Back Pain? I’ve got your back!

Experience the benefits of Therapeutic Yoga with a focus on the back, neck, and shoulders.

Whether you sit at a desk all day and are generally sore and tight or have a previous injury and are looking for a way to practice Yoga safely this class is for you.

In this class, we learn the common causes of back problems, and how to use the tools of Yoga Therapy to:

– Help relieve pain and maintain back health.
– Strength the muscles that support the spine including the deep core
– Release chronic tight muscles and fascia
– Self-massage techniques for home use

“I had been having lower back pain for months and had thought it was just normal for me. I’m not sure how the Back Pain Yoga Workshop corrected or realigned something, but my pain went away after that and hasn’t returned”
Emma Bennett

You will leave this workshop with:

A recording of the Yoga practice from the workshop for you to use at home.

A PDF for home practice and a better understanding of how to support the health of your back both in your Yoga Practice and in daily life.

Required Equipment: You will need a Yoga Mat, 2 Yoga Bricks, Yoga Strap (or Bathrobe tie) and a firm Blanket and two balls (tennis, Mr. Pinky, racquet or green Yoga Tune-up balls

Please Note: This workshop is not suitable for those in acute pain or severe Scoliosis.

Therapeutic Yoga For Hairstylists

Yoga is awesome! Whether you’ve never done Yoga before (and don’t think you are a “Yoga person”) or have regularly attended Yoga classes, there is no doubt Yoga can help you.

But here’s the thing, most standard Yoga Classes don’t address your specific needs.
How do know? Well, I was you.

Before I became a Therapeutic Yoga Teacher, I was a Hairstylist, Color tech and Platform artist.

I remember very clearly how hard doing hair was on my body, my hands, wrists, shoulders, neck, back and even feet from standing all day. OUCH!

In fact, the main reason I retired was due to my work-related injuries.

Oh, do I wish I knew then what I know now! I wish I knew some super quick and easy Therapeutic Yoga tricks to get me out of pain and prevent injuries.

I wish I’d had a few things I could do to release the chronic tight and sore spots so they didn’t turn into long term damage to my body.

If I had, I might still be rocking it out on stage.

But the good news is now I do know, and I can help you!

So whether you are brand new to Yoga (and a little intimated) or experienced in Yoga doesn’t matter one bit.

In this workshop, we are going to address your specific work-related issues from your head to your toes!

Learn simple effective techniques to:

  • Relieve Pain in your Neck and Shoulder Muscles
  • Relieve Pain in your Upper, Middle and, Lower Back
  • Relieve tightness and pain your Forearms and Wrists
  • Learn Therapeutic Yoga for Your Unique Needs (from your head to your toes)
  • Prevent Work-Related Injuries
  • Therapeutic tricks you can do in 10 min at work
  • Use Yoga Therapy balls for Self-Massage and Pain Relief

Registration closes March 9, 2020

Your Registration includes:
The live workshop
a free practice PDF for home use
2 massage balls $ 80.00 +gst