Yoga For Gardeners – A Video Practice

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Spring has sprung. So it won’t be long now before I have students limping into my classes with all kinds of sore spots from weekends of hardcore gardening.

Our growing season in most of Canada is pretty short and it’s so different depending where in Canada you live. But one thing I know for sure once it is gardening season, those who are avid gardeners dive in head first and barely come up for air.

When we garden in this all or nothing way it can be pretty hard on our bodies especially our backs.

So Yoga For Gardeners to the rescue.

Gardening is often confused with a super gentle activity that only seniors do, but anyone who has gardened knows that this not the case. Gardening is a workout, especially at the start of the season when you are getting ready to plant.

yoga for Gardeners

I consider Gardening a revolutionary act. Growing your own food is one of the best ways to have control over not only what you eat, but also how we treat the earth. The most inexpensive way to eat local, organic and GMO-free.

Some of my fondest childhood memories are of time spent gardening with my Grandma, who was an organic gardener most of her life (before that’s what it was called) 😂

Although I can’t grow my own food at this point (no yard) but I often dream of a yard with greenhouse.

And I salute those change-makers who can and do.

I dream of a world where every lawn is replaced with a garden, where every school and hospital grow their own food. Imagine how much more connected to the Earth kids would feel if they actually got to learn about growing food.

How much healthier would we be if we trashed the packaged hospital food and replaced it with organic, local veggies and fruit?

So, as a tribute to you, the revolutionary hardcore gardeners, I made this video Yoga for Gardeners which includes some pre and post gardening poses to help you rock your gardens this year.



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Viva La Green Revolution,


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