Yin Yoga For Spring

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Spring Is Hands Down My Absolute Favorite Time Of Year!

From a Chinese Medicine Perspective, Spring has These Qualities:

The Element of wood
The associated organs are the Liver and Gallbladder
It’s the time of year for cleaning, clearing and, purging
Clarity of vision/goals
A sense of direction and purpose
Harmony and the smooth flow of Qi

After resting in the winter and water element, the energy of the wood element bursts forward. It’s time to cleanse and clear. To make new plans, set your direction and move forward. It’s time to plant seeds for a future harvest.

The organs for Spring are the liver and gallbladder, so it can be great to practice Yin Yoga poses as well as smooth moving poses to move energy (Qi) of the liver, help unblock ‘stuck’ energy.

Cleaning, clearing and, cleansing are themes of the Spring. 

I’ll be working through my closets and taking a load to the consignment store. Both a big book purge, as well a massive spring house cleaning, is coming right up too.

For me, it’s a good time of year to gently cleanse my liver to support the clear flow of its rising energy, clarity of vision and, harmonious movement.

I always feel called to change my nutrition this time of year as well, so in addition to doing a gentle cleanse I’ll be transitioning to buying tonnes of fresh green foods (liver foods) such as spinach, sprouts, lemon, apple cider vinegar, radishes, dandelion, and tender young leafy greens and crisp green apples. 

Visiting my local (Moss Street) Market is such a treat and will part of my Saturday routine again soon.

Itkasan Images
Itkasan Images

And I’m feeling called to move my body more, with long walks and plenty of time to take the long way home, so I can listen to the birdsong and look at all the magical blooms of spring.

Victoria is jaw-dropping in spring. The green grass, the moss and, the huge array of flowers are magical.

Here is a video recording of a spring-themed Yin Yoga class I did on Zoom. Some experience with Yin Yoga is recommended for this one since it’s a pretty quiet practice. If you are brand new to Yin Yoga start here.


3 om’s for Spring!



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