Yin Yoga For Summer (with Practice Video)

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In this Yin Yoga For Summer mini-workshop, we will improve the flow of energy in channels associated with summer to get you ready for summertime.


In this first video, you  will learn about summer through the Traditional Chinese Medicine lens (Yin Yoga Practice Video Below)


In the video below we will practice a summer-themed Yin Yoga practice designed to smooth out the Qi of your body.

In, traditional Chinese medicine and Taoism are connected to the element of fire, which makes sense logically.
The flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long – Lao Tzu
I think this is such a great reminder. Because what can happen in the summer, especially for those of you who are summer lovers (and you know who you are)  is that we just get so excited and we want to do all the things and we’re just like, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go.
And we do all of this sort of Yang activity. Being outside, socializing, et cetera, you know, we have more daylight and we can forget to harmonize that with a little bit of Yin energy.
So let this be your reminder to add a little Yin to your Summer Fun.
This workshop will include receiving seasonal acupressure points to complement the Yoga practice.
All are designed to encourage this energy flow throughout the body and promote deep relaxation.

I hope you enjoy this video Practice Yin Yoga For Summer.



Happy Practicing, 


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