward to every week. They’ve helped me through a shoulder injury and more recently, some new health-related issues. I cannot imagine my life without Yoga now. Nyk, you’re an excellent teacher and you seem to have great intuition on what the class needs each week. Huge kudos on your patience and facilitation style.


It is obvious Nyk has found her life’s purpose in sharing Yoga with the world! She is an inspiring, passionate, patient and dedicated teacher who motivates even the most reluctant student. Regardless of your level of Yoga experience, you will benefit greatly from having Nyk share her expertise and positive instruction – I certainly do. Nyk is continually challenging herself to learn, explore, absorb and grow and we, as her students, reap the benefits.

Rita Mackay

I will not go to anyone else but Nyk!

Anne Bell

I never thought I could tolerate Yoga or enjoy it. But because of you, I do enjoy it. I especially appreciate how safe it is, because you really know what you are doing and how to adjust for people’s different problems.


You are a ridiculously amazing teacher! Seriously. I was blown away!

Phillip Lozano

You are by far the best teacher on the internet. You understand the body, and you are crystal clear. You have a great gift!

G. Marulloi

I can’t begin to convey my thanks for all the positive teachings and support you have shown me over the past few years. It is a rare and beautiful thing to have a teacher such as you.

You convey confidence, patience, humor, and love in your classes and I can attest to the fact that your students are soaking it in! I will truly miss seeing you and attending your class, but I am happy to take your teachings with me!

Namaste and Much Love,
Sarah Martin

My favorite thing about Nyk is her ability to create a non-threatening, unpretentious and relaxed environment in which to practice. She keeps things light-hearted and joyful; fun and heart opening. When I show up for class, I’m encouraged to view my time on the mat as mine and mine alone.

With Nyk’s encouragement and guidance, I can now see this time as the gift that it truly is; the thing that allows me to live my life off the mat in a more peaceful, loving, and compassionate way. Because of Yoga, I am a better mother and a better wife. Thank you for this, Nyk. You are awesome at what you do and we are lucky to have you!

Tracey Ast

I started Yoga classes with Nyk about 6 years ago. I had tried Yoga before and thought Yoga was not for me..then I was diagnosed with hypertension and thought I should try some lifestyle changes to help deal with it….I was blessed to find Nyk at just the moment in my life that I needed her and she has shown me the love for Yoga. Nyk is an amazing and caring teacher!

Elaine Crook

Thanks for inspiring me to do more Yoga Nyk – I really love it – and you are a great teacher! When I started out doing Yoga with you it was due to a running injury, and I initially thought it would just be a short-term thing. Through your knowledge, great communication and sense of humor, I have been inspired to do more and more Yoga and pursue it more than just once a week.

My love of running has been replaced with a love for Yoga. In fact I don’t feel right unless I do Yoga several times a week! It is a life-long learning and enrichment and you helped start me on that path. I believe Yoga is a path to health and happiness.

Jean Mogensen
(recovering runner/ aspiring Yogini)

Nyk is a fantastic Yoga instructor. She is very in touch with all her students and makes every effort to ensure that each person is getting the most out of their sessions. She is passionate about Yoga, and that shines through in her teaching. She has had a positive impact on my life both with her teaching and with unwavering character. Wednesdays wouldn’t be the same without Nyk!

Debbie Davis

Nyk is a highly skilled Yoga instructor who advances her students according to their level of interest and their level of competency. She is well-attuned to each person’s limitations and can adjust and adapt exercises to get the greatest benefit from each pose. Her eye is quick to detect small issues in a pose that can lead to strains & discomfort and she can quickly help to prevent possible injury.

I feel very secure in her instruction and competency to prevent injury while achieving the greatest benefit from her Yoga sessions.

Marguerite McVicar

When I began Yoga lessons, I was fortunate to have Nyk as my first instructor. She made me feel comfortable and welcome immediately and made me wonder why the heck I hadn’t started taking Yoga classes much sooner! Nyk is not only a knowledgeable instructor, but she loves taking even more classes herself to further that knowledge.

The best teacher is one who can instill the love of the subject into her students, and Nyk has that innate ability with her help, empathy and, humor. Nyk, you’ve no idea how you’ve changed my life. Thank you for everything from the bottom of my heart.

Cindy Nelson Hall

Nyk has been my Yoga instructor for 6 years. She is punctual, knowledgeable and brings a depth and breadth to her work that I love. For her Yoga is about uniting body, mind and, soul and it works! I have no hesitation recommending Nyk if you are interested in pursuing your own Yoga practice.

Denise Jakal

I have attended 4 or 5 series of Yoga classes taught by Nyk. I’m a continual beginner, and Nyk is a patient teacher. She is focused on making sure the class meets the needs of each individual and how they are doing on a particular day. Nyk brings a depth of understanding of the techniques and how to modify them for difficulty or injury, and I never doubt that she really cares how I am doing.

Classes have a recurring focus on mindfulness, peace, rejuvenation, and compassion for self and others, teaching Yoga as the mind-body practice it is intended to be, and not just another form of workout. If that sounds right for you, then I would suggest you accept my recommendation and give her classes a try.

Nitin Manerikar

It is rare to find authentic concern. As a Yoga instructor, Nyk guides the experience on my mat that is unique to my issues. She is genuine, clear, concise and encouraging. She is a true mentor. She taught me to stretch so that I actually grew inches! I am healthier because I practice yoga. I practice yoga because Nyk inspires me.

Tracy C.

Nyk is an amazing person with expert knowledge of Yoga and it’s practice. I have attended various Yoga classes over the years, but always find my way back to Nyk. Her classes not only allow for all experience levels, but her personal touch makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Candyce Ibbott

Nyk is a creative gracious Yoga instructor who has broad as well as deep knowledge of her subject matter. She is a natural, relaxed teacher who enriches her rhetoric with relevant, motivating and often funny anecdotes, gently encouraging her students to do their best within their personal limits.

Nyk will often adjust the agenda of any particular class to better meet the needs of the students attending that day. She developed an entirely new, and ultimately well appreciated, course as she perceived the need in her existing and potential clientele.

Nyk gets to know each of her students, at the same time facilitating the students’ feeling of belonging to an approachable peer group. Taking Yoga classes from Nyk Danu is an experience in which I am very glad I have been able to partake.

Jennifer Dunbar

Love your classes, they are an oasis.


Nyk has extensive knowledge of many modalities, yet her teaching style is applicable to every body type, ability and experience level.

Michele Jacobson

Seeing happy, healthy faces leaving your classes with Yoga mats in hand made me sign up. I told a friend and he registered yesterday.

Matthew Kleisinger

I wanted to let you know, I really enjoyed the classes and learned a lot of new poses that I have incorporated into my regular post-workout stretching. These new stretches have made a significant difference in my flexibility and reduced the achy feeling I usually have after a workout.

Samina Khandwala

I REALLY enjoyed last night’s class and am feeling the benefits of it today. I’ve always found it interesting that, when starting a new Yoga class, I get an intuitive sense right away if an instructor is a good fit for me or not. I will be attending your classes for some time!  Thank you for the individual attention you gave me to adjust my poses. It really helped!


You are a phenomenal yoga teacher and I will really miss your class. I’ve had an on-again-off-again relationship with yoga for many years and your approach has really re-kindled my enjoyment for and commitment to yoga.  Thank you again for sharing the gift of yoga in such an honest way.  It has been a pleasure to be in your class, even doing balance poses!

Susan MacCulloch

At first I wasn’t sure that Yoga would be right for me, I thought it was something that young women did. Once I started Yoga classes, I noticed that my flexibility was improving and that my attitude toward the rest of the world was softening, I’m more tolerant.

What I like best about the Yoga classes is Nyk and the way she pays attention to everyone in the class. From the “check-in” to correcting postures to just sharing a joke, Nyk is what makes the classes special.

I have enjoyed these classes for about 5 years now. Nyk’s classes have turned a 58-year-old who was heading into serious back and flexibility problems into a person who welcomes physical activity. I’ve also become a great fan of back-bends.

These Yoga classes have given me has enhanced my knowledge about how my body works and how to look after it. I’ll keep coming back.

Pete Exner

You are the best Yoga instructor I have ever had the joy of practicing with.  I am very grateful I did the private session with you, so I will always have you “with me” as I practice at home.  I would shout my praises from the rooftops – truly, you changed my life!

Sue Adolf

I hurt my back 2 weeks ago so I have been taking it very easy physically and was nervous to continue my practice. I’m beyond grateful for your Head to Toe Yin Video; both in the moment and even the next day I feel so much better. Thank you for allowing me to slow down get present and heal. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Alexis Schweitzer

On Sunday and today, I had a moment of gratitude for having you as my teacher. there are so many poses where I have your teachings and foundations that I remember. I always try to lead with my heart not my head in my twists for example. I will forever be grateful I’ve had you as my teacher.

Angel Spasoff

Nyk’s expertise as a Yoga teacher is only exceeded by her compassion and care for her students. When you are doing Yoga with Nyk you feel the Love!

Ariel Learoyd

I recently had a beautiful private restorative yoga session with Nyk. I was feeling fragile and sensitive that particular day and in need of loving care and nurturing. I needed a safe place to let go. Nyk has an incredible ability to hold space, and to create an ambience and atmosphere of complete peace and comfort. I often feel unable to completely relax. While in Nyk’s care, with the soothing sounds of her steady, calm voice steeped in both softness and strength, as she guided me through each pose, I felt every bit of tension, pain and stress melt away. For the first time in so long, I felt able to completely and deeply REST. After my session I felt a beautiful fusion of peace, clarity, focus, lightness and softness wash over me. I am so grateful. I can’t wait to go back!!!!!

Jody Stadler

I feel very lucky to have begun my yoga practice with Nyk. She is a kind and gentle teacher with tremendous respect for the practice and her students. Her style and enthusiastic support really encouraged my interest with yoga. I loved taking her classes when she was in Calgary and have yet to find another teacher I like as much.

A.M. Brennan

I have had the privilege of having one-on-one yin and restorative sessions with Nyk Danu as well as attending her classes in different studios. She is incredibly knowledgeable, down to earth, and straightforward—a terrific combination that immediately puts me at ease and allows me to melt into the practice. Her confidence and grounded nature are well earned as she has obviously practiced and studied diligently for many years. She also has an exceptional gift when it comes to yoga nidra; in her Friday afternoon restorative classes, I am amazed at how quickly, easily, and deeply I go into rest. I’ve learned a lot about fascia from her, too.

Finally, as a woman of size, I have felt deeply nurtured and included by Nyk, and this makes me want to explore yoga more seriously as time goes on; she is very approachable and totally non-judgemental. I have heard many people say that yoga has changed their lives, and with a compassionate teacher like Nyk, I can see the potential for that in my own journey. Huge respect for this sincere, warm, trustworthy practitioner.

Plus she has great style, gorgeous tattoos, and is an all-around badass, which makes her tons of fun to be around.

R. Layberry

Nyk transformed my yoga practice by opening my perspective and helping me realize that yoga is about personality and current needs, not “goals” based on fitness ideals or competition. By learning with Nyk, I claimed sovereignty over my yoga practice, which ironically has been a helpful tool to actually enjoy group classes. I also realized that feeling the Self is first, and that other physical activities benefit from that radically necessary practice. I am forever grateful to have shared such enriching education from a dedicated Master at her craft.

Mariana Zapata

I was lucky enough to have shared educational space with this young woman. I knew she was into yoga, but didn’t really KNOW until I experienced a herniated disc. My doctor told me I couldn’t work for 6-8 weeks. I am currently on my sixth week and was just seen by a Physiotherapist who asked me to show them what yoga I was doing at home, since I mentioned I was doing yoga at home. I showed him the stretches that Nyk taught me how to do which was specifically for lower back injury of my L4, 5 and S1 discs. My therapist was obviously impressed and told me that there was nothing more he could suggest because I seem to be well informed. He praised my moves and told me how excited he was to work with me. I thank Nyk for being the first person to assist me when I had so much unbearable pain.

Dallas Killian Arrowood

Can I say how much I love that you teach ‘as you’ (if that even makes sense). It’s like I’m just hanging out with you and there’s no ‘show’ like I see with a lot of teachers and I love that you use humour yoga is supposed to be fun and we aren’t supposed to take it seriously all the time.

Becca Greenside 

I was just telling a friend how you were by far the best yoga teacher I have ever had, and how I still can’t find a class that speaks to me in the same way.

Ayns Richaug

Informative, inspiring, and relaxing. Thanks so much, Nyk!

Shannon Kirk

I had been having lower back pain for months and had thought it was just normal for me. I’m not sure how the Back Pain Yoga Workshop corrected or realigned something, but my pain went away after that and hasn’t returned.

Emma Bennett

Feeling thankful today for Nyk Danu for six weeks she worked with me one on one and taught me how to cultivate a solid, workable daily Yoga Practice practice that’s suited to my with my schedule, physical needs, and emotional minutes. This is one knowledgeable, intuitive, experienced, gifted, healing individual. I highly recommend her for personal sessions as well as any question teaches Her work has made a real difference in my life.

Renee Layberry

Signed up for Nyk’s virtual yoga classes after being recommended to them by other folks in Fat Besties and enjoyed them so much I’ve signed up for two more series! 🌟 Her facilitation allows me to come back into my body, strengthen it, and calm it.

Kate Fish

Nyk’s classes have been a lifesaver for my back and neck, which are often tight from desk work.  I attended her classes for a number of years in Calgary before she moved to Victoria.  I could not find a class after she left that I loved as much, so am very happy to attend virtually now.

For over a year now I have had a kink on the left side of my neck.  I went to physiotherapy three to four times to try to work it out, but no luck. My physio suggested going to a chiropractor for a neck adjustment, but I didn’t feel comfortable with that.  Last week, during one of the long stretches we do for the neck, as I was coming back into neutral, I felt a release, and the kink was gone!  I was so relieved and spent the rest of the class moving my neck to make sure it was really out.  (It was!)

I believe so much in what Nyk’s classes do to lessen tension and stress in the body. Thanks Nyk!

Rosalia Nastasi

I first started yoga with Nyk in Calgary and was sad when she moved away. (But happy for her!). I tried for years to find another instructor that had a similar presence and approach in the class and was unsuccessful. The best thing to come out of COVID has been her online classes. I love being a part of her weekly classes once again. She is calming, thoughtful, and I truly appreciate her check in’s with each of us at the beginning of each class to see how we are doing and what needs work. Her lessons then authentically flow based on the class needs instead of a structured plan that many other instructors follow without a check in. Her life experience lends to great anecdotes and teaching approaches for “A” type personalities like my own. Thanks Nyk for being amazing and sharing your gift of teaching and knowledge with us.

Melanie Holland