Yin Yoga For Your Neck and Shoulders

If you are new to the practice of Yin Yoga check out my Yin Yoga for Beginners Post.

Yin Yoga for the neck and shoulders is one of my most requested sequences.

Often times people think that Yin Yoga is for the lower body. And it’s true if you look at most of the Yin Yoga books there is very little for the upper body. Read More “Yin Yoga For Your Neck and Shoulders”

Improve Shoulder Mobility- Two Therapeutic Yoga Poses

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Sometimes, Yoga doesn’t need to be complicated or have fancy Yoga toys to be effective.

These two gentle Therapeutic Yoga movements for your shoulders are the perfect example of that.

If you are suffering from a reduced range of motion and shoulder mobility, whether it be due to lack of use or a previous injury, these are simple, sweet, gentle and therapeutic Yoga movements help to improve shoulder range of motion and improve circulation. Read More “Improve Shoulder Mobility- Two Therapeutic Yoga Poses”

Tight Upper Back? Eagle Arms To The Rescue!

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I’m guessing you like me have a pretty tight upper back.

One of the most common requests I get in my classes is for something for the upper back and shoulders.

Eagle arms is by the best Yoga stretch for this area.

In my life, this pose is a daily (if not multiple times a day) event around these parts. Read More “Tight Upper Back? Eagle Arms To The Rescue!”

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