Yin Yoga Breathing – Belly Breathing

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Those of you who have practiced Yin Yoga know that it is quite different than more Yang forms of Yoga. So, it would go to follow that the breathing techniques are different as well. In more active forms of Yoga, the breaths are sometimes used to bring energy up. But in a Yin Practice, we want to keep the energy very grounded and in the lower, or more ‘Yin’, areas of the body.

One of the easiest Yin Breaths to practice is belly breathing, or Diaphragmatic breathing as is known in anatomical circles.

Sadly, in our culture, we are often breathing high up in the chest or rib area, and this shallow breathing limits the diaphragm’s range of motion. We aren’t using our full lungs, so we aren’t using fully oxygenated air. That can make us feel short of breath, anxious, and tired.

Deep abdominal breathing allows for full oxygen exchange. Full deep breathing can:

  • Slow the heartbeat
  • Lower or stabilize blood pressure
  • Calm the mind and help with anxiety
  • Bring the body into a relaxation response
  • Improve energy

Because most of us aren’t breathing from deep in the belly regularly, at first it can feel a bit unnatural, but nothing could be further from the truth. We already breathe this way when we sleep, but we just aren’t aware of it.

So, with a bit of practice and mindfulness, you’ll be able to access this breath as your default way of breathing.

In the video below, I’ll walk you through ways to practice ‘Belly breathing’.

Deep Bows and Deep Breaths to you,

ox nyk

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