Yoga For Gardeners – A Video Practice

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Spring has sprung. So it won’t be long now before I have students limping into my classes with all kinds of sore spots from weekends of hardcore gardening.

Our growing season in most of Canada is pretty short and it’s so different depending where in Canada you live. But one thing I know for sure once it is gardening season, those who are avid gardeners dive in head first and barely come up for air. Read More “Yoga For Gardeners – A Video Practice”

Yin Yoga – Sphinx Pose

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Backbends are so important to the health and longevity of our spine. We start to lose our lumbar (lower back) curve naturally as we age, and this is even more likely to happen in those who sit at a desk all day. When we lose that lower back curve, it can cause all kinds of back issues and eventually even the stooped over posture or hunch back of which we often see in elderly people. Read More “Yin Yoga – Sphinx Pose”

Private Therapeutic Yoga Lessons – Are They For You?


Private Yoga Lessons might sound like something only for the rich and famous.

But actually, there are some really practical reasons why Private Therapeutic Yoga may be a good fit for you.

Therapeutic Private Yoga Lessons Might Be For You If:

* You have some issues, injuries or medical conditions that need to be addressed so you need a Yoga Program created just for you. Read More “Private Therapeutic Yoga Lessons – Are They For You?”

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