Balance Is Bullshit And Will Never Make You Happy

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Are you striving for a life balanced life, feeling frustrated and like you’re always coming up short?

If you hang out in Yoga & wellness circles long enough, you can start to get the idea that in order to be happy and fulfilled, you should be trying to┬álead a life of balance or a well-balanced life. We feel like we should be eating a balanced diet, have a balanced Yoga practice, get a balanced nights’ rest, and have “work-life balance”.

Let me tell you why striving for a balanced life is bullshit. It is impossible to lead a perfectly balanced life. Striving For perfect balance is just one more way for perfectionism to rear its ugly head. We can start to feel like doing all the things we need to do to create a balanced life just adds more to our to-do list. We can start to feel like we aren’t good enough or wise enough to achieve perfect balance in our lives. We secretly wonder how others manage to create this perfectly balanced life.

We need to STOP this right now! Perfect Life Balance is a lie. No one has it. Let it go. What if, instead of striving for a life of balance, we relaxed into a life of harmony? In the video below, I discuss Why Balance Is Bullshit, and how a simple shift in perspective to A Life Of Harmony can change your life (and make you a whole lot happier).

In the comments below, let me know where in your life you can let go of Striving For A Balanced Life. In what area of your life could you relax into Harmony instead?

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