Hands Off – Should We offer Hands-On Assists Yin Yoga Classes?

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Hands Off – Should We Offer Hands-On Assists Yin Yoga Classes?

This week’s episode, I think is going to be a juicy one and probably a little bit controversial, perhaps  (I am known for having unpopular opinions), we will be exploring the question of offering hands-on assists in Yin yoga classes from my perspective.

If you are new to the podcast, or if you’re new to Yin, you may also want to check out the episode What is Yin Yoga, to set the stage as to what Yin Yoga is and how It’s different.

Active, more dynamic, more moving form of practice is focused on proprioception. So like, where is my body in space? So when you are, for example, standing at the front of your mat, and you have to step back to do a high lunge, knowing where your foot should land behind you without looking is proprioception.

These movement forms of Yoga are excellent at cultivating the skill of proprioception.

Yin’s Secret Superpower is Introception.


Proprioception vs. Interoception:

  • Proprioception’s focus is on external body awareness compared to interoception’s emphasis on internal awareness.
  • Yin yoga’s unique emphasis on interoception contrasts with more dynamic yoga styles.

It’s important not to bring out Baggage from more active styles of Yoga into Our Yin Yoga Practice. Yin Yoga isn’t “just like regular Yoga with longer holds”.

Most yoga teachers are not educated enough in anatomy and kinesiology to know whether or not that is safe for that particular student, right? So just because something is safe for one student doesn’t mean it’s a safe adjustment for the very next student. Okay. So each student has their own individual body, their own individual bone structures, their own body proportions, et cetera, et cetera.

That’s not to mention issues and injuries and, dominant hands and feet and all the things. So as student from student to student, they’re so different. So going in with the same sort of rote, everybody gets this adjustment is not skillful.

Personally, the only people that I want air quotes, adjusting me are my fricking chiropractor or my osteopath or my physiotherapist, because yoga teachers do not have the knowledge skill experience, or frankly, licensure to be running around, adjusting people and moving their body.

And in this day and age, if you want to teach in a trauma-informed way, one of the biggest things you should consider is not touching your students. 

Episode Highlights:

  • Challenging the appropriateness of hands-on assists in Yin yoga classes
  • Individual student needs and safety concerns.
  • Honouring and respecting Yin Yoga’s focus on internal experience and introspection.
  • Advocating for a teaching approach that prioritizes verbal and visual guidance
  • I want to encourage Yoga teachers to prioritize student safety, autonomy, and inclusivity in their teaching approach.
  • Teaching a trauma-informed practice where students are encouraged to explore and have agency over their bodies
  • Scope of practice as a Yoga Teacher
  • and much more

Hands Off – Should We Offer Hands-On Assists Yin Yoga Classes? – Listen

Hands Off – Should We Offer Hands-On Assists Yin Yoga Classes? – Watch

Hands Off – Should We Offer Hands-On Assists Yin Yoga Classes? – Read 

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Nyk Danu Yoga: Before we dive into today’s episode, which I think is going to be a juicy one, and probably a little bit controversial. Perhaps I am known for having unpopular opinions.

00:02:43.670 –> 00:02:47.169
Nyk Danu Yoga: But before we get into that I wanted to read

00:02:47.830 –> 00:02:52.200
Nyk Danu Yoga: some feedback that I’ve gotten from my therapeutic gen training.

00:02:54.250 –> 00:02:56.299
Nyk Danu Yoga: This is from one of my former students.

00:02:56.560 –> 00:03:00.220
Nyk Danu Yoga: Nick, thank you so much for sharing your expertise with us.

00:03:00.240 –> 00:03:05.620
Nyk Danu Yoga: I felt 100% comfortable around you, and loved your warm and humorous teaching style.

00:03:05.670 –> 00:03:10.639
Nyk Danu Yoga: I absolutely love how you answered all of our questions with so much passion for the subject.

00:03:10.700 –> 00:03:16.700
Nyk Danu Yoga: and at the same time with so much understanding for us as students who were learning something completely new.

00:03:16.760 –> 00:03:21.330
Nyk Danu Yoga: at least for me, with a tantric, half a Yoga background. It was

00:03:21.910 –> 00:03:25.169
Nyk Danu Yoga: new to learn about the meridians and the sinew channels.

00:03:25.980 –> 00:03:36.989
Nyk Danu Yoga: I’m glad that I made this choice and took this training with you. You are an expert in this area. This is totally unquestioned, and my new go to person for yin yoga trainings.

00:03:37.160 –> 00:03:40.879
Nyk Danu Yoga: Thank you for everything, and that’s from Natalie P.

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Nyk Danu Yoga: Thank you, Natalie.

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Nyk Danu Yoga: If you have been looking for a yin training

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Nyk Danu Yoga: So if you’ve been listening and you’ve been curious, and you wanna either do some yin training, and you haven’t done some, or you did some enter. Now, realizing that you could do with

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Nyk Danu Yoga: one of the things that is different about my training is that I am a yoga therapist. So it definitely has a more therapeutic leaning.

00:05:49.640 –> 00:05:54.680
Nyk Danu Yoga: as far as you know, discussing things like trauma and how to hold brave space and all that stuff.

00:05:54.840 –> 00:05:57.600
Nyk Danu Yoga: And then it’s also steeped in traditional Chinese medicine.

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Nyk Danu Yoga: And of course, if you have questions about my training. Just reach out. Just get at me in the Dms and let me know.

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Nyk Danu Yoga: Okay.

00:06:06.500 –> 00:06:09.049
Nyk Danu Yoga: so let’s get on to today’s topic.

00:06:09.570 –> 00:06:17.430
Nyk Danu Yoga: Today, we’re going to talk about whether or not you should be offering hands-on assists or hands-on adjustments in a in class

00:06:17.780 –> 00:06:19.770
Nyk Danu Yoga: done done done

00:06:20.530 –> 00:06:23.271
Nyk Danu Yoga: so. This is something that

00:06:25.020 –> 00:06:29.560
Nyk Danu Yoga: I’m actually surprised how often it comes up when I see questions in groups

00:06:29.750 –> 00:06:30.900
Nyk Danu Yoga: about this.

00:06:32.490 –> 00:06:37.000
Nyk Danu Yoga: So if you’re not really familiar with Yen Yoga as a style.

00:06:37.870 –> 00:06:48.689
Nyk Danu Yoga: either because you haven’t studied it. You haven’t taken a yin training, or because maybe your yin training was kind of short, and so they didn’t really have time to go into all the things

00:06:48.970 –> 00:06:52.169
Nyk Danu Yoga: which no Yin training has time to go into all the things.

00:06:52.260 –> 00:07:03.839
Nyk Danu Yoga: This is why people will often take several Yen trainings over the course of time with different teachers, so that they get kind of a well rounded idea of a yin training

00:07:04.410 –> 00:07:13.900
Nyk Danu Yoga: and of how to teach you in, because each teacher, each educator, has their own sort of special zone of genius that they offer in their trainings. So

00:07:14.070 –> 00:07:17.450
Nyk Danu Yoga: it’s not unusual for people to do many Yin trainings.

00:07:19.080 –> 00:07:27.849
Nyk Danu Yoga: just like when you do your hafa training, your your first training. Whether it was Vinyasa Shanka hafa whatever you did as a teacher. Your first 200 h

00:07:28.160 –> 00:07:30.080
Nyk Danu Yoga: was a 200 h.

00:07:30.270 –> 00:07:34.340
Nyk Danu Yoga: and so it is not at all inconceivable to think that you could

00:07:35.000 –> 00:07:38.609
Nyk Danu Yoga: take 200 h easily in Yen as well.

00:07:39.220 –> 00:07:40.140
Nyk Danu Yoga: Okay.

00:07:40.900 –> 00:07:41.679
Nyk Danu Yoga: But the

00:07:41.850 –> 00:07:50.879
Nyk Danu Yoga: one of the reasons that I wanted to point that out is that if you are new to the podcast, or if you’re new to yen, you may also want to check out the

00:07:50.980 –> 00:07:55.359
Nyk Danu Yoga: episode. That is, I think it’s called what is Yan Yoga.

00:07:55.850 –> 00:08:01.709
Nyk Danu Yoga: And you may also want to talk to or listen to the episode with with Paul Grilley

00:08:02.200 –> 00:08:06.839
Nyk Danu Yoga: and link those. But they were early on in the first season.

00:08:08.110 –> 00:08:13.789
Nyk Danu Yoga: because if you don’t have a great understanding of what Yan Yoga is and what it’s not.

00:08:13.860 –> 00:08:27.419
Nyk Danu Yoga: then what can happen? And I’ve said this in numerous episodes before. It’s a good analogy is that we? We take our regular training, our first T-shirt training, whether it’s Vinyasa or Hafa, or whatever your first training was.

00:08:28.540 –> 00:08:30.579
Nyk Danu Yoga: and we take some of that

00:08:30.850 –> 00:08:33.710
Nyk Danu Yoga: with us into our yen classes.

00:08:34.520 –> 00:08:53.100
Nyk Danu Yoga: and some of it is good to take in like how to be comfortable. In front of a room full of people. And you know, things like that, like, there are definitely skills we learned in our first training that we can bring into yen. But there’s also a whole bunch that should be left at the door, because yin is such a different kind of practice.

00:08:57.610 –> 00:09:16.420
Nyk Danu Yoga: active, more dynamic, more moving form of practice is focused on proprioception. So like, where is my body in space? So when you are, for example, standing at the front of your mat, and you have to step back to do a high lunge, knowing where your foot should land behind you without looking is proprioception.

00:09:16.680 –> 00:09:21.590
Nyk Danu Yoga: and these movement forms of Yoga are really excellent at cultivating

00:09:21.660 –> 00:09:23.750
Nyk Danu Yoga: the skill of proprioception.

00:09:25.000 –> 00:09:29.820
Nyk Danu Yoga: Yin’s secret superpower is introception.

00:09:30.100 –> 00:09:33.780
Nyk Danu Yoga: And again, there was a whole episode on that as well.

00:09:34.260 –> 00:09:35.469
Nyk Danu Yoga: But in brief.

00:09:35.600 –> 00:09:40.110
Nyk Danu Yoga: introception is an awareness of what’s happening inside of us.

00:09:40.990 –> 00:09:43.209
Nyk Danu Yoga: So a Yin Yoga practice

00:09:44.300 –> 00:09:46.510
Nyk Danu Yoga: comes from the inside out.

00:09:47.510 –> 00:09:53.969
Nyk Danu Yoga: whereas a more movement, dynamic flowing practice tends to come from the outside and then move in.

00:09:54.820 –> 00:10:02.910
Nyk Danu Yoga: So, for example, you’re working mostly on proprioception, and then at the end, you might have, maybe, if you’re lucky. Some meditation.

00:10:03.120 –> 00:10:05.440
Nyk Danu Yoga: a decent amount of Shavasan.

00:10:06.000 –> 00:10:13.579
Nyk Danu Yoga: perhaps some subtle breathwork. Okay, but that’s usually kind of towards the end of class in a more movement, or dynamic or flowing practice.

00:10:14.290 –> 00:10:18.629
Nyk Danu Yoga: whereas in Yen, that’s not the case in Yen, we’re starting

00:10:18.710 –> 00:10:30.580
Nyk Danu Yoga: really quickly with our introception. Now, there may be a little bit more talking from the teacher at the start of class, especially if they know that there’s folks that are new. That’s a skillful thing to do as a teacher is.

00:10:30.710 –> 00:10:35.689
Nyk Danu Yoga: if you know you’ve got newbies to at least just do a brief little bit of talking about

00:10:35.720 –> 00:10:39.250
Nyk Danu Yoga: what the heck the sea and Yoga business is. And then please shut up

00:10:39.540 –> 00:10:40.660
Nyk Danu Yoga: from there on.

00:10:42.470 –> 00:10:50.330
Nyk Danu Yoga: So I just want to point this out. This proprioception introception concept again, which again we’ve talked about in past episodes.

00:10:50.760 –> 00:10:52.020
Nyk Danu Yoga: because

00:10:52.700 –> 00:10:57.160
Nyk Danu Yoga: that is key to understanding why yin is taught differently.

00:10:58.680 –> 00:11:06.210
Nyk Danu Yoga: and why I’m going to just go way out on a limb with my unpopular opinion and say that hands-on adjusts and hands-on assists

00:11:06.420 –> 00:11:10.190
Nyk Danu Yoga: are not appropriate in a Yen Yoga classroom.

00:11:10.930 –> 00:11:12.780
Nyk Danu Yoga: I’m going to back this up. Don’t worry.

00:11:14.920 –> 00:11:23.440
Nyk Danu Yoga: Now. We could question actually. And because this episode will be coming out right after 3 episodes to do with trauma.

00:11:23.970 –> 00:11:41.770
Nyk Danu Yoga: So there’ll be an episode on trauma in the nervous system. There’ll be an episode on. Can we make Yen Yoga trauma informed, or is Yen Yoga trauma sensitive? And then we’re gonna hear from one of my former students, now colleagues, and about how she used Yen Yoga to go through her healing journey. So

00:11:42.010 –> 00:11:47.729
Nyk Danu Yoga: right before this episode comes, live, there will have been 3 of those back to back that you can check out if

00:11:47.890 –> 00:11:52.799
Nyk Danu Yoga: trauma, and being trauma-sensitive or being trauma informed, is something that’s kind of new to you.

00:11:53.220 –> 00:11:55.919
Nyk Danu Yoga: and there are whole styles of Yoga.

00:11:56.620 –> 00:12:01.430
Nyk Danu Yoga: where they insist that you must touch every single person in the room.

00:12:03.730 –> 00:12:05.009
Nyk Danu Yoga: This is sort of

00:12:05.370 –> 00:12:08.670
Nyk Danu Yoga: outdated and antiquated

00:12:08.690 –> 00:12:10.560
Nyk Danu Yoga: viewpoint. In my opinion.

00:12:12.350 –> 00:12:18.939
Nyk Danu Yoga: if we are trying to teach in a trauma informed space which I hope all teachers are.

00:12:19.930 –> 00:12:24.359
Nyk Danu Yoga: then it may not be appropriate to touch your students.

00:12:24.720 –> 00:12:29.660
Nyk Danu Yoga: Now, I’m talking about, not just in a yin class. I’m talking about all the classes.

00:12:29.860 –> 00:12:35.860
Nyk Danu Yoga: So before we get into whether or not you should touch people in Yen. I want to talk about should we touch people in Yoga?

00:12:38.530 –> 00:12:43.450
Nyk Danu Yoga: So first, we also need to break down these words adjusts and assists

00:12:43.970 –> 00:12:45.360
Nyk Danu Yoga: they’re very vague.

00:12:45.370 –> 00:12:47.100
Nyk Danu Yoga: They’re a little bit confusing.

00:12:47.520 –> 00:12:59.699
Nyk Danu Yoga: because some people, when they say they offer an adjustment or an assist mean, I’m going to use my hands to guide you deeper into the pose than you could go on your own. In fact, there are whole lineages of Yoga.

00:12:59.910 –> 00:13:05.919
Nyk Danu Yoga: Those are the styles that say you must always touch everyone in the room that do that where they’re sort of.

00:13:06.050 –> 00:13:15.469
Nyk Danu Yoga: In my case it would be woman handling if I was doing it, or manhandling you, and like guiding you deeper into the pose than you should, you cannot do on your own.

00:13:16.790 –> 00:13:18.670
Nyk Danu Yoga: I have a lot of problems with that

00:13:21.540 –> 00:13:32.960
Nyk Danu Yoga: So for one, most Yoga teachers are not educated enough in anatomy and kinesiology to know whether or not that is safe for that particular student.

00:13:33.560 –> 00:13:39.820
Nyk Danu Yoga: right? So just because something is safe for one student doesn’t mean it’s a safe adjustment for the very next student.

00:13:40.470 –> 00:13:58.260
Nyk Danu Yoga: Okay, so each student has their own individual bodies, their own individual bone structures, their own body proportions, etc, etc. That’s not including things like issues and injuries. And you know, dominant hands and feet and all the things. So as student from student to student, they’re different.

00:13:58.780 –> 00:14:08.779
Nyk Danu Yoga: So, going in with the same sort of route, everybody gets. This adjustment is not skillful, and I’m sorry. I know that there are whole lineages of Yoga where this is a thing

00:14:09.580 –> 00:14:11.920
Nyk Danu Yoga: history does not need to be the future.

00:14:12.990 –> 00:14:14.510
Nyk Danu Yoga: I’m gonna say that one more time

00:14:14.520 –> 00:14:17.200
Nyk Danu Yoga: history does not need to be the future.

00:14:17.660 –> 00:14:21.450
Nyk Danu Yoga: When we learn more we do better.

00:14:22.340 –> 00:14:23.210
Nyk Danu Yoga: So

00:14:23.340 –> 00:14:24.660
Nyk Danu Yoga: I’m against

00:14:24.840 –> 00:14:28.850
Nyk Danu Yoga: going in and automatically offering hands-on adjust

00:14:28.950 –> 00:14:31.869
Nyk Danu Yoga: period in any yoga class.

00:14:33.590 –> 00:14:38.639
Nyk Danu Yoga: Now, I’m going to use adjustments and assist Sis because they seem to be used sort of

00:14:38.690 –> 00:14:41.280
Nyk Danu Yoga: wishy washy interchangeably

00:14:41.850 –> 00:14:48.370
Nyk Danu Yoga: like. If you were to say to the average student, what’s the difference? Or average teacher? Sorry. What’s the difference between a hands-on assist and a hands-on adjustment.

00:14:49.030 –> 00:14:53.130
Nyk Danu Yoga: They’d be like even the average student would do that right

00:14:53.840 –> 00:15:01.599
Nyk Danu Yoga: personally. The only people that I want air quotes adjusting me are my frickin’ chiropractor, or my Osteopath or my physiotherapist.

00:15:02.020 –> 00:15:05.629
Nyk Danu Yoga: because Yoga teachers do not have the

00:15:05.890 –> 00:15:07.090
Nyk Danu Yoga: knowledge.

00:15:07.610 –> 00:15:08.620
Nyk Danu Yoga: skill.

00:15:08.950 –> 00:15:13.880
Nyk Danu Yoga: experience, or frankly, licensure to be running around

00:15:13.900 –> 00:15:17.199
Nyk Danu Yoga: adjusting people and moving their body.

00:15:17.320 –> 00:15:18.950
Nyk Danu Yoga: Okay, so

00:15:19.020 –> 00:15:24.139
Nyk Danu Yoga: in this day and age, if you want to teach in a trauma informed way.

00:15:24.720 –> 00:15:29.000
Nyk Danu Yoga: one of the biggest things you can consider is not touching your frickin students.

00:15:30.690 –> 00:15:34.770
Nyk Danu Yoga: So that’s adjustments. Assuming you’re trying to deepen the pose.

00:15:35.560 –> 00:15:38.309
Nyk Danu Yoga: And that could also be what some people call assist.

00:15:38.330 –> 00:15:50.399
Nyk Danu Yoga: And now, right now, as a yoga teacher, you might be thinking, Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. But I don’t do that like, I don’t do these. I don’t use my hands to get people to go deeper into a pose. I use my hands to bring awareness

00:15:50.420 –> 00:15:52.009
Nyk Danu Yoga: to an area of the body.

00:15:53.370 –> 00:15:54.460
Nyk Danu Yoga: right? So

00:15:54.590 –> 00:15:59.169
Nyk Danu Yoga: you could be using your hands to deepen a pose or to air, quotes

00:15:59.360 –> 00:16:06.239
Nyk Danu Yoga: you bring awareness of alignment. Air quotes, because again, in Yen there is no such thing

00:16:07.020 –> 00:16:07.980
Nyk Danu Yoga: as

00:16:08.440 –> 00:16:21.210
Nyk Danu Yoga: one size fits all alignment. So if you are, for example, going up to your student in a more active class, and they are in downward dog, and you’re doing that adjustment where you’re turning their forear or their sorry, their their upper arms.

00:16:22.070 –> 00:16:25.349
Nyk Danu Yoga: so that it’s correct. Air quotes alignment

00:16:25.610 –> 00:16:28.219
Nyk Danu Yoga: that doesn’t work for everyone’s bone structure.

00:16:29.050 –> 00:16:32.780
Nyk Danu Yoga: And so you can potentially be injuring your students

00:16:33.240 –> 00:16:38.729
Nyk Danu Yoga: by thinking you’re correcting their alignment to keep them safe, you might actually be injuring them over time.

00:16:39.340 –> 00:16:46.409
Nyk Danu Yoga: But even if you’re not injuring them, you’re indirectly telling them that their body is not doing the pose right.

00:16:47.000 –> 00:16:52.659
Nyk Danu Yoga: Your body is not doing this pose right. Let me come around and use my hands to show you the right way.

00:16:53.020 –> 00:16:56.249
Nyk Danu Yoga: and then, if they can’t do, the air quotes right way.

00:16:56.280 –> 00:17:01.520
Nyk Danu Yoga: Now they feel like some kind of a failure. And now we wonder why people say, Oh, I can’t do, yoga. I’m not flexible.

00:17:01.850 –> 00:17:09.809
Nyk Danu Yoga: It’s like, if you go to Yoga, and you’re constantly being corrected and told that you’re not doing it right, that you don’t have the right alignment that you’ve missed the point.

00:17:09.980 –> 00:17:13.360
Nyk Danu Yoga: I mean. No wonder people think you have to be a certain way to do Yoga.

00:17:14.460 –> 00:17:32.739
Nyk Danu Yoga: So I am not a fan of using my hands on a student, and and I do. I don’t just teach in by the way, folks. Fact, I taught Hatha alignment focused Hatha for quite a few years before I really specialized in yet. So it’s not like, I don’t know what I’m talking about here.

00:17:32.830 –> 00:17:39.330
Nyk Danu Yoga: but when you go over to a student and you’re using your hands, and it’s also not like. I didn’t do some of these things, Fyi.

00:17:40.390 –> 00:17:50.909
Nyk Danu Yoga: when you go over to a student and you’re using your hands to either deepen the expression of their pose, meaning you’re putting them into the pose deeper than they could do on their own. That is problematic.

00:17:51.720 –> 00:17:57.360
Nyk Danu Yoga: Number 2. If you’re using your hands to air quotes correct their alignment

00:17:57.740 –> 00:17:59.600
Nyk Danu Yoga: also problematic.

00:17:59.860 –> 00:18:08.480
Nyk Danu Yoga: Okay, so that’s what I would call adjust adjustments. Right? You’re going in and you’re reshaping, retweking the body right

00:18:08.540 –> 00:18:13.790
Nyk Danu Yoga: now, some of you might be thinking, Yeah, yeah, yeah, Nick, but I don’t do that. I mean, when I touch my students.

00:18:13.860 –> 00:18:16.820
Nyk Danu Yoga: it’s just to create an awareness of an area.

00:18:17.800 –> 00:18:20.340
Nyk Danu Yoga: Now this I understand, because.

00:18:20.680 –> 00:18:24.459
Nyk Danu Yoga: even though, as just mentioned, I don’t just teach yin.

00:18:24.670 –> 00:18:26.399
Nyk Danu Yoga: I also teach.

00:18:26.680 –> 00:18:32.180
Nyk Danu Yoga: you know, Therapeutic Yoga, which is sort of Hatha, based with a few extra bells and whistles thrown in.

00:18:33.590 –> 00:18:40.060
Nyk Danu Yoga: And so I do understand this. There are those students that no matter how many times you give them a queue

00:18:40.370 –> 00:18:51.600
Nyk Danu Yoga: and not to air quotes, correct their pose as in they’re doing it wrong. But just to create an awareness of Hey, we’re trying this shape because we want to do this and A equals to B, and if they’re missing it.

00:18:52.090 –> 00:18:56.650
Nyk Danu Yoga: and you’ve called it out a few times, sometimes it’s that their body can’t do that. What you’re asking.

00:18:56.800 –> 00:19:00.740
Nyk Danu Yoga: in which case definitely not going over and adjusting them. That’s not helpful.

00:19:00.910 –> 00:19:09.440
Nyk Danu Yoga: But sometimes it is just that they are maybe, for example, a super visual learner, and so they don’t really have an awareness of their actual body.

00:19:10.146 –> 00:19:18.890
Nyk Danu Yoga: One I can think of quite easily in. This is when somebody is in a forward fold or downward dog, and

00:19:18.940 –> 00:19:25.620
Nyk Danu Yoga: they’ve got like their back, really rounded and kind of like in downward dog. They’ve got all the weight in their hands, and they’re quite tight.

00:19:25.800 –> 00:19:34.040
Nyk Danu Yoga: and they’re not bending their knees, and so, like downward dog feels like torture to them because they’ve all the weight in their arms, their back super rounded, and they’re just they’re dying there.

00:19:36.080 –> 00:19:44.159
Nyk Danu Yoga: When that happens it can be helpful, or I have found it helpful in the past. If I’ve verbally queued a few times, and they’re not getting it because

00:19:44.220 –> 00:19:57.889
Nyk Danu Yoga: they’re working, and they’re exerting themselves in that pose. So they’re they’re struggling while I, finding ways to rephrase things. So they hopefully get it. Sometimes in the past I have come and just put my hand on their back super lightly.

00:19:57.950 –> 00:19:59.160
Nyk Danu Yoga: and said.

00:19:59.190 –> 00:20:01.339
Nyk Danu Yoga: Can you take your back away from my hand?

00:20:01.500 –> 00:20:02.300
Nyk Danu Yoga: Right?

00:20:02.570 –> 00:20:03.460
Nyk Danu Yoga: So

00:20:03.580 –> 00:20:05.590
Nyk Danu Yoga: I have done that maybe

00:20:06.330 –> 00:20:08.570
Nyk Danu Yoga: 4 times in the last

00:20:08.860 –> 00:20:10.140
Nyk Danu Yoga: 9 years.

00:20:10.960 –> 00:20:12.910
Nyk Danu Yoga: It’s not a lot, and I teach full time.

00:20:14.600 –> 00:20:17.530
Nyk Danu Yoga: That would be what I would consider an assist.

00:20:18.080 –> 00:20:36.079
Nyk Danu Yoga: Now, assist are also used. That word is also used for things like, Oh, I’m gonna assist you while you do a drop back. So even the languaging of adjustments and assists so gray and murky, and we don’t know what each other’s talking about. So then, when someone says, You know, should you do hands on adjustments in yen? Or should you do assist in yin.

00:20:36.170 –> 00:20:38.490
Nyk Danu Yoga: it’s like well, first of all, what are you even talking about?

00:20:39.190 –> 00:20:41.690
Nyk Danu Yoga: And secondly, my answer would be, no.

00:20:43.140 –> 00:20:51.380
Nyk Danu Yoga: we could debate until the cows come home. Whether or not you should offer hands-on adjusts or assists in your other classes that are not yin.

00:20:52.030 –> 00:20:56.460
Nyk Danu Yoga: And again, you’ve just heard me say, I’ve got a lot to say about that. I really think that

00:20:57.100 –> 00:20:59.759
Nyk Danu Yoga: that is far too common.

00:21:00.250 –> 00:21:14.360
Nyk Danu Yoga: and that as teachers, we could really challenge ourselves and grow as teachers, if we can find a way to stop touching and to use our words and demonstrating with our own body

00:21:14.390 –> 00:21:16.860
Nyk Danu Yoga: as a way of teaching the student.

00:21:18.170 –> 00:21:24.059
Nyk Danu Yoga: So I know that there are whole styles of yoga that have been where you’ve been taught that you need to walk around the room

00:21:24.150 –> 00:21:26.160
Nyk Danu Yoga: and not demo the poses.

00:21:26.190 –> 00:21:28.000
Nyk Danu Yoga: and just use your words.

00:21:28.270 –> 00:21:33.389
Nyk Danu Yoga: I don’t know why people teach that. That is, pardon my French, but fucking ridiculous.

00:21:33.840 –> 00:21:37.980
Nyk Danu Yoga: because that does not work to all learning styles.

00:21:38.060 –> 00:21:43.609
Nyk Danu Yoga: That is, assuming that everyone in that room is an audio learner, meaning they’re going to learn best by hearing

00:21:43.620 –> 00:21:47.959
Nyk Danu Yoga: as you’re walking around the room saying things they’re going to learn the best by hearing you.

00:21:48.040 –> 00:21:52.029
Nyk Danu Yoga: That’s a very small percentage of the population. That’s an audio learner.

00:21:52.090 –> 00:21:54.579
Nyk Danu Yoga: So what about the people that are visual learners.

00:21:54.780 –> 00:22:06.159
Nyk Danu Yoga: Hey? You’re walking around. You’re not showing them anything. That’s why you’ll see students stop and start looking around and looking at the person next to them on their mat, and some teachers even encourage them to look at the person next time on their mat, and copy them.

00:22:06.280 –> 00:22:10.899
Nyk Danu Yoga: which is terrible because the person next to them, first of all, maybe, doesn’t want to be a human spectacle.

00:22:11.020 –> 00:22:12.480
Nyk Danu Yoga: and second of all.

00:22:12.530 –> 00:22:14.749
Nyk Danu Yoga: doesn’t have the same body. So

00:22:14.770 –> 00:22:18.879
Nyk Danu Yoga: me copying somebody on the mat next to me. That’s not a good idea

00:22:19.050 –> 00:22:24.520
Nyk Danu Yoga: that could be injurious to my body, plus that person beside me wants to probably have their own practice.

00:22:24.660 –> 00:22:25.510
Nyk Danu Yoga: you know.

00:22:25.760 –> 00:22:30.199
Nyk Danu Yoga: They wanna enjoy themselves without feeling like somebody’s constantly staring at them.

00:22:30.350 –> 00:22:44.370
Nyk Danu Yoga: Some somebody who’s new to the practice is staring at them instead of the teacher who could be up at the front demonstrating poses. I’m not saying, do the whole practice with your students? I don’t think that’s skillful, either, but like demoing.

00:22:45.090 –> 00:22:52.399
Nyk Danu Yoga: you know, showing this is what I’m doing, and then maybe you come out and you look around and see how everyone’s doing right. So anyways.

00:22:52.440 –> 00:22:55.079
Nyk Danu Yoga: I know that those of you that have been taught

00:22:55.090 –> 00:22:57.370
Nyk Danu Yoga: there are those of you that have been taught

00:22:57.450 –> 00:23:02.909
Nyk Danu Yoga: to not demo at all to walk around the room and to guide students with your voice. Well.

00:23:03.250 –> 00:23:09.009
Nyk Danu Yoga: whoever taught that initially does not have a good understanding of learning styles.

00:23:09.430 –> 00:23:13.149
Nyk Danu Yoga: we have visual learners, we have audio learners, we have kinesthetic learners.

00:23:13.460 –> 00:23:21.460
Nyk Danu Yoga: If you are to be a skilled teacher, you want to have things for all of those learning styles. Yes, you use your words for the audio

00:23:21.900 –> 00:23:28.259
Nyk Danu Yoga: learners you demonstrate, and you use languaging. That is a visualization

00:23:28.320 –> 00:23:31.509
Nyk Danu Yoga: for the visual learners.

00:23:32.260 –> 00:23:36.499
Nyk Danu Yoga: and you show for the kinesthetic learners in your body.

00:23:36.890 –> 00:23:40.200
Nyk Danu Yoga: Now, occasionally, if somebody’s super kinesthetic.

00:23:41.440 –> 00:23:47.039
Nyk Danu Yoga: they may miss some of your cues, and that’s where sometimes I’ve come around and just said.

00:23:47.640 –> 00:23:51.560
Nyk Danu Yoga: I’ve got my hand on your back. Can you take your back away from my hand, for example?

00:23:52.110 –> 00:23:55.359
Nyk Danu Yoga: But the touch from my hand is very light.

00:23:55.990 –> 00:24:01.890
Nyk Danu Yoga: and I’ve said to them already before I touch them. Is it okay? If I put my back on your hand.

00:24:02.000 –> 00:24:06.980
Nyk Danu Yoga: I might sorry. My hand on your back, back on my hand. That would be a whole other trick. Wouldn’t it be

00:24:07.570 –> 00:24:18.820
Nyk Danu Yoga: so? I’m I’m at first of all I’m asking permission. I’m doing a very light touch, light enough, firm enough that they could feel my hand. I’m not being creepy, and you know light touch can be creepy as well

00:24:18.830 –> 00:24:34.179
Nyk Danu Yoga: firm enough that they can feel my hand there, and that. But the hand is just a touch point for them to reference their own body. I’m not pushing on them. I’m not trying to tweak them. I’m not trying to adjust them. I do not believe in that period the end full stop.

00:24:35.940 –> 00:24:40.170
Nyk Danu Yoga: So let’s get into how this affects a yin practice.

00:24:41.080 –> 00:24:44.119
Nyk Danu Yoga: Well, if we acknowledge that

00:24:44.590 –> 00:24:46.359
Nyk Danu Yoga: everybody is different

00:24:46.500 –> 00:24:50.150
Nyk Danu Yoga: and which we do in yen, but there is no one size fits everybody.

00:24:50.970 –> 00:24:56.069
Nyk Danu Yoga: and that when we look out at our room we may have multiple different expressions

00:24:56.080 –> 00:25:02.690
Nyk Danu Yoga: of poses as we look around the room, that you know, person A is not going to look the same as person B and C and D,

00:25:03.990 –> 00:25:09.350
Nyk Danu Yoga: and we acknowledge that Yin Yoga is a functional practice.

00:25:10.130 –> 00:25:12.180
Nyk Danu Yoga: not an aesthetic practice.

00:25:12.340 –> 00:25:13.590
Nyk Danu Yoga: meaning.

00:25:14.230 –> 00:25:20.060
Nyk Danu Yoga: we acknowledge that the point of the yin pose is the function of the pose.

00:25:20.200 –> 00:25:22.570
Nyk Danu Yoga: not what the pose looks like.

00:25:23.030 –> 00:25:25.569
Nyk Danu Yoga: So if I’m doing a shape in a sequence

00:25:25.970 –> 00:25:28.910
Nyk Danu Yoga: to access a hamstring, for example.

00:25:30.630 –> 00:25:32.720
Nyk Danu Yoga: then that is the point of the pose.

00:25:32.920 –> 00:25:36.069
Nyk Danu Yoga: and it doesn’t matter what anyone looks like.

00:25:36.130 –> 00:25:38.560
Nyk Danu Yoga: If they’re feeling a stretch in their hamstring

00:25:38.940 –> 00:25:39.730
Nyk Danu Yoga: great.

00:25:40.040 –> 00:25:41.910
Nyk Danu Yoga: then they’re all doing it correctly

00:25:42.050 –> 00:25:47.179
Nyk Danu Yoga: now, if they’re not feeling a stretch in their hamstring because they’re super, Bendy. Well, then, you give them other things to focus on.

00:25:49.390 –> 00:25:53.410
Nyk Danu Yoga: But I’m not going to be correcting their alignment.

00:25:53.700 –> 00:25:56.869
Nyk Danu Yoga: So if I’m not correcting alignment

00:25:57.310 –> 00:26:08.840
Nyk Danu Yoga: in a yin practice, because I acknowledge that Yin Yoga is a functional form of Yoga, not an aesthetic form of Yoga that it doesn’t matter what these shapes look like. What matters is, what is the person feeling?

00:26:09.320 –> 00:26:11.199
Nyk Danu Yoga: So if I acknowledge that.

00:26:11.890 –> 00:26:18.899
Nyk Danu Yoga: and I acknowledge that Yin yoga is an inside out practice that it is about interoception

00:26:19.620 –> 00:26:22.850
Nyk Danu Yoga: and awareness of what is happening inside of them.

00:26:23.860 –> 00:26:27.629
Nyk Danu Yoga: Then why would I need to touch my students at all?

00:26:30.670 –> 00:26:38.360
Nyk Danu Yoga: You’re not trying to put them deeper into a pose because it’s an inside out experience. And they should really only be doing

00:26:38.430 –> 00:26:41.429
Nyk Danu Yoga: 50 to 60% of the most they could do anyway.

00:26:42.070 –> 00:26:43.959
Nyk Danu Yoga: So if the student is

00:26:44.070 –> 00:26:54.230
Nyk Danu Yoga: practicing introception, coming from the inside out in their practice, noticing how they feel, and then making their choices for their shapes according to how they feel as an individual.

00:26:55.480 –> 00:27:02.759
Nyk Danu Yoga: The practice is functional, not aesthetic meaning that it’s what does the pose feel like, or what is the function of this pose. That’s important, not

00:27:02.770 –> 00:27:04.089
Nyk Danu Yoga: what does it look like?

00:27:06.960 –> 00:27:10.179
Nyk Danu Yoga: Then why would I need to touch my students

00:27:13.560 –> 00:27:20.099
Nyk Danu Yoga: instead? What I want to be able to do is very skillfully explained to them.

00:27:20.730 –> 00:27:22.990
Nyk Danu Yoga: and give them hints about

00:27:23.510 –> 00:27:29.419
Nyk Danu Yoga: dropping in and noticing. So, for here’s an example of this that sometimes comes up in Yin

00:27:29.580 –> 00:27:32.049
Nyk Danu Yoga: from students. Am I doing this pose right?

00:27:32.880 –> 00:27:34.810
Nyk Danu Yoga: Well? I don’t know. What are you feeling

00:27:35.840 –> 00:27:47.049
Nyk Danu Yoga: if the point of the pose is for you to feel a stretch in your hamstring, and you’re feeling that in that 50 to 60% zone, and you’re not causing yourself any pain or injury. Then yay, you’re doing it right.

00:27:48.400 –> 00:27:50.439
Nyk Danu Yoga: but the doing it right

00:27:50.540 –> 00:27:53.739
Nyk Danu Yoga: comes back to I don’t know.

00:27:53.800 –> 00:28:00.800
Nyk Danu Yoga: Tell me what you’re feeling, so you’re continually guiding the students back to their own body.

00:28:01.660 –> 00:28:05.269
Nyk Danu Yoga: their own agency of their own body.

00:28:05.460 –> 00:28:08.180
Nyk Danu Yoga: their own individual uniqueness.

00:28:08.210 –> 00:28:16.130
Nyk Danu Yoga: and permission for them to explore what that pose looks like for that body in that day at that stage of their life.

00:28:18.550 –> 00:28:24.410
Nyk Danu Yoga: and you’re trying to teach your students how to drop inward and notice what’s happening inside of them.

00:28:25.490 –> 00:28:34.240
Nyk Danu Yoga: So if that’s the goal of Yin, which I would argue it is. And if you, if this is all news to you, you got some episodes you can catch up on for sure.

00:28:35.700 –> 00:28:38.550
Nyk Danu Yoga: So if that’s the premise of yet.

00:28:38.750 –> 00:28:48.750
Nyk Danu Yoga: if we’re acknowledging that this is a quiet, still practice, if we’re acknowledging that the students all have unique bodies and unique shapes and unique needs.

00:28:49.430 –> 00:28:54.449
Nyk Danu Yoga: And we’re trying to teach our students how to drop inward and to notice what’s happening in their body

00:28:55.700 –> 00:28:59.940
Nyk Danu Yoga: and to know what the function of the shape is, and then to choose their version

00:29:00.350 –> 00:29:03.010
Nyk Danu Yoga: for their own body based on what they’re feeling.

00:29:03.190 –> 00:29:05.089
Nyk Danu Yoga: Then why do I need to touch them.

00:29:07.020 –> 00:29:09.760
Nyk Danu Yoga: Why would I need to adjust them? What am I adjusting?

00:29:10.560 –> 00:29:11.760
Nyk Danu Yoga: What am I

00:29:12.670 –> 00:29:13.820
Nyk Danu Yoga: assisting?

00:29:18.600 –> 00:29:19.850
Nyk Danu Yoga: I got nothing

00:29:20.250 –> 00:29:29.660
Nyk Danu Yoga: now. I want to be really clear. I’m not saying I don’t leave my mat in a yin class. I do occasionally, not often, but I do occasionally. So, for example, if

00:29:29.710 –> 00:29:33.720
Nyk Danu Yoga: everybody’s in a shape, and I can just see that somebody’s super uncomfortable.

00:29:33.740 –> 00:29:42.699
Nyk Danu Yoga: Maybe they’re new to Yoga, or they’re new to yin, or they just don’t. They haven’t done that particular pose in their body in a yin way, and they’re really struggling to get comfortable.

00:29:42.830 –> 00:29:45.589
Nyk Danu Yoga: I may go over and offer them a prop.

00:29:46.200 –> 00:29:52.470
Nyk Danu Yoga: Now, I also because I’m a trauma, informed teacher. Don’t just get up and start moving around the room. I would say

00:29:52.750 –> 00:29:57.770
Nyk Danu Yoga: I’m just going to move around the room for a few minutes to help some of your Yoga friends get more comfortable

00:29:58.200 –> 00:30:00.600
Nyk Danu Yoga: if I come over to you and offer you a prop

00:30:00.670 –> 00:30:02.480
Nyk Danu Yoga: to get you more comfortable.

00:30:02.490 –> 00:30:04.890
Nyk Danu Yoga: and it makes you more comfortable. Yay.

00:30:05.450 –> 00:30:10.990
Nyk Danu Yoga: if I come over and offer you a prop, and it actually doesn’t improve the way you feel in the shape. Then please ignore me.

00:30:12.010 –> 00:30:27.070
Nyk Danu Yoga: so I’ll say that, and then I’ll go around and I’ll help a couple people who are uncomfortable, and then I’ll just say I’m heading back to my mat now and again. That is because I’m a trauma, informed teacher. You want to learn more about that. There’s 3 episodes previous to this one that you can check out on trauma.

00:30:27.520 –> 00:30:29.530
Nyk Danu Yoga: and how it affects the way we teach.

00:30:30.610 –> 00:30:32.509
Nyk Danu Yoga: So if I’m trying to teach

00:30:33.290 –> 00:30:35.659
Nyk Danu Yoga: people to drop into their own body

00:30:35.760 –> 00:30:37.689
Nyk Danu Yoga: to see what feels right for them.

00:30:38.060 –> 00:30:42.730
Nyk Danu Yoga: to have the agency to choose for themselves, regardless of what that looks like.

00:30:42.930 –> 00:30:46.539
Nyk Danu Yoga: and to have an awareness of what’s happening inside of their body.

00:30:46.710 –> 00:30:48.660
Nyk Danu Yoga: Then why would I need to touch them?

00:30:49.850 –> 00:30:52.660
Nyk Danu Yoga: So oftentimes these things

00:30:54.090 –> 00:30:55.890
Nyk Danu Yoga: come around? Because.

00:30:55.940 –> 00:31:11.899
Nyk Danu Yoga: as I’ve mentioned in other episodes we take our first teacher training, and we learn all these things. I always call them our our little suitcases. So we come into yin with our little suitcases of all of the knowledge that we’ve learned in our other trainings without stopping to think.

00:31:12.590 –> 00:31:18.699
Nyk Danu Yoga: Does this serve this particular practice, this particular style.

00:31:19.170 –> 00:31:23.459
Nyk Danu Yoga: Could I leave some of this baggage or little suitcases at the door

00:31:23.590 –> 00:31:30.020
Nyk Danu Yoga: for yin, because it actually has nothing to do with yin, and it’s not helpful in yin, and in fact, it kind of hinders yin.

00:31:30.550 –> 00:31:36.860
Nyk Danu Yoga: So I’ve talked in many past episodes about some of these little suitcases that need to get left at the door.

00:31:37.020 –> 00:31:38.360
Nyk Danu Yoga: and for today

00:31:38.420 –> 00:31:41.370
Nyk Danu Yoga: the little suitcase that needs to get left at the door

00:31:41.400 –> 00:31:45.130
Nyk Danu Yoga: before you start teaching your yin is hands on adjusts or assists.

00:31:48.240 –> 00:32:01.440
Nyk Danu Yoga: Now I know that I’m going to hear blow back usually from teachers that not necessarily because they are so attached to giving them. But often you’ll hear teachers saying, Oh, but I love it. When people touch me in yoga. Okay.

00:32:01.730 –> 00:32:03.600
Nyk Danu Yoga: go to an active class, then

00:32:03.780 –> 00:32:05.980
Nyk Danu Yoga: go. Don’t go to a yin class, or

00:32:06.130 –> 00:32:10.460
Nyk Danu Yoga: if you’re really in need of some nurturing touch, go get a massage.

00:32:10.590 –> 00:32:12.239
Nyk Danu Yoga: go get some acupuncture.

00:32:13.120 –> 00:32:14.230
Nyk Danu Yoga: etc.

00:32:15.620 –> 00:32:17.400
Nyk Danu Yoga: a yen yoga practice

00:32:17.420 –> 00:32:18.890
Nyk Danu Yoga: one of the biggest

00:32:19.190 –> 00:32:23.670
Nyk Danu Yoga: goals from a Yen Yoga practice is to encourage introception.

00:32:23.960 –> 00:32:29.479
Nyk Danu Yoga: to have people slow down and get quiet enough to know what’s going on inside of their body.

00:32:30.120 –> 00:32:32.279
Nyk Danu Yoga: and people can’t go

00:32:34.220 –> 00:32:35.990
Nyk Danu Yoga: into introception

00:32:36.890 –> 00:32:43.379
Nyk Danu Yoga: and really making choice based on their own body and agency. If you’re going to go around and touch them

00:32:43.470 –> 00:32:46.130
Nyk Danu Yoga: and tell them what they should be doing instead.

00:32:47.340 –> 00:32:54.710
Nyk Danu Yoga: Now I will say that I know I have. I know friends, and I have other people. I know that do classes where they might do

00:32:55.030 –> 00:32:57.789
Nyk Danu Yoga: you know yin and slash

00:32:58.000 –> 00:33:16.239
Nyk Danu Yoga: acupressure or yin, and then a yin and PIN class, for example, yin yoga, and then acupuncture afterwards. If you’ve got an acupuncturist, or if you, if you, as a teacher, are a trained acupressurist, and I don’t mean you took some myofasual yin training. And now you think you go around poking everyone’s points.

00:33:16.530 –> 00:33:18.180
Nyk Danu Yoga: That’s not what I’m talking about.

00:33:18.540 –> 00:33:28.880
Nyk Danu Yoga: I’m talking about people who are actually Chinese medicine practitioners. They’re actually medical gong practitioners. They’ve actually taken Shiatsu training people who have studied

00:33:29.231 –> 00:33:39.939
Nyk Danu Yoga: these acupressure and acupuncture points in depth. And that’s part of what they do for their living. Not like. Oh, I took a 20 h course. And now I’m going to go around and poke people’s acupressure points.

00:33:41.080 –> 00:33:48.999
Nyk Danu Yoga: because that would be unskillful, because, just like everything else, there is not one acupressure point for every person. That is a good idea.

00:33:49.330 –> 00:34:03.499
Nyk Danu Yoga: There’s a reason why Chinese medicine doctors and acupuncturists take many, many years of schooling and study, and that is because they learn how to properly diagnose the individual and choose points that are custom for that individual.

00:34:04.350 –> 00:34:09.479
Nyk Danu Yoga: So if you are going around and you have not done an intake, you have not done a waiver.

00:34:10.210 –> 00:34:18.239
Nyk Danu Yoga: You have not met with each student individually to learn about what’s going on for them in their body. And now you’re pushing on points on their body.

00:34:18.510 –> 00:34:22.160
Nyk Danu Yoga: Bad news and out of your scope of practice.

00:34:22.679 –> 00:34:25.030
Nyk Danu Yoga: Now, if you are an acupuncturist.

00:34:25.360 –> 00:34:27.739
Nyk Danu Yoga: if you are a medical gig

00:34:27.770 –> 00:34:33.970
Nyk Danu Yoga: practitioner, if you are in Tishatu, that’s a different story, because you will have an understanding of

00:34:34.070 –> 00:34:46.410
Nyk Danu Yoga: chatting with people beforehand and finding out what’s going on for them, and you will choose points according to that particular person’s needs, or at least you’re going to leave out points if they’re not appropriate, or if they’re contraindicated

00:34:46.429 –> 00:34:48.249
Nyk Danu Yoga: for that particular person.

00:34:49.159 –> 00:34:58.250
Nyk Danu Yoga: So, for example, and because people think somehow that acupressure, and is so innocent. There are certain points that you would not stimulate on a pregnant woman.

00:34:59.140 –> 00:35:01.090
Nyk Danu Yoga: and if you don’t know what those are.

00:35:01.130 –> 00:35:04.590
Nyk Danu Yoga: then you shouldn’t be touching people in class and pushing on their points.

00:35:05.950 –> 00:35:09.150
Nyk Danu Yoga: Okay, soap box and brant over with that one. So

00:35:09.180 –> 00:35:21.410
Nyk Danu Yoga: if you are qualified and trained to do those things like yin and PIN where you’re gonna come and put needles in at the end. Or if you are trained to do acupressure acupuncture.

00:35:21.880 –> 00:35:23.870
Nyk Danu Yoga: then that’s a different story

00:35:24.040 –> 00:35:26.330
Nyk Danu Yoga: in your class. However.

00:35:26.570 –> 00:35:30.880
Nyk Danu Yoga: you still need to make it very clear

00:35:30.910 –> 00:35:38.579
Nyk Danu Yoga: if you’re qualified to do those things, and if you are not qualified to do those things. Stop doing them. You’re working out of your scope of practice. That’s irresponsible.

00:35:39.000 –> 00:35:53.519
Nyk Danu Yoga: But if you are qualified to do those things for those rare few magical unicorns listening to this right now going? Yeah, but I am an acupuncturist, or yes, but I have studied medical medical Chigung, or yes, but I am a Sh a Shiatsu practitioner for you magical unicorns.

00:35:54.130 –> 00:35:58.599
Nyk Danu Yoga: If you want to do those classes, please do. But please make it really clear

00:35:58.630 –> 00:36:00.740
Nyk Danu Yoga: in the class description

00:36:00.960 –> 00:36:02.989
Nyk Danu Yoga: that you will be touching people

00:36:04.440 –> 00:36:17.920
Nyk Danu Yoga: right? So people should know, when they read your class description, that you will be putting pressure, or whatever on, or needles on certain points like they should know that. And that should be part of what they’re signing up for.

00:36:18.000 –> 00:36:30.330
Nyk Danu Yoga: That is a very different thing than the average drop in Yin class. And now, all of a sudden, the Yoga teacher is walking around, pushing on points on people, or adjusting or giving assists in their shapes.

00:36:30.700 –> 00:36:35.820
Nyk Danu Yoga: So again, if a Yin Yoga practice is an inside out practice.

00:36:36.460 –> 00:36:39.069
Nyk Danu Yoga: and you’re walking around touching everybody.

00:36:39.770 –> 00:36:44.039
Nyk Danu Yoga: probably not skillfully, because most Yoga teachers are actually believe it or not.

00:36:44.070 –> 00:36:47.880
Nyk Danu Yoga: not qualified to be adjusting and assisting bodies.

00:36:50.100 –> 00:36:50.970
Nyk Danu Yoga: So

00:36:51.650 –> 00:37:07.759
Nyk Danu Yoga: I think again, this comes down to what often happens in the Yoga industry because we are unregulated, unlicensed. And I’m not saying I want regulation in licensure. In fact, if that happens, I will quit saying I’m a Yoga teacher. But what I am saying is that we need to have the humility

00:37:08.320 –> 00:37:12.119
Nyk Danu Yoga: to stay in our scope of practice.

00:37:12.770 –> 00:37:41.359
Nyk Danu Yoga: and even though I studied Chinese medicine for almost 3 years, and even though I have a boatload of extra anatomy courses, surface anatomy, A and P. Blah blah blah, and even though I have studied. Try yoga massage, and even though I studied how to do hands-on yin so facilitated stretching with Paul Grilley. Even with all of that in my background. I do not touch my students in their Yoga class.

00:37:42.880 –> 00:37:43.910
Nyk Danu Yoga: because

00:37:44.230 –> 00:37:47.609
Nyk Danu Yoga: I want them to have still and quiet time

00:37:47.800 –> 00:37:58.519
Nyk Danu Yoga: to be able to drop into their own body to see what it is that they’re feeling to identify their needs. And I can help them with that if they’re like. I don’t know how to do that. I can give them some coaching on that.

00:37:58.890 –> 00:38:00.539
Nyk Danu Yoga: but that is the point

00:38:00.690 –> 00:38:02.310
Nyk Danu Yoga: of them. Coming to Yin

00:38:02.350 –> 00:38:03.860
Nyk Danu Yoga: is for them

00:38:03.980 –> 00:38:04.890
Nyk Danu Yoga: to know

00:38:05.730 –> 00:38:08.310
Nyk Danu Yoga: what is the best shape for my body tonight

00:38:08.590 –> 00:38:10.910
Nyk Danu Yoga: or today or this morning. Whenever it is.

00:38:12.590 –> 00:38:20.290
Nyk Danu Yoga: I’m trying to teach them to drop inward so that they have the agency to make their own choices

00:38:20.740 –> 00:38:26.780
Nyk Danu Yoga: for what is going to work in their body. So I’m not going to go move them into a shape.

00:38:27.620 –> 00:38:33.389
Nyk Danu Yoga: I’m going to let them choose their version of the shape based on what they’re feeling

00:38:33.770 –> 00:38:35.840
Nyk Danu Yoga: and what’s going on with them.

00:38:36.990 –> 00:38:42.679
Nyk Danu Yoga: And my job as a Yin teacher is that if people find that difficult.

00:38:42.770 –> 00:38:48.819
Nyk Danu Yoga: because introception is not something we practice sort of on a daily basis out in the rest of the world.

00:38:55.020 –> 00:38:56.889
Nyk Danu Yoga: so if they find

00:38:57.160 –> 00:38:59.710
Nyk Danu Yoga: introception difficult.

00:39:00.100 –> 00:39:07.599
Nyk Danu Yoga: Then my job is to coach them on how they might become more aware of what’s happening on the inside of them.

00:39:08.710 –> 00:39:12.050
Nyk Danu Yoga: Right, my, quite. My job is to ask them questions like

00:39:12.270 –> 00:39:18.179
Nyk Danu Yoga: when they say things like, Am I doing this right? Well, I’m not sure where. Tell me where you’re feeling this.

00:39:19.400 –> 00:39:21.470
Nyk Danu Yoga: and if they’re like, I’m not feeling anything.

00:39:21.550 –> 00:39:31.530
Nyk Danu Yoga: then I would, you know, ask them, maybe, to put their own hand if they can, on the area of the body that I was intending, although that may not be where they feel it, because we’re all different

00:39:31.700 –> 00:39:36.770
Nyk Danu Yoga: and say, Well, my intention is this area here. Do you feel any sensation there?

00:39:37.730 –> 00:39:52.259
Nyk Danu Yoga: And if they say, Oh, yeah, okay, I do. Well, then, now, we’re gonna say, okay, is that sensation in that 50 to 60% range. And then how can you get yourself more comfortable here so that you can experience that sensation and not be gripping and holding. And.

00:39:52.330 –> 00:39:54.359
Nyk Danu Yoga: you know, tightening up other areas.

00:39:54.400 –> 00:39:58.169
Nyk Danu Yoga: This is where we can bring in props and be skillful that way.

00:40:01.450 –> 00:40:03.640
Nyk Danu Yoga: So my job is to

00:40:03.800 –> 00:40:09.490
Nyk Danu Yoga: coach, encourage, and teach them how to drop into their own inner landscape

00:40:09.650 –> 00:40:11.460
Nyk Danu Yoga: and find what works for them.

00:40:11.790 –> 00:40:16.379
Nyk Danu Yoga: It is not my job to air quotes, correct their alignment.

00:40:16.840 –> 00:40:20.990
Nyk Danu Yoga: It is not my job to deepen their pose.

00:40:21.170 –> 00:40:22.510
Nyk Danu Yoga: None of that

00:40:22.620 –> 00:40:24.540
Nyk Danu Yoga: is in my job. Description.

00:40:25.610 –> 00:40:26.620
Nyk Danu Yoga: Period

00:40:26.710 –> 00:40:29.150
Nyk Danu Yoga: full stop as a Yoga teacher.

00:40:29.440 –> 00:40:32.740
Nyk Danu Yoga: and especially as a Yin Yoga teacher.

00:40:33.090 –> 00:40:46.309
Nyk Danu Yoga: So even though I’m talking about this from a yin perspective, from the perspective of introception, and people choosing what works for their body and being functional, and all of this stuff that I’m talking about

00:40:46.520 –> 00:40:48.530
Nyk Danu Yoga: of what makes you different.

00:40:49.320 –> 00:40:58.399
Nyk Danu Yoga: I would argue actually, that in the yogaverse in general there is far too many Yoga teachers hands on far too many Yogi’s bodies.

00:40:58.550 –> 00:41:02.100
Nyk Danu Yoga: and that most yin teachers

00:41:02.220 –> 00:41:03.390
Nyk Danu Yoga: do not.

00:41:03.970 –> 00:41:06.250
Nyk Danu Yoga: or most Yoga teachers

00:41:06.620 –> 00:41:17.260
Nyk Danu Yoga: do not have the skill to be able to skillfully offer hands-on adjustments, even if you took your little hands on adjustment weekend workshop. No.

00:41:17.540 –> 00:41:21.029
Nyk Danu Yoga: I’m talking about years of anatomy study

00:41:21.070 –> 00:41:25.000
Nyk Danu Yoga: like a physiotherapist would like a kinesiologist would.

00:41:25.200 –> 00:41:29.869
Nyk Danu Yoga: Okay, like a massage therapist, would you? Don’t have that background?

00:41:31.110 –> 00:41:35.200
Nyk Danu Yoga: You don’t have enough knowledge to be manipulating people’s bodies.

00:41:36.890 –> 00:41:55.010
Nyk Danu Yoga: Now, sometimes I know people like to just offer a little bit of sort of gentle massage, or just kind of a gentle like putting their hands down and saying, You know, breathe into my hands that kind of thing that’s not. That’s not designed to deepen the pose. But again, you shouldn’t be offering massage unless you’ve got training and massage.

00:41:55.170 –> 00:41:58.183
Nyk Danu Yoga: shouldn’t be offering acupressure unless you are an

00:41:59.010 –> 00:42:01.810
Nyk Danu Yoga: Medical. Tcm. D.

00:42:01.820 –> 00:42:08.910
Nyk Danu Yoga: Unless you are a medical Chi Gong practitioner, or unless you’re a Shiatsu person, you shouldn’t be doing acupressure on other people.

00:42:08.920 –> 00:42:11.010
Nyk Danu Yoga: It’s beyond your scope of practice.

00:42:11.070 –> 00:42:15.170
Nyk Danu Yoga: So, dear Yoga teachers, can we stay in our own fucking lane.

00:42:15.200 –> 00:42:18.909
Nyk Danu Yoga: and just focus on teaching Yoga really well

00:42:19.140 –> 00:42:21.540
Nyk Danu Yoga: without all this hands-on business.

00:42:22.290 –> 00:42:45.170
Nyk Danu Yoga: And again, for those unicorns, you know who you are listening, that have the training and the experience in those other areas. And you’re gonna offer that. Let’s say you’re a massage therapist and you’re a yoga teacher. You’re an acupuncturist, and you’re a Yoga teacher. You are a Shiatsu practitioner and a Yoga teacher. You! You’re a medical practitioner and a Yoga teacher for those magical unicorns.

00:42:45.960 –> 00:42:52.130
Nyk Danu Yoga: Please feel free. You have the training. You have the experience. But just put it in your class description

00:42:52.630 –> 00:42:54.589
Nyk Danu Yoga: to be trauma informed.

00:42:54.680 –> 00:43:11.880
Nyk Danu Yoga: People need to know that when they show up they’re going to be getting touched. So make it very clear in your description. In this class we will be offering hands-on blah blah blah blah, whatever it is, or we will be offering needles in Shavasin, or whatever the case may be, and so make sure.

00:43:12.600 –> 00:43:26.780
Nyk Danu Yoga: if you’re going to do that, that you have it listed in your class description, and that you’re even qualified to offer these things. And again, for those teachers who are thinking right now. Yeah. But I’ve taken all these workshops on how to offer hands on assist. That doesn’t matter.

00:43:27.110 –> 00:43:33.909
Nyk Danu Yoga: because those workshops that teach you how to offer hands-on assist are giving you one size, fits all

00:43:33.930 –> 00:43:41.789
Nyk Danu Yoga: ways to adjust and assist students. It is assuming that all of your students have the same bones, and they do not

00:43:42.110 –> 00:43:51.900
Nyk Danu Yoga: so. There is no one way to offer a hands-on adjustment or assistant assist in a pose, because all of your students are totally different and unique.

00:43:52.670 –> 00:43:57.500
Nyk Danu Yoga: and I realize that sometimes when we hear this kind of information.

00:43:57.830 –> 00:44:00.920
Nyk Danu Yoga: we can have a bit of shell shock because we’ve

00:44:01.310 –> 00:44:05.680
Nyk Danu Yoga: we’ve spent all this money and time and training, learning these styles of Yoga.

00:44:06.160 –> 00:44:09.980
Nyk Danu Yoga: And we’ve been just doing automatically whatever it was that

00:44:10.280 –> 00:44:15.520
Nyk Danu Yoga: our teacher taught us, or whatever we were trained to do in that style of Yoga without stopping to question.

00:44:15.710 –> 00:44:19.189
Nyk Danu Yoga: is this wise? Do I do? Do I want to do this?

00:44:19.450 –> 00:44:21.490
Nyk Danu Yoga: What is the point of this? Actually.

00:44:23.070 –> 00:44:26.369
Nyk Danu Yoga: But you really need to ask questions always.

00:44:27.230 –> 00:44:30.439
Nyk Danu Yoga: One of my favorite quotes that has been attributed to the Buddha.

00:44:30.650 –> 00:44:36.099
Nyk Danu Yoga: We don’t know for sure if the Buddha said it because they weren’t really writing things down back in those days. So who knows?

00:44:36.490 –> 00:44:40.300
Nyk Danu Yoga: But one of the quotes that is attributed to the Buddha is.

00:44:40.440 –> 00:44:43.380
Nyk Danu Yoga: you know, not to to believe anything.

00:44:43.530 –> 00:44:48.390
Nyk Danu Yoga: even if I have said it, even if you’ve read it in Scripture, etc, etc.

00:44:48.560 –> 00:44:51.769
Nyk Danu Yoga: question everything, and only.

00:44:59.110 –> 00:44:59.930
Nyk Danu Yoga: okay.

00:45:01.230 –> 00:45:03.279
Nyk Danu Yoga: So if we’re going to

00:45:03.450 –> 00:45:09.569
Nyk Danu Yoga: be wise and skillful teachers, then we need to ask questions.

00:45:09.900 –> 00:45:13.149
Nyk Danu Yoga: We need to ask questions from those in their trainings.

00:45:13.590 –> 00:45:17.780
Nyk Danu Yoga: We need to question what we were taught and decide. Does that work for me?

00:45:18.050 –> 00:45:25.539
Nyk Danu Yoga: Does that fit with what I think is right in the world? Is that something that I want to do is that something that’s helpful?

00:45:25.590 –> 00:45:28.940
Nyk Danu Yoga: These are all questions that you need to ask yourself.

00:45:29.790 –> 00:45:37.470
Nyk Danu Yoga: You shouldn’t be just doing automatically what your teacher training taught you to do without first pausing to question it.

00:45:39.740 –> 00:45:45.609
Nyk Danu Yoga: So there’s a certain point as a teacher where you have to reach the maturity to question things.

00:45:46.640 –> 00:45:49.620
Nyk Danu Yoga: One of my favorite quotes, which is attributed to the Buddha.

00:45:49.820 –> 00:45:54.620
Nyk Danu Yoga: we don’t know for sure if the Buddha said it because it’s not like they were writing stuff down back then. But here it is.

00:45:55.660 –> 00:45:59.179
Nyk Danu Yoga: Do not believe anything simply because you have heard it.

00:46:00.720 –> 00:46:05.509
Nyk Danu Yoga: Do not believe anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many.

00:46:07.160 –> 00:46:11.619
Nyk Danu Yoga: Do not believe anything simply because it is written in your religious books.

00:46:12.820 –> 00:46:17.790
Nyk Danu Yoga: Do not believe anything merely on the authority of your teachers or elders

00:46:18.800 –> 00:46:23.979
Nyk Danu Yoga: do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations.

00:46:25.570 –> 00:46:28.759
Nyk Danu Yoga: but after observation and analysis.

00:46:29.850 –> 00:46:31.420
Nyk Danu Yoga: when you find

00:46:31.460 –> 00:46:37.970
Nyk Danu Yoga: anything that agrees with your reason, and is conductive to the good and benefit of one and all.

00:46:37.990 –> 00:46:39.680
Nyk Danu Yoga: then accept it

00:46:39.810 –> 00:46:40.940
Nyk Danu Yoga: and live up to it

00:46:43.120 –> 00:46:44.669
Nyk Danu Yoga: attributed to the Buddha.

00:46:45.970 –> 00:46:46.970
Nyk Danu Yoga: So

00:46:47.650 –> 00:46:57.270
Nyk Danu Yoga: as teachers. If you walked into your Yin classroom with some of these little suitcases, these baggage things from your first training that maybe you never questioned in your first training.

00:46:58.330 –> 00:47:05.999
Nyk Danu Yoga: but we do need to start questioning them now. If you haven’t already, when you’re starting to teach in, you need to start questioning what you have been taught.

00:47:06.020 –> 00:47:09.039
Nyk Danu Yoga: because yin is a different practice.

00:47:10.510 –> 00:47:12.319
Nyk Danu Yoga: So, in my opinion.

00:47:13.120 –> 00:47:14.590
Nyk Danu Yoga: there is no room

00:47:14.760 –> 00:47:16.360
Nyk Danu Yoga: for hands-on adjusts

00:47:16.550 –> 00:47:19.100
Nyk Danu Yoga: and assists in a yin practice.

00:47:20.180 –> 00:47:28.759
Nyk Danu Yoga: I would argue that if you want to lead trauma informed spaces in your other Yoga classes, too, that you should start letting that go, but that is perhaps a rant for another time

00:47:29.650 –> 00:47:30.670
Nyk Danu Yoga: and again

00:47:30.910 –> 00:47:32.880
Nyk Danu Yoga: the 3 episodes before this

00:47:33.040 –> 00:47:38.829
Nyk Danu Yoga: talk about trauma. So if you’re if this is something that’s kind of new to you. Please check those out.

00:47:41.280 –> 00:47:47.039
Nyk Danu Yoga: But when we walk into now, I’m about to teach you in, things need to change. It is different.

00:47:47.570 –> 00:47:51.010
Nyk Danu Yoga: Yen Yoga is not just like regular yoga with longer holds.

00:47:51.900 –> 00:48:04.020
Nyk Danu Yoga: And so we need to leave some of the baggage at the door. And in this episode the suitcase that we’re talking about. That you should leave at the door is offering hands-on adjusts and hands-on assists in a yin practice.

00:48:06.420 –> 00:48:07.540
Nyk Danu Yoga: Now, again.

00:48:07.680 –> 00:48:13.450
Nyk Danu Yoga: there’s a slight exception for those of you who are qualified to do acupressure, massage.

00:48:13.490 –> 00:48:15.600
Nyk Danu Yoga: acupuncture, etc.

00:48:15.760 –> 00:48:29.689
Nyk Danu Yoga: for those of you who do that as your livelihood, you have the certification, the training, the licensure, etc. If you are offering that in your yin classes as a special little awesome bonus that makes you unique. If that’s your special sauce in your classes

00:48:30.100 –> 00:48:33.390
Nyk Danu Yoga: party on with yourself, but just make sure it says so in the description.

00:48:33.610 –> 00:48:41.319
Nyk Danu Yoga: because if people have been to a bunch of other Yin classes, and they’ve never been touched. And now they show up to yours, and you’re all up in their business again. It’s not trauma sensitive.

00:48:41.410 –> 00:48:55.959
Nyk Danu Yoga: so just say in your class description in this class. Blank, blank blank will be offered. So you know, acupressure, acupuncture, etc. massage. Just let them know so that when people sign up. They’re going because they want that little treat

00:48:56.050 –> 00:48:58.640
Nyk Danu Yoga: right? They’re not kind of caught off guard.

00:49:00.510 –> 00:49:04.629
Nyk Danu Yoga: So I know that this won’t be necessarily the most popular episode.

00:49:04.720 –> 00:49:08.649
Nyk Danu Yoga: I know that anytime I’ve seen this come up in Facebook groups.

00:49:08.930 –> 00:49:16.190
Nyk Danu Yoga: I’ve seen a lot of teachers get pissy about it because they like somebody adjusting them

00:49:16.350 –> 00:49:22.069
Nyk Danu Yoga: in their Yoga classes. When they, as a teacher, go to classes, they love it when people touch them

00:49:22.330 –> 00:49:23.230
Nyk Danu Yoga: fine.

00:49:23.870 –> 00:49:32.589
Nyk Danu Yoga: but that doesn’t mean that that should happen in a yin room number one, and it doesn’t mean that that’s what you should do to your students. Why would you assume that all of your students want that.

00:49:35.080 –> 00:49:38.830
Nyk Danu Yoga: And again, most are not qualified enough. So, for example.

00:49:39.260 –> 00:49:46.279
Nyk Danu Yoga: something as small as putting your hands on someone’s lower back when they’re in child pose, which is a common adjustment.

00:49:46.480 –> 00:49:57.469
Nyk Danu Yoga: one hand on either side of their sacrum, and then kind of putting a little pressure on one hand and then switching and doing a little pressure kind of rocking back and forth with your hands on their sacrum. Seems really innocent, doesn’t it?

00:49:58.730 –> 00:50:01.010
Nyk Danu Yoga: Not if someone’s got Si issues.

00:50:01.160 –> 00:50:02.690
Nyk Danu Yoga: Not if somebody’s pregnant.

00:50:03.340 –> 00:50:09.030
Nyk Danu Yoga: you can see where I’m going with this. There are acupressure points. For example, you do not do on someone who’s pregnant.

00:50:09.340 –> 00:50:13.609
Nyk Danu Yoga: and if you do not know these things, then you shouldn’t be touching people

00:50:14.800 –> 00:50:16.260
Nyk Danu Yoga: in your classes.

00:50:18.060 –> 00:50:22.500
Nyk Danu Yoga: And if you really want to offer, if you don’t have any of these skills. And you really want to offer.

00:50:22.540 –> 00:50:28.670
Nyk Danu Yoga: you know, a yin with massage element. Why don’t you teach a yin workshop on yin and self massage.

00:50:28.890 –> 00:50:34.490
Nyk Danu Yoga: you know, you can show them how to like massage their own feet and their own shoulders and temples, and whatever, if that’s

00:50:34.560 –> 00:50:36.130
Nyk Danu Yoga: something that you want to do

00:50:37.690 –> 00:50:41.180
Nyk Danu Yoga: alright. I think I’ve ranted enough about this again.

00:50:41.270 –> 00:50:46.499
Nyk Danu Yoga: I am the queen of unpopular opinions, and so I realize I’ll get some blow back on this.

00:50:47.030 –> 00:50:47.960
Nyk Danu Yoga: But

00:50:49.310 –> 00:50:50.399
Nyk Danu Yoga: I don’t care.

00:50:50.660 –> 00:50:57.609
Nyk Danu Yoga: And the reason I don’t care is because my goal in life, when I’m teaching my teachers, and when I’m

00:50:57.620 –> 00:51:04.219
Nyk Danu Yoga: giving you information in this, podcast to help you in your teaching is to create an industry with epic.

00:51:04.820 –> 00:51:08.719
Nyk Danu Yoga: beautiful, informed, and educated teachers

00:51:08.840 –> 00:51:13.410
Nyk Danu Yoga: who offer soulful, brave spaces for the public.

00:51:13.580 –> 00:51:14.929
Nyk Danu Yoga: That’s my goal.

00:51:15.660 –> 00:51:19.180
Nyk Danu Yoga: So there you go hopefully, this was helpful.

00:51:19.270 –> 00:51:25.510
Nyk Danu Yoga: so I know that for some of you you might be feeling like the Yoga mat has just been pulled out from underneath you, because

00:51:25.540 –> 00:51:30.770
Nyk Danu Yoga: it never occurred to you to not automatically offer, adjust, and assist, and in that case

00:51:30.850 –> 00:51:33.610
Nyk Danu Yoga: I would highly recommend you take a trauma training.

00:51:34.225 –> 00:51:39.209
Nyk Danu Yoga: Nicole. Marcia, who was in the second of the last 3 episodes.

00:51:39.260 –> 00:51:53.629
Nyk Danu Yoga: is who I did my trauma training through. There’s links to her website. There she does some online highly recommend every Yoga teacher, even if you don’t want to specialize in populations where you think there’s trauma. If you work with humans, you’re working with trauma. We all got some trauma.

00:51:53.840 –> 00:51:58.439
Nyk Danu Yoga: little trauma, big trauma, medium sized trauma, old trauma, new trauma, all the traumas.

00:51:59.840 –> 00:52:00.910
Nyk Danu Yoga: So

00:52:01.270 –> 00:52:07.720
Nyk Danu Yoga: if you’re new to that idea that you shouldn’t just be all up in everyone’s business touching them, manipulating them, adjusting them.

00:52:07.880 –> 00:52:09.140
Nyk Danu Yoga: please

00:52:09.230 –> 00:52:18.159
Nyk Danu Yoga: take some time to learn about that, to take some trauma informed training. Listen to the episodes that came before this one. So you can really get an understanding of kind of

00:52:18.230 –> 00:52:19.980
Nyk Danu Yoga: the nuances of this.

00:52:21.660 –> 00:52:28.990
Nyk Danu Yoga: I would argue again that we can let go of these things in all styles of Yoga. But definitely don’t be bringing that suitcase into yen.

00:52:29.730 –> 00:52:32.009
Nyk Danu Yoga: Okay, my friends, that’s it. For now.

00:52:32.570 –> 00:52:39.299
Nyk Danu Yoga: I hope that you got something out of this episode, even if it was like the tough love kind of got something out of this episode, even if you’re feeling a bit

00:52:39.360 –> 00:52:47.360
Nyk Danu Yoga: sort of like your buttons have been pushed. If you’re feeling a little bit sort of ungrounded now, because you’re like, Oh, my God! Now I’m questioning all the things

00:52:49.050 –> 00:52:53.200
Nyk Danu Yoga: I’ll leave you with this piece of advice, which I probably should have started with. But here we go

00:52:53.790 –> 00:52:57.739
Nyk Danu Yoga: when I did, my very first teacher training. One of my

00:52:58.030 –> 00:53:00.340
Nyk Danu Yoga: teachers, the primary teacher, actually

00:53:01.360 –> 00:53:03.579
Nyk Danu Yoga: at the very beginning of training, said.

00:53:03.680 –> 00:53:05.290
Nyk Danu Yoga: in this training

00:53:05.760 –> 00:53:07.580
Nyk Danu Yoga: there will be things

00:53:08.440 –> 00:53:10.210
Nyk Danu Yoga: that will upset you

00:53:10.450 –> 00:53:15.130
Nyk Danu Yoga: that will. I don’t want to use the word triggered, because that’s a very specific meaning that will

00:53:15.560 –> 00:53:16.880
Nyk Danu Yoga: push your buttons.

00:53:17.010 –> 00:53:18.020
Nyk Danu Yoga: That will

00:53:18.070 –> 00:53:24.249
Nyk Danu Yoga: call into question what you believe. There will be paradigms, shifts that will pop up in this training

00:53:25.100 –> 00:53:34.540
Nyk Danu Yoga: that you will want to immediately reject because they don’t fit with your your current worldview, your narrative, what you believe, what you’ve been told, what you’ve been taught, etc.

00:53:35.400 –> 00:53:42.569
Nyk Danu Yoga: And what she told us is when you’re feeling that way, when you’re feeling like you’ve just been someone’s just pushed you a little bit, and you’re like, what

00:53:43.510 –> 00:53:45.569
Nyk Danu Yoga: take the time to pause

00:53:47.440 –> 00:53:49.640
Nyk Danu Yoga: and to ask yourself some questions

00:53:49.790 –> 00:53:50.700
Nyk Danu Yoga: like.

00:53:51.520 –> 00:54:01.490
Nyk Danu Yoga: is this upsetting me? Because I feel it’s it’s genuinely in my heart and my being. It’s not true. It doesn’t fit with my values, my beliefs. This is just not resonating. It’s not true.

00:54:02.090 –> 00:54:07.420
Nyk Danu Yoga: In which case, she said, and I would give to you as well toss it out then. It’s not for you.

00:54:08.530 –> 00:54:12.480
Nyk Danu Yoga: If, however, you’re feeling a little bit tweaked by it.

00:54:12.760 –> 00:54:15.259
Nyk Danu Yoga: little bit ungrounded. If you’re feeling defensive.

00:54:15.450 –> 00:54:20.980
Nyk Danu Yoga: if you’re feeling kind of like you’re in freeze mode because it’s new information, and you don’t know how to process it.

00:54:22.220 –> 00:54:23.840
Nyk Danu Yoga: And that’s not the case.

00:54:24.020 –> 00:54:28.710
Nyk Danu Yoga: Then ask yourself, why. Why are you feeling so attached

00:54:28.840 –> 00:54:33.430
Nyk Danu Yoga: to the way that you believe the way that you have thought of things in the past.

00:54:34.470 –> 00:54:36.329
Nyk Danu Yoga: And is that serving you?

00:54:37.450 –> 00:54:39.159
Nyk Danu Yoga: And could you let that go?

00:54:43.380 –> 00:54:51.919
Nyk Danu Yoga: So that was in my very first teacher training that she said that on day one, and I’m sure glad she did, because there was definitely some things that came up where I was like. Wait, wait, say what.

00:54:54.190 –> 00:54:54.990
Nyk Danu Yoga: So

00:54:55.570 –> 00:54:58.890
Nyk Danu Yoga: one of the ways that we practice introception

00:54:59.140 –> 00:55:02.620
Nyk Danu Yoga: as teachers? Is it when we have new information

00:55:02.880 –> 00:55:10.150
Nyk Danu Yoga: that may kind of jar us may leave us feeling a little bit assaulted may have been some tough love thrown down here, and you may be

00:55:10.430 –> 00:55:11.790
Nyk Danu Yoga: struggling with that

00:55:12.030 –> 00:55:13.190
Nyk Danu Yoga: pause

00:55:13.960 –> 00:55:16.960
Nyk Danu Yoga: process before you react.

00:55:17.240 –> 00:55:21.260
Nyk Danu Yoga: Ask yourself questions, sit with it, study it.

00:55:23.540 –> 00:55:30.209
Nyk Danu Yoga: Do you want to push it out and not listen to it? Just because this is the way you’ve always done things, and you don’t like change.

00:55:32.750 –> 00:55:40.900
Nyk Danu Yoga: or does it just not actually resonate with your if you take the time to analyze it and go, you know what? No, I just don’t believe that this is actually true for me.

00:55:40.950 –> 00:55:42.349
Nyk Danu Yoga: then let it go.

00:55:43.020 –> 00:55:46.600
Nyk Danu Yoga: But if you’re reacting because it’s new information.

00:55:47.870 –> 00:55:49.250
Nyk Danu Yoga: you need to sit with that

00:55:49.280 –> 00:55:50.440
Nyk Danu Yoga: and then decide.

00:55:52.320 –> 00:55:53.619
Nyk Danu Yoga: All right, my friends.

00:55:54.930 –> 00:55:56.550
Nyk Danu Yoga: until we meet again.

00:55:57.000 –> 00:55:58.659
Nyk Danu Yoga: I hope you stay well.

00:55:58.910 –> 00:56:00.259
Nyk Danu Yoga: and I’ll talk to you soon.

00:56:00.410 –> 00:56:01.410
Nyk Danu Yoga: bye, for now.



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