Private Therapeutic Yoga Lessons – Are They For You?


Private Yoga Lessons might sound like something only for the rich and famous.

But actually, there are some really practical reasons why Private Therapeutic Yoga may be a good fit for you.

Therapeutic Private Yoga Lessons Might Be For You If:

* You have some issues, injuries or medical conditions that need to be addressed so you need a Yoga Program created just for you. A completely custom practice to your needs, your injuries, your health concerns, your goals.

* You want to try Yoga but you are totally intimated. Maybe you have Back Pain and other injuries or aren’t flexible. Or you just know that learning physical things (whether it be sports or dance) hasn’t really been your strong suit and you need a bit of extra time and help to feel like you ‘get it’.

* Maybe you are an introvert and the thought of sharing the room with a whole bunch of strangers (even a zoom room) makes you want to crawl into a cave and not come out. You don’t want to talk. you want you time on your Yoga mat to be all about you and recharging you batteries.

* Or you are totally happy coming to classes, but you have a few trouble spots you’d like to work on your own in between classes and need a sequence created for you.

* Maybe you’ve been practicing Yoga for a while and you have a serious crush on Yoga. You would love to practice more often, maybe a few times a week or even every day. You dream of having a home practice but are totally intimidated by the what, when, where and how of sequencing your own practice.

* You work shift work or travel a lot and can’t seem to find classes that fit your schedule.

* You need some serious ‘you time’, you give a lot to others. You often feel drained, stressed and over committed.  You need some regularly scheduled time to let someone take care of you for a change so you can recharge and reboot.

* You having been nagging at your partner about Yoga and its benefits, but still, they resist… maybe if you had a Yoga Practice just for the two of you they would feel more inclined to give it a try.



If any of these resonated with you and you want more information keep reading 😉


How Private Therapeutic Yoga Sessions Work:


Therapeutic Yoga is a holistic system, meaning even though you may come to our sessions with specific needs (like persistent back pain, anxiety etc.) A Yoga Therapist takes your whole being into account when creating your practice.

So when we do our initial intake I will ask about things like your stress levels, digestion, sleep and even your hobbies.

Yoga has so many tools beyond just the physical shapes. Tools like breath practices (pranayama), hand positions (mudras), sacred words, (mantra), inner resolve (sankalpa), concentration techniques and meditation.

When we work together I’ll use these tools to create a practice just for you. This is NOT a ‘one size fits all’ practice.


These sessions are held on zoom so we can do them from where ever you live and each week you will get recordings to practice with.


Private Therapeutic Yoga sessions are sold in a of package of three or five. Three for those of you I have already worked with five package is for those of you who I haven’t worked with before.


Session One:

A full intake. Not only will I find out about any injuries and medical conditions, but also things like sleep, digestion, stress/ anxiety or other mental health issues.

I’ll also get you moving so I can assess your tight/sore spots or areas that need extra attention or strengthening.

We will discuss your goals and the who, what, when, where, and why you’ll be practicing so I can create a custom sequence

Session Two:

We start to work through the sequence/s I have created for you. then between this session and session 3 you practice at home with the video.

Session Three:

We go over and questions you have from practicing, and tweak, adjust, add or subtract as needed to create your on going sequence.

Session Four:

We practice your custom sequence/s so it starts to feel familiar. You will have time to ask questions and I will have a chance to watch you and help with the little details.

Session Five:

Practicing your custom sequence/s to get it immersed in it, and it becomes familiar for continued practice without me.


After session 5, most people continue to practice with their sequence on their own. Of course over time as your needs change we may revisit the sequence and modify it.

Some people don’t want to practice on their own, they like the live experience and accountability of practicing with me. so you may continue to work with me privately in a ongoing way.

Others do private sessions as a way of learning some basics, learn how to adapt for their needs and then join my group classes.


If any of these resonated with you and you want more information on my Private Yoga Lessons and packages, you can get more info by clicking here.

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  1. Helen
    | Reply

    Hello Nyk
    I’m definitely interested in 5 private classes with you. We had some correspondence wrt videos 6 months’ or so back. I’ve done some yoga out of country since January. I think some one and one at home might work for well right now. I think that’s what I think!

    • nyk.danu
      | Reply

      email me to make arrangements to work together

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