Yin Yoga A Head to Toe Practice

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If you are new to Yin Yoga please check out this post first.

If you were to look at the OG Yin Yoga books out there (by Paul Grilley, Sarah Powers or Bernie Clark) you could think that Yin Yoga is a practice just for the waist down.

But actually, Yin Yoga can be a head to toe practice.

Originally, the Yin Yoga (via Paul Grilley) shapes were mostly focused on the lower half of the body from the lumbar spine down.

I asked my Teachers (Paul and Suzee Grilley) about why this was and they said that it was simply because they didn’t feel like they personally needed Yin in their upper body. But encouraged us to add things in if we thought we or our students could benefit from them.

Yin Yoga shoelace with tangled wings

So a few of (Paul’s senior students) who fell in love with this way of practicing, and found it extremely therapeutic, felt that the upper body could also benefit from Yin Yoga; So, Paul’s students added shapes that benefit the upper half of the body as well.

So now Yin Yoga’s possibilities have evolved into a head to toe practice

I think anywhere where there are joints in the body and tight fascia then Yin Yoga Yoga will be of benefit for creating space and maintaining or improving the health of our joints.

For the smaller joints and areas of the body where the tissues and fascia are less dense we do shorter holds and in the larger more dense areas we do longer holds.

In this video, I’ll walk you through a Head To Toe Yin Yoga Practice with plenty of variations for accessibility. 



Happy Practicing


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    Great full body practice!!

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