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I’m a Yoga Therapist who specializes in helping folks with back pain with the goal of getting them to a state of Back Health.

I’m also a Yin Yoga Teacher and Yin Yoga teacher trainer, so I love classes that focus on Yin Yoga Back Health.

So I have spent years studying Back health and teaching Back-focused classes. 

Did you know four out of five Canadians will experience back pain in their lives? 😳

Sadly for many people that back pain is persistent.

When I first started working with folks with Back Pain the talk was all about strengthening muscles to support the spine (including the deep core) but there wasn’t much talk on flexibility or release.

We now know that to truly support Back health we need to pay attention to strength and flexibility.

Sitting in chairs is one of the main reasons we have the Back Pain rates we currently have.

Depending on chairs causes weak, tight muscles and fascia.

This practice is designed to improve mobility, nourish the spine and create a sense of spaciousness in the body. This is an intermediate Yin Yoga class. So if you are new to Yin Yoga please read this blog and use the video contained in it first.

In this video I’ll guide you through a practice focused on the key movements of the spine for Back health.

Forward bends, backbends, lateral extension and twists are all included in this class.

Equipment needed:



Here’s to a healthy back!

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  1. Zoërose
    | Reply

    Lovely practice. An unexpected gift. Thank you.

    • nyk.danu
      | Reply

      my pleasure Zoe 💜

  2. Sheila
    | Reply

    Would love to join the class

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