Shoulders Tight? – Sundial Pose

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In my former life (before I became a Yoga Therapist), I was a hair color specialist. Because of this, I had my arms lifted on and off all day, so to say I know something about tight shoulders might be an understatement.

I have made a habit of collecting poses and tricks that relieve tight shoulders. Sundial Pose is one of those. It can be surprisingly effective for such a gentle pose.

That being said, you should always work within your pain-free range of motion. We don’t want to hear any snap, crackle, or pop when practicing this, so if your circles are smaller than mine, that’s fine.

Also, if you are dealing with a recent shoulder injury, please check with your healthcare practitioner before doing this.

Okay, grab some Yoga Blocks or folded blankets and let’s get to it!

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Here’s to happy shoulders!


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