Marketing with Heart – For Yoga Teachers

You don’t need to love marketing, you just need to love your Yoga business.

Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive, you don’t need to have paid ads or an expert marketing team.

Marketing doesn’t need to be pushy, full of hype or feel slimy. It can be authentic, inspiring and uplifting.

What if marketing your Yoga business could be respectful, kind, resonant, honest and even fun?

What if you could just be yourself, and because of that attract students that are a perfect fit for you?

Maybe you are new Yoga teacher, who has worked and studied hard, gathered your certificates, registered, got your insurance and are eager excited and ready to go.

You know you need a website, social media, etc. but are feeling a bit overwhelmed; you’re not sure where or how to start to market yourself as a Yoga teacher.


You have been teaching for a while, you’re burnt out and aren’t getting the traction you’d like.

You know you ‘should’ learn how to market your Yoga business, but you keep getting distracted by one more Yoga training or Yoga workshop.

You have tried in the past to market, but it feels like a struggle.

You haven’t gotten results, and you feel lost as to where to focus your marketing efforts?

What You’ll Learn In This Workshop:

  • What is a niche (and why you need one)
  • The keys to effective and inspiring website design
  • Why email marketing is still the Queen and how to do it with grace
  • The smart ways to use social media instead of letting it use you
  • How heartfelt communication is key to connecting with your clients
  • Free or inexpensive ways to market your classes, workshops and, events.

Date: September 28, 2019, 9am-5pm

Tuition: $150 ($130 early bird price until Aug 22)

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