Supported Little Bridge Pose

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This particular pose was one of my most requested videos! Little bridge is another pose that can be done either as a Yang pose to strengthen the body and create energy, or a Yin pose using a block for support so that you can hold the pose longer.

Many of my students love this pose and have found it very helpful for relieving lower back pain. However, no Yoga pose is good for everyone. However, if you have SI joint instability or other SI issues, you should always check with your healthcare practitioner before practicing this.

Our Sacrum (the triangular bone above your butt crack) has a very small amount of movement front to back. These movements are called nutation and counter-nutation. When we practice Little Bridge Pose with a block, it holds our sacrum in a counter-nutation position, which can feel really good for the lower back in many of us once we are out of the pose.

You’ll need a Yoga brick for this pose – often, I say books can be used in place of Yoga bricks, but in this case, you will definitely need a brick. Remember, there are three heights to a Yoga brick, so you can use whichever works for your proportions and flexibility.

As a bonus for many of us, if we make sure our feet are parallel and not wider than your hips, you may also get a sweet little hip flexor stretch too. That’s not why we are doing the pose per se, but it’s a nice bonus for those of you who get it.

In the video below, I’ll walk you through the complete how-to of Little Bridge pose.

Happy practicing!

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