Tight Shoulders? Try This

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Do you have tight shoulders? I hear you – I’m also in the tight shoulder club. This particular shoulder stretch has been one of the most effective for me.

You will need some sort of strap for this pose. If you don’t have a Yoga strap, you can just use a belt or an old necktie, anything to extend your reach, as long as it’s not stretchy.

Since we all have different bone proportions in our shoulder joints, we will each need a different width on the strap for our grip, so experiment with the width that for you feels like a stretch without being extreme.

Always make sure as you practice this, you are only moving within your pain-free range of motion. You should feel better and more open after this, not worse.

And, of course, if you are recovering from a shoulder injury, you should always check with your health-care practitioner before attempting this.

In the video below, I’ll walk you through this step by step.

Here’s To An Open Heart and Happy Shoulders!


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