What Is Advanced Yin Yoga

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In this episode, we will dive into this concept in a moment as it connects to Yin.

But before we go there. I just want to talk a little bit about this concept of advanced Yoga in general.

So in the yogaverse, the western yogaverse that we are all probably part of.

Yoga has been taken from its original intent and has been turned into a bunch of funny shapes that you make with your body. And so most of the time when people are asking this question, they’re talking about the Asana or the shapes. They’re talking about these pretzel poses that we make with our bodies, and they want to know about advanced Asana.

So here are some problems with that concept. First of all, what is an advanced Asana to one person might be completely simple to another. So there is no way to say, this is an advanced pose, and this is a beginner pose.

For example: One person could be super comfortable sitting on the floor in meditation. And another person could really struggle with that just even sitting cross-legged. And yet that same person who has trouble sitting cross-legged could do a handstand in the middle of the room. but can’t sit still and quiet on the floor in meditation.

So which one is the advanced Yogi?

What is Advanced Yin Yoga – Listen

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00:00:02.180 –> 00:00:03.330
Nyk Danu Yoga: Hi Guineas.

00:00:04.560 –> 00:00:11.180
Nyk Danu Yoga: Welcome back to a yin yoga. Podcast if you are new around here, welcome

00:00:12.040 –> 00:00:23.990
Nyk Danu Yoga: and we have met before. My name is Nick Danny. I’m your host. I’m a certified yoga therapist, a mentor of yoga teachers, a yin yoga teacher trainer, and a total yin yoga geek.

00:00:24.550 –> 00:00:31.040
Nyk Danu Yoga: So I have a 60 plus hour therapeutic yin training. That’s one way that I serve teachers.

00:00:31.170 –> 00:00:34.739
Nyk Danu Yoga: And I also offer yoga business mentorship

00:00:34.780 –> 00:00:51.590
Nyk Danu Yoga: which most people would use the word consulting or coaching. I don’t like it either of those words. So I say mentorship. So that’s the work that I do with teachers. So if you’re interested in any of that more info about any of that. I will put links, of course, in the episode notes below.

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Nyk Danu Yoga: So if you’re new welcome, that’s me in a nutshell. Welcome back to returning listeners before we get started. A couple of reminders.

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Nyk Danu Yoga: That these are adult conversations which may include difficult subject matter

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Nyk Danu Yoga: and colorful language. So if you

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Nyk Danu Yoga: are sensitive to

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Nyk Danu Yoga: colorful language, you may want to stop listening. and if you have small people around, take a moment to put some headphones in. Now.

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Nyk Danu Yoga: another thing to note is that if you didn’t know, dear listener, if you’re listening to this.

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Nyk Danu Yoga: that I have the full, unedited versions of these available on Youtube. So if you are a watcher rather than a listener, you can check them out on Youtube, they’re again unedited. I just literally upload them, as is

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Nyk Danu Yoga: and the link to that again is all in the show notes.

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Nyk Danu Yoga: So if you want to watch rather than listen, then, that’s always available to you.

00:01:56.440 –> 00:01:59.649
Nyk Danu Yoga: Okay, let’s get into today’s topic.

00:02:01.420 –> 00:02:06.239
Nyk Danu Yoga: So today’s topic is on advanced Yin Yoga.

00:02:07.330 –> 00:02:16.660
Nyk Danu Yoga: I often will see this. Come up in Yoga teacher, Facebook groups asking about how to create an advanced Yen Yoga practice.

00:02:18.100 –> 00:02:25.989
Nyk Danu Yoga: And I also had a request for this. And if you didn’t know, dear listener, I’m happy to take requests for things that you want to hear about.

00:02:26.190 –> 00:02:42.139
Nyk Danu Yoga: So if you have ideas of things, you would love me to cover on the podcast please don’t hesitate to find me on on Instagram, either through Yen, yoga, podcast or at Nick Danu Yoga, and just send me a DM. And let me know

00:02:42.180 –> 00:02:52.970
Nyk Danu Yoga: what you’d like me to talk about. So if you have subject ideas, if you have questions that are plaguing you, I’m happy to add those to the list. Please feel free. So this was one that came up

00:02:53.230 –> 00:02:55.879
Nyk Danu Yoga: on advanced Yin Yoga.

00:02:56.170 –> 00:03:12.439
Nyk Danu Yoga: So we will dive into this concept in a moment as it connects to Yin. But before we go there. I just want to talk a little bit about this concept of advanced yoga

00:03:12.530 –> 00:03:13.550
Nyk Danu Yoga: in general.

00:03:14.690 –> 00:03:20.520
Nyk Danu Yoga: So in the yogaverse, the western yogaverse that we are all probably part of

00:03:21.380 –> 00:03:25.340
Nyk Danu Yoga: Yoga, has been taken from its original intent.

00:03:25.500 –> 00:03:30.409
Nyk Danu Yoga: and has been turned into a bunch of funny shapes that you make with your body.

00:03:31.570 –> 00:03:34.130
Nyk Danu Yoga: And so most of the time

00:03:34.500 –> 00:03:50.030
Nyk Danu Yoga: that when teachers are asking this question, they’re talking about the Asana or the shapes. They’re talking about these pretzel poses that we make with our body, and they’re wanting to know about advanced Asana.

00:03:52.010 –> 00:03:55.470
Nyk Danu Yoga: So here is some problems with that concept.

00:03:56.310 –> 00:04:08.079
Nyk Danu Yoga: First of all, what is an advanced Asana to one person might be completely simple to another. So there is no way to say, this is an advanced pose, and this is a beginner pose.

00:04:09.530 –> 00:04:10.780
Nyk Danu Yoga: For example.

00:04:12.320 –> 00:04:17.270
Nyk Danu Yoga: one person could be super comfortable sitting on the floor in meditation.

00:04:18.370 –> 00:04:23.470
Nyk Danu Yoga: and another person could really struggle with that just even sitting cross-legged.

00:04:23.880 –> 00:04:38.549
Nyk Danu Yoga: And yet that same person that has trouble sitting cross legged could do a handstand in the middle of the room. but can’t sit still and quiet on the floor in meditation. So which one is the advanced Yogi?

00:04:38.900 –> 00:04:41.870
Nyk Danu Yoga: Hmm! These are the questions we will ponder.

00:04:42.920 –> 00:04:51.370
Nyk Danu Yoga: So first, I think we need to have a definition and an understanding, and probably a drastic reframing of what advanced Yoga is

00:04:52.410 –> 00:04:53.380
Nyk Danu Yoga: so

00:04:53.800 –> 00:05:03.359
Nyk Danu Yoga: the reason that this is so important, especially when it comes to yin. Yoga is because yin as a concept is so different and the practice is so different.

00:05:05.450 –> 00:05:15.819
Nyk Danu Yoga: So let’s just go from the framework of the teachers asking this question are probably referring to Asana, which is already problematic. What is advanced? Asana.

00:05:16.860 –> 00:05:28.420
Nyk Danu Yoga: If you have not studied the work of Paul Grilly, my teacher, Mr. Yen Yoga. and you have not watched his presentation on skeletal variation. It’s called Anatomy for Yoga. There is a link

00:05:28.580 –> 00:05:36.479
Nyk Danu Yoga: in the notes to grab that if you’re teaching Yin Yoga, and you have not watched that presentation.

00:05:37.630 –> 00:05:39.200
Nyk Danu Yoga: you need to do that right away.

00:05:39.370 –> 00:05:43.399
Nyk Danu Yoga: because everything as far as the physical practice

00:05:43.580 –> 00:05:55.439
Nyk Danu Yoga: and teaching the physical practice is based on that information. Now, any Yoga teacher can watch that information, it’s not it’s not a Yin-specific program.

00:05:55.580 –> 00:06:00.859
Nyk Danu Yoga: but the lectures and all of that are the foundation of Paul Grilli’s work

00:06:01.110 –> 00:06:07.879
Nyk Danu Yoga: on skeletal variations. And so if you’re teaching in and you did not purchase that and watched it. You need to do that.

00:06:08.260 –> 00:06:11.289
Nyk Danu Yoga: because that will clear up some of what I’m about to say.

00:06:11.980 –> 00:06:17.329
Nyk Danu Yoga: So the first thing I would say when we’re talking about advanced Yoga.

00:06:17.830 –> 00:06:29.720
Nyk Danu Yoga: is that there is no such thing as if you just keep practicing. Eventually you’ll be able to do all the poses. That is a lie. That is not true.

00:06:30.620 –> 00:06:34.779
Nyk Danu Yoga: We all have different bones on the inside.

00:06:34.870 –> 00:06:41.199
Nyk Danu Yoga: and so some of us have bones that allow us to do these pretzly type poses

00:06:41.280 –> 00:06:49.170
Nyk Danu Yoga: with a fair bit of ease. In fact, some of those people could probably do most of those before they even started practicing Yoga.

00:06:49.340 –> 00:07:05.029
Nyk Danu Yoga: just based on their own particular body type, their own body proportions, their own bone structure. And then there are people who have been practicing Yoga for decades who won’t be able to do some of these air quotes for those of you listening.

00:07:05.040 –> 00:07:07.330
Nyk Danu Yoga: advanced Yoga Asanas.

00:07:07.690 –> 00:07:11.359
Nyk Danu Yoga: based on their bone structure or their body proportions.

00:07:11.960 –> 00:07:18.670
Nyk Danu Yoga: So the first myth that we need to pick apart here, or actually, I’d rather stab it to death

00:07:18.820 –> 00:07:20.530
is that

00:07:20.670 –> 00:07:30.459
Nyk Danu Yoga: this silliness that we have in the Yoga world, that if you just keep practicing poses. that eventually you will be able to do the advanced version.

00:07:31.440 –> 00:07:41.949
Nyk Danu Yoga: You may or may not ever be able to do these fancy flashy poses that you see on Instagram and on the cover of a Yoga magazine.

00:07:42.780 –> 00:07:51.780
Nyk Danu Yoga: and whether or not you’re ever able to do. Those depends on your particular body, because we are all unique, magical individuals.

00:07:53.220 –> 00:08:20.589
Nyk Danu Yoga: If you have a bone structure that lends well to those poses, and you start practicing Yoga and you, within the first little while build up some strength and get rid of surface tension in the muscles so that you’re able to move to your full range and you have a large range in your particular bone structure. Then maybe doing some of these air quotes advanced poses actually won’t be that hard for you. They’ll feel kind of natural, fairly easy.

00:08:21.890 –> 00:08:30.779
Nyk Danu Yoga: If, however, you have a bone structure that doesn’t yield well to that particular pose that you have in your mind as an advanced

00:08:31.460 –> 00:08:39.319
Nyk Danu Yoga: Asana. Then you will never be able to do that pose, and it doesn’t matter how much Yoga you practice.

00:08:39.530 –> 00:08:43.589
Nyk Danu Yoga: It will never happen, because your bones will limit you.

00:08:44.150 –> 00:08:55.079
Nyk Danu Yoga: Now this can sound sort of negative, or like defeatist or kind of sad. But actually, when I found out that my bones had been limiting me in a couple of poses.

00:08:55.190 –> 00:09:02.270
Nyk Danu Yoga: I felt grateful because it explained why I wasn’t getting any further in these poses.

00:09:02.760 –> 00:09:17.170
Nyk Danu Yoga: and then it allowed me to go. Oh, okay, so I’m not really built for that pose. So I’ll just let it slide, and I’ll do a different pose that has the same benefits as that 1 one that works for my particular bone structure and body.

00:09:17.920 –> 00:09:29.270
Nyk Danu Yoga: So that’s the first thing to tease apart, and I’ll use my own body as an example. So in my shoulders. if I were to interlace my hands behind my back

00:09:29.730 –> 00:09:38.890
Nyk Danu Yoga: and then try to pull my hands away from my sacred. I have very little range of motion before I hit my Acromian process in my shoulder

00:09:39.740 –> 00:09:47.930
Nyk Danu Yoga: with my hands that narrow. Now, if I can use a strap and widen my hands, I can get a lot deeper, but still not a huge range of motion.

00:09:48.630 –> 00:09:56.350
Nyk Danu Yoga: Okay, how is this relevant? Well, if you look at poses like shoulder stand and plow pose or snail in yin.

00:09:56.660 –> 00:10:00.260
Nyk Danu Yoga: and you think that everyone should be able to do that.

00:10:00.280 –> 00:10:02.560
Nyk Danu Yoga: Well, guess what I can’t.

00:10:02.780 –> 00:10:13.950
Nyk Danu Yoga: and it’s based on my bone structure. I can’t. When I bring my hands underneath my body. pull my weight of my body off of my neck.

00:10:14.130 –> 00:10:20.140
Nyk Danu Yoga: Enough that I can practise it safely because of this bony limitation in my shoulders.

00:10:20.500 –> 00:10:34.659
Nyk Danu Yoga: so I can only lift up and off of my neck so far, because I hit bone on bone in my shoulder joint. which then means there’s no further to go. Once your bones are hitting. That’s it, that’s all she wrote.

00:10:35.300 –> 00:10:52.379
Nyk Danu Yoga: And so for years and years and years I thought that I couldn’t do shoulder stand well, and I couldn’t do plow pose because I had air quotes tight shoulders meaning my deltoid muscles. I thought that these muscles, these caps of my shoulders, were what was restricting me.

00:10:52.610 –> 00:10:56.509
Nyk Danu Yoga: and truth be told, there is, there is and was some tightness there.

00:10:56.620 –> 00:11:02.299
Nyk Danu Yoga: but not to the degree that it was limiting me, and how I knew that that wasn’t the case. Once I learned about

00:11:02.430 –> 00:11:17.380
Nyk Danu Yoga: skeletal variation from my teacher Paul, how I knew it wasn’t. That is because I wasn’t feeling any stretch. I was just feeling stuck like I would look at somebody next to me and see them just effortlessly kick up into a shoulder. Stand

00:11:17.450 –> 00:11:34.459
Nyk Danu Yoga: and be happy and graceful there, and bring their feet overhead, and to plow and be able to interlace their hands behind their back, and just be content as a little clam there, and I would be like red-faced, all the weight on my neck, struggling, unable to get up.

00:11:34.690 –> 00:11:41.560
Nyk Danu Yoga: all because of the small little joint here in my shoulders this little limited joint that was like.

00:11:42.100 –> 00:11:43.100
Nyk Danu Yoga: Okay.

00:11:43.300 –> 00:11:47.430
Nyk Danu Yoga: that’s as far as we go. Actually, please quit trying to make us do that.

00:11:48.040 –> 00:11:50.579
Nyk Danu Yoga: So there’s an example in my own body.

00:11:51.260 –> 00:11:59.580
Nyk Danu Yoga: Now then, you might say, Oh, okay. Well, people are either flexible or not flexible in their bone structure in general. Well, not so much

00:11:59.760 –> 00:12:04.359
Nyk Danu Yoga: because what I lack in my shoulders I make up for in my hips.

00:12:04.510 –> 00:12:12.169
Nyk Danu Yoga: So I have really good internal rotation in my hips. I have good external rotation in my hips, so poses that involve my hips.

00:12:12.260 –> 00:12:23.160
Nyk Danu Yoga: I’m usually pretty good at pretty comfortable in. So the reason that I’m using myself as an example is because that’s always the safest bet is to point out that you can’t look at a pose

00:12:23.560 –> 00:12:34.210
Nyk Danu Yoga: and a person practicing the pose and determine whether or not they are an air quotes, advanced Yogi, based on how well they’re doing that pose.

00:12:34.870 –> 00:12:36.939
Nyk Danu Yoga: In fact, I would argue

00:12:37.180 –> 00:12:43.080
Nyk Danu Yoga: that we shouldn’t even say that there are advanced Asinas at all.

00:12:43.910 –> 00:12:52.430
Nyk Danu Yoga: because what is advanced to someone is simple to someone else. And so what are we using to gauge

00:12:52.460 –> 00:12:59.210
Nyk Danu Yoga: these poses which poses are advanced which poses are beginner, which poses are intermediate.

00:12:59.370 –> 00:13:03.250
Nyk Danu Yoga: It’s all a moot point when we really understand

00:13:03.290 –> 00:13:09.759
Nyk Danu Yoga: that every everybody is different, and so everybody will be able to do different things and not do some things.

00:13:10.790 –> 00:13:18.590
Nyk Danu Yoga: So that’s the first thing I wanted to just poke a little hole in is this concept of advanced

00:13:19.510 –> 00:13:21.580
Nyk Danu Yoga: yoga, or advanced Asana.

00:13:23.060 –> 00:13:29.610
Nyk Danu Yoga: So that’s in general. That’s just in the Yoga verse. Why are we using the word advanced asana.

00:13:30.680 –> 00:13:32.949
Nyk Danu Yoga: or advanced Yoga.

00:13:33.090 –> 00:13:34.829
Nyk Danu Yoga: That seems very silly to me.

00:13:35.830 –> 00:13:49.300
Nyk Danu Yoga: and the reason I’m using Asana or the physical shapes as the example is, because, unfortunately, that’s what most Westerners think of as Yoga. But if we were thinking of Yoga in the grander scheme of things, and how it was intended.

00:13:49.690 –> 00:13:54.839
Nyk Danu Yoga: remember that the Asanas are just one tiny little part of the Yoga practice

00:13:55.690 –> 00:14:05.169
Nyk Danu Yoga: right. The poses originally were designed to create a body that was stable and flexible and strong enough to be able to sit in meditation

00:14:06.050 –> 00:14:08.850
so that we could work with our mind.

00:14:09.440 –> 00:14:14.380
Nyk Danu Yoga: So I would argue that advanced Asana is a meditation practice.

00:14:16.180 –> 00:14:32.119
Nyk Danu Yoga: So that’s just in general in the yogaverse. But let’s talk a little bit more about trying. And so it’s already problematic, right? This idea of advanced Yoga advanced Asana already very problematic. For all of the reasons that I just mentioned.

00:14:33.020 –> 00:14:36.379
Nyk Danu Yoga: It also brings this sort of

00:14:36.960 –> 00:14:38.400
Nyk Danu Yoga: hustle

00:14:38.510 –> 00:14:45.249
Nyk Danu Yoga: goal kind of culture to Yoga, which was not how Yoga was designed right.

00:14:45.610 –> 00:14:51.160
Nyk Danu Yoga: And don’t, dear, dear Yoga, teacher, if you have yoga poses on your vision board, please don’t feel called out.

00:14:51.780 –> 00:14:57.640
Nyk Danu Yoga: I used to as well until I realized that some of the ones I had on my vision board I’d never be able to do based on my bone structure.

00:14:58.780 –> 00:14:59.670
Nyk Danu Yoga: So.

00:14:59.810 –> 00:15:06.140
Nyk Danu Yoga: having Yoga poses on your vision board as like a goal to get to or having goal poses

00:15:06.510 –> 00:15:08.079
Nyk Danu Yoga: isn’t very helpful.

00:15:09.510 –> 00:15:21.420
Nyk Danu Yoga: And to be honest. if that’s the way you want to move your body physically, I think just going to a gym is a better idea. you know, doing some Bicep curls. Set some goals there. How much weight do you wanna lift?

00:15:22.110 –> 00:15:26.689
Nyk Danu Yoga: And the reasons why, being first of all, you may or may not ever achieve that goal.

00:15:26.830 –> 00:15:30.639
Nyk Danu Yoga: depending on your personal bone structure on your body.

00:15:31.850 –> 00:15:36.769
Nyk Danu Yoga: You know. I often say to my students when I’m teaching, and I find it funny that

00:15:37.200 –> 00:15:39.759
Nyk Danu Yoga: We can all look at each other’s outsides.

00:15:39.820 –> 00:16:02.229
Nyk Danu Yoga: and we can say, Oh, we’re all different. You’re tall, you’re shorter, you’re thin, you’re bigger. You have this color of skin and this color of hair and this color of eyes. You have long arms, short arms, etc. Right? We can all see this clearly. We can just go out into the world, and look at the beautiful array of human expression, and say, All different, all unique.

00:16:03.870 –> 00:16:16.150
Nyk Danu Yoga: And yet somehow we think that when we go under the skin and we remove all of this flesh that our bones are all the same. and so we should all be able to do the same. Yoga.

00:16:16.490 –> 00:16:18.440
Nyk Danu Yoga: That doesn’t make any sense at all.

00:16:18.800 –> 00:16:23.710
Nyk Danu Yoga: And yet it’s what’s taught. You know, this is the safe way to do a pose. That’s a

00:16:23.850 –> 00:16:26.630
Nyk Danu Yoga: that’s an episode for another time.

00:16:26.950 –> 00:16:39.880
Nyk Danu Yoga: you know, this is the the way the correct way to do this shape, and if you just keep practicing, you too, will be able to do the splits. So this is very problematic.

00:16:40.390 –> 00:16:42.790
Nyk Danu Yoga: and it’s not

00:16:42.820 –> 00:16:55.579
Nyk Danu Yoga: accurate. And when teachers or students hold themselves to some sort of physical goal pose that they try to get to. And they’re doing all of these things to try to get to this goal shape.

00:16:56.230 –> 00:17:06.739
Nyk Danu Yoga: What often can happen is in the in the very lightest thing would be that they get frustrated and give up. but on a more serious note.

00:17:07.089 –> 00:17:10.559
Nyk Danu Yoga: injury and some serious injuries.

00:17:10.940 –> 00:17:26.579
Nyk Danu Yoga: If you look at a lot of the Yoga teachers that were teaching kind of pre me. So I’ve been teaching for at the time of this recording 20 years. So teachers that have been teaching 30, 40 longer years, especially in some of the styles of Yoga, where they were told

00:17:27.069 –> 00:17:29.430
Nyk Danu Yoga: practice, practice, and all is coming.

00:17:29.830 –> 00:17:39.240
Nyk Danu Yoga: or spin off styles of Yoga from styles of Yoga like that where there is this. Oh, everybody can do this. If you just keep practicing, you, too, will be able to do this

00:17:39.850 –> 00:17:42.340
Nyk Danu Yoga: in those styles of Yoga.

00:17:44.930 –> 00:17:54.559
Nyk Danu Yoga: What you’ll notice is that a lot of the teachers that were teaching it for many, many, many, many, many years either had to stop teaching and practicing that style or remove poses.

00:17:54.570 –> 00:17:57.180
Nyk Danu Yoga: and several of them have had hip replacements.

00:17:57.950 –> 00:18:13.709
Nyk Danu Yoga: So, pushing and pushing and pushing assertively to get into a pose because it’s a goal pose. If your bone structure does not allow for that pose to be expressed in some sort of ease

00:18:14.180 –> 00:18:16.039
Nyk Danu Yoga: will result in injury.

00:18:17.840 –> 00:18:28.229
Nyk Danu Yoga: So that’s just something to keep in mind whether it’s you as a as a practicing Yogi. It’s whether you’re a teacher or a member of the public and thinking about your own body.

00:18:28.310 –> 00:18:32.990
Nyk Danu Yoga: or as teachers when you’re looking at your students bodies.

00:18:33.540 –> 00:18:43.949
Nyk Danu Yoga: If you have this idea in your head that if they just keep practicing eventually they will master this air, quotes advanced pose. You could potentially be injuring people

00:18:44.330 –> 00:18:50.260
Nyk Danu Yoga: and spreading information that is not accurate. So just something to think about and sit with.

00:18:51.790 –> 00:19:01.309
Nyk Danu Yoga: So if we’re all different on the inside, we all got different bones in here, which means that’s going to drastically affect what poses we can do, what poses we can’t do.

00:19:02.060 –> 00:19:02.890
Nyk Danu Yoga: Then

00:19:03.180 –> 00:19:05.869
Nyk Danu Yoga: how do we define advanced Yoga?

00:19:07.280 –> 00:19:08.200
Nyk Danu Yoga: Well.

00:19:08.710 –> 00:19:16.590
Nyk Danu Yoga: as I mentioned the original intention of all of these funny shapes that we make with our body was to create a body that was strong

00:19:16.830 –> 00:19:17.989
Nyk Danu Yoga: and stable

00:19:18.570 –> 00:19:20.810
Nyk Danu Yoga: enough to sit in meditation.

00:19:22.380 –> 00:19:24.109
Nyk Danu Yoga: So I might argue.

00:19:24.580 –> 00:19:28.429
Nyk Danu Yoga: and I will. That actually, meditation

00:19:28.860 –> 00:19:31.699
Nyk Danu Yoga: practice is advanced. Yoga.

00:19:33.500 –> 00:19:39.729
Nyk Danu Yoga: So that’s in general. But let’s talk a little bit more about yin, specifically, because sometimes

00:19:40.010 –> 00:19:43.390
Nyk Danu Yoga: we’re, you know, brought up in the general yogaverse.

00:19:43.440 –> 00:19:57.930
Nyk Danu Yoga: you know. Maybe our first styles of Yoga were a Vinyasa, or Stanga, or a half, or some other style, and then we kind of come into yin. This is really common right where it’s like, especially as teachers. Your first teacher training was probably not a in train sometimes, but very rarely.

00:19:58.070 –> 00:20:07.189
Nyk Danu Yoga: And so you kind of come in with all this luggage that you bring in with your first training, and some of this luggage could be. A suitcase called one size fits all

00:20:07.310 –> 00:20:12.879
Nyk Danu Yoga: queuing. Another piece of this luggage could be advanced. Asana, which is what we’ll talk about today.

00:20:14.050 –> 00:20:26.710
Nyk Danu Yoga: And another piece of this luggage that you’re carrying in with you might be this striving, efforting, perfecting. You know, calling yoga a workout exercise, drills, etc., etc.

00:20:27.050 –> 00:20:39.210
Nyk Danu Yoga: So then, when you bring all of that messiness into a yin practice. that’s probably why someone’s going to say. how would you do an advanced yin practice. But here’s the thing.

00:20:39.230 –> 00:20:47.450
Nyk Danu Yoga: All of those things I just described are young activities are young in nature.

00:20:48.160 –> 00:21:00.600
Nyk Danu Yoga: right? So I’m gonna do a very brief Yin Yang roundup here. but just as a reminder within the symbol, the black and white symbol, sometimes called the Taichi symbol, we have yin, and we have yam.

00:21:01.700 –> 00:21:03.380
Nyk Danu Yoga: and sometimes

00:21:03.400 –> 00:21:13.520
Nyk Danu Yoga: teachers bring their young attitude into their yin practice. Whether it’s their own physical practice, and students do this as well. I see it all the time in my classes

00:21:13.800 –> 00:21:19.390
Nyk Danu Yoga: they bring that young attitude into the Yin practice, or into teaching yin.

00:21:19.720 –> 00:21:36.680
Nyk Danu Yoga: because they don’t have a really deep understanding of what is the difference between Yin and Yang? So I’m just going to review a couple of things that are young like in nature, and then some things that are yin-like in nature as it affects our Yoga practice.

00:21:37.420 –> 00:21:58.290
Nyk Danu Yoga: So if some of you have probably listened to the whole episode on what is yin and Yang if you haven’t, you can go back and check that one out. But I’m just gonna do a very brief overview. So I was just talking about bringing our young attitude into our yin Yoga practice. So what might be some of these characteristics that we might bring in

00:21:58.650 –> 00:22:03.279
Nyk Danu Yoga: from these other styles of Yoga into a yin practice without being aware of it.

00:22:03.870 –> 00:22:11.170
Nyk Danu Yoga: So young qualities in general tend to be bright, boisterous, advancing, extroverted, outward.

00:22:11.380 –> 00:22:15.330
Nyk Danu Yoga: active. The sky is considered young.

00:22:15.660 –> 00:22:24.159
Nyk Danu Yoga: and you’re looking at the TCM. 5. Element tradition, the fire element and the wood element, or young, the sun, daytime, spring, summer.

00:22:24.200 –> 00:22:27.180
Nyk Danu Yoga: light upward, dynamic and hot.

00:22:27.590 –> 00:22:31.580
Nyk Danu Yoga: So those are just some general young, like qualities.

00:22:36.830 –> 00:22:47.249
Nyk Danu Yoga: and then yin-like qualities. I’ll to go over in a moment. So think about those qualities, and how that might relate to Yoga.

00:22:48.630 –> 00:22:51.020
Nyk Danu Yoga: So young forms of Yoga

00:22:52.370 –> 00:22:59.820
Nyk Danu Yoga: include movement, repetition striving. There’s like, there’s this sense of like wanting to improve their achievement based.

00:22:59.950 –> 00:23:11.059
Nyk Danu Yoga: There’s strengthening, there’s effort. There’s sun salutations connected to the sun. There’s a proprioception and awareness of like, where is my body in space? Very important. If you’re in a flow practice

00:23:11.130 –> 00:23:13.930
Nyk Danu Yoga: to know where your foot’s going to land when you step back.

00:23:14.080 –> 00:23:27.409
Nyk Danu Yoga: there’s a sense of flow, whether it’s soft or stronger, depending on the style increased heart rate. It’s more structured, it’s more aesthetic. It’s more bright, expansive. And the focus is on evolution.

00:23:27.460 –> 00:23:40.529
Nyk Danu Yoga: right progressing, evolving, and they create warmth or heat. So young styles of Yoga tend to strengthen and stretch muscles. There’s often focus on structure, alignment, and what the post looks like.

00:23:40.730 –> 00:23:49.970
Nyk Danu Yoga: and young Yoga is more likely to increase the blood flow the circulation in the body due to its moving and repetitive nature.

00:23:51.430 –> 00:23:59.380
Nyk Danu Yoga: Okay, so that’s sort of a summary of our young like qualities, and the reason I wanted to go over those is because I had just said.

00:24:00.100 –> 00:24:10.699
Nyk Danu Yoga: sometimes, as teachers or practitioners, we go to other styles of Yoga before we end up at Yin, and we bring all of that luggage with us. Right? We bring the

00:24:11.830 –> 00:24:24.760
Nyk Danu Yoga: achievement based piece of luggage we bring the I’m obsessed with evolution based piece of luggage we bring in the striving and efforting piece of luggage with us into our yin practice.

00:24:26.260 –> 00:24:38.119
Nyk Danu Yoga: But here’s the thing. Yin. by its nature is more dark. quiet. yielding. it’s more introverted.

00:24:39.020 –> 00:24:42.329
Nyk Danu Yoga: and we cultivate interoception

00:24:42.580 –> 00:24:58.839
Nyk Danu Yoga: so I could talk more about in a moment. Interception is an awareness of what’s happening inside. So I just mentioned that young forms of Yoga are focused on proprioception. So you know what’s happening outside of your body. So you know, if I move my arm here, what’s going to happen if I step my foot here that kind of thing?

00:24:59.340 –> 00:25:13.110
Nyk Danu Yoga: But with yin, we’re looking at interception. What’s happening inside of me? It’s more inward. more still. and the elements that are more yin like in nature are the earth and the water

00:25:15.470 –> 00:25:18.730
Nyk Danu Yoga: element, and then metal to some degree as well.

00:25:20.970 –> 00:25:23.340
Nyk Danu Yoga: The moon. nighttime.

00:25:23.700 –> 00:25:30.339
Nyk Danu Yoga: the seasons are winter and fall. Yin energy is more heavy, more downward, more passive.

00:25:30.510 –> 00:25:32.260
Nyk Danu Yoga: more cool or cold.

00:25:36.000 –> 00:25:36.920

00:25:39.870 –> 00:25:47.639
Nyk Danu Yoga: that just talks briefly about some of the yin qualities. And then how does that affect our yin practice?

00:25:48.070 –> 00:25:51.780
Nyk Danu Yoga: Well, our yin characteristics. There’s going to be more stillness.

00:25:51.940 –> 00:25:57.200
Nyk Danu Yoga: more quiet. It’s more cool, there’s more surrender, less efforting.

00:25:58.850 –> 00:26:01.410
Nyk Danu Yoga: involution going inside.

00:26:01.540 –> 00:26:04.000
Nyk Danu Yoga: opening softness.

00:26:05.330 –> 00:26:16.530
Nyk Danu Yoga: interoception. Again, an awareness of what’s happening inside in a yin practice? We’re looking at the function of the pose. Why am I doing this pose? What is the intention? What is the function.

00:26:17.060 –> 00:26:21.699
Nyk Danu Yoga: its more free form or not, as structured. It’s connected to the moon

00:26:21.910 –> 00:26:27.810
Nyk Danu Yoga: to dark. And it’s more singular meaning. We don’t do repetitive movements because we’re still.

00:26:29.980 –> 00:26:40.810
Nyk Danu Yoga: so a yin practice is more internal. so some of you may not have heard of these terms. Extracellion, proprioception, interception, so very briefly

00:26:41.170 –> 00:26:57.370
Nyk Danu Yoga: extraception is what is happening around me. Proprioception is, where is my body in space? Super important in movement forms of yoga, right? We need to know when I lift my leg up in downward dog. Am I going to hit that student’s head next to me? Right? So proprioception

00:26:57.670 –> 00:27:01.709
interoception is what is happening inside of your body.

00:27:02.120 –> 00:27:06.640
Nyk Danu Yoga: So on the level of more gross. To more subtle

00:27:07.280 –> 00:27:18.009
Nyk Danu Yoga: extroception is sort of the most external or gross proprioception kind of falls in the middle, and then interoception is the most subtle or the most internal of those 3 terms.

00:27:18.060 –> 00:27:25.900
Nyk Danu Yoga: and Yin Yoga is all about the interception. That is one of Yin Yoga’s secret superpowers

00:27:26.560 –> 00:27:36.079
Nyk Danu Yoga: is this ability to cultivate interoception? So you can see why this might be, then a little bit problematic

00:27:36.160 –> 00:27:41.640
Nyk Danu Yoga: when we’re talking about, how do we practice advanced yin.

00:27:42.980 –> 00:27:44.100
Nyk Danu Yoga: because

00:27:45.810 –> 00:27:49.590
Nyk Danu Yoga: the intentions of a yin practice are completely different

00:27:49.880 –> 00:28:04.940
Nyk Danu Yoga: than a movement form of practice. So if you take all of that luggage that you brought from your movement forms of Yoga into your yin practice. Then you end up doing what we often call in yin circles, practicing your yin yoga with your yong attitude.

00:28:05.330 –> 00:28:18.490
Nyk Danu Yoga: that efforting, striving, pushing, competing, accomplishing mastery, attitude. When you bring that into yin. That is problematic, because it’s a very different practice. That’s not the intention of a yin practice.

00:28:19.000 –> 00:28:25.810
Nyk Danu Yoga: I could argue. It’s not necessarily the intention of other styles of yoga, too, but I think we’ve already addressed that enough in the beginning.

00:28:26.950 –> 00:28:33.989
Nyk Danu Yoga: So if we acknowledge that we’re all different on the inside.

00:28:35.360 –> 00:28:43.510
Nyk Danu Yoga: and our bones are all different. And so, therefore we will probably not all do the same versions of poses based on but bone limitations.

00:28:44.150 –> 00:28:52.869
Nyk Danu Yoga: And so these poses that we all call advanced air, quotes again, Asana may or may not be acceptable to

00:28:52.890 –> 00:28:56.999
Nyk Danu Yoga: accessible. Sorry to somebody, regardless of how much experience they have.

00:28:57.100 –> 00:29:07.320
Nyk Danu Yoga: Somebody could be practicing Yoga for decades and still not get into one of these poses that has been nicknamed a advanced Asana, simply based on their bone structure.

00:29:07.520 –> 00:29:22.469
Nyk Danu Yoga: whereas somebody else who has very little yoga experience, but just happens to be gifted in their bones could master that pose within a few classes. So I’m reminding this of this because even just the premise of advanced Asana is

00:29:22.700 –> 00:29:24.350
Nyk Danu Yoga: ridiculous. Frankly.

00:29:25.960 –> 00:29:36.059
Nyk Danu Yoga: what is advanced for one is easy for someone else. I will tell you, though, that for most human beings and most minds meditation is advanced for almost everybody.

00:29:36.250 –> 00:29:42.959
Nyk Danu Yoga: So anybody that starts a meditation practice knows. That is, that’s hard. That is some hardship.

00:29:43.280 –> 00:29:51.490
Nyk Danu Yoga: And it’s not just you. If you’re thinking you’re the only one who can’t meditate. Oh, no, that’s universal welcome to being human. It is challenging.

00:29:53.100 –> 00:30:03.640
Nyk Danu Yoga: So I want us to be very aware, first of all, of these little pop culture things that we’ve picked up from the yogaverse about advanced Yoga.

00:30:04.280 –> 00:30:08.249
Nyk Danu Yoga: so that we can start to pick that apart. Does that actually serve us

00:30:09.990 –> 00:30:28.500
Nyk Danu Yoga: in the Yoga world. I would say no, considering that there’s a very small percentage of people that are going to be able to even do a lot of those shapes based on their bone structure. I don’t think it’s very helpful to call that advanced yoga. What if we just called this a yoga pose. That’s a yoga pose. We didn’t have to put these beginner intermediate advanced labels on there.

00:30:29.150 –> 00:30:30.659
Nyk Danu Yoga: So there’s something to think about.

00:30:32.240 –> 00:30:41.259
Nyk Danu Yoga: But when it comes to Yin again. We want to be really, really careful that we’re not pulling all of our suitcases that we have gathered with us from our first trainings

00:30:41.670 –> 00:30:57.119
Nyk Danu Yoga: about, you know, alignment and practice, practice, and all is coming and advanced poses and pushing and striving and efforting. And you know, Yoga drills and Yoga exercise. We’re not bringing all of that baggage with us into our yin practice.

00:30:57.270 –> 00:31:02.660
Nyk Danu Yoga: because that it doesn’t belong there. And again, I would argue, it doesn’t belong in other practices, too. But that’s

00:31:03.050 –> 00:31:07.499
Nyk Danu Yoga: we won’t get into that anymore. I’m going to talk about again practice.

00:31:07.780 –> 00:31:12.860
Nyk Danu Yoga: So then, what in the world is an advanced Yin practice.

00:31:13.470 –> 00:31:17.870
Nyk Danu Yoga: Well. let’s just ponder that one for a moment, shall we?

00:31:18.430 –> 00:31:22.529
Nyk Danu Yoga: What in the world could then be an advanced in practice?

00:31:24.040 –> 00:31:30.359
Nyk Danu Yoga: So we’ve got a bit of a framework. Now we’ve discussed how Yen is different than sort of movement-based. Yoga.

00:31:35.240 –> 00:31:37.370
Nyk Danu Yoga: But let’s take a look at

00:31:38.540 –> 00:31:41.389
Nyk Danu Yoga: another aspect of yin that doesn’t get talked about a lot.

00:31:42.670 –> 00:31:45.699
Nyk Danu Yoga: So yin yoga, and sort of the nervous system.

00:31:46.460 –> 00:31:53.250
Nyk Danu Yoga: so yin Yoga can create creates yin yoga. My goodness, creates a container

00:31:53.670 –> 00:31:59.529
Nyk Danu Yoga: where the Asanas or the poses actually aren’t necessarily the primary focus.

00:31:59.830 –> 00:32:04.609
Nyk Danu Yoga: Like, yeah, we’re gonna make some shapes with our body. But it’s not really the point.

00:32:05.250 –> 00:32:12.400
Nyk Danu Yoga: It’s more about slowing down. paying attention and really tuning into the body.

00:32:13.450 –> 00:32:26.399
Nyk Danu Yoga: so that practice again, of interoception. like a meditation practice. This gives the person permission to just be present with all that is in the body in that present moment.

00:32:27.040 –> 00:32:29.169
Nyk Danu Yoga: So we could say that

00:32:29.330 –> 00:32:36.809
Nyk Danu Yoga: one of the qualities of an advanced Yen Yoga practitioner is their ability to be present.

00:32:38.290 –> 00:32:51.860
Nyk Danu Yoga: Fascia, which is sort of one of Yeni Yoga’s secret superpowers, is an incredibly sensitive nervous system conductor in the body. and so this can be one reason why Yin Yoga can be so nourishing to our parasympathetic nervous system.

00:32:52.840 –> 00:32:56.329
Nyk Danu Yoga: And then you add to that the conscious act of slowing down.

00:32:56.920 –> 00:33:01.890
Nyk Danu Yoga: which naturally, for most people engages our parasympathetic or that

00:33:01.920 –> 00:33:04.899
Nyk Danu Yoga: rest and digest response in our nervous system.

00:33:05.760 –> 00:33:10.430
Nyk Danu Yoga: In this space of still and quiet presence.

00:33:10.530 –> 00:33:15.269
Nyk Danu Yoga: Deep healing and profound interconnection can take place.

00:33:16.190 –> 00:33:18.809
Nyk Danu Yoga: So when you’re able to be still

00:33:19.280 –> 00:33:21.849
Nyk Danu Yoga: and quiet and really drop-in.

00:33:22.920 –> 00:33:27.169
Nyk Danu Yoga: it gives you a whole other aspect of the practice

00:33:27.800 –> 00:33:36.980
Nyk Danu Yoga: that you can be aware of, that you can’t do in a movement-based practice because you have to pay attention to where your foot is, and where your hand is and what you’re doing because you’re moving.

00:33:37.130 –> 00:33:41.990
Nyk Danu Yoga: But when you’re still. it allows us to really drop in.

00:33:43.660 –> 00:33:50.949
Nyk Danu Yoga: So it’s within this space that one can sense or hear or feel the messages that your body

00:33:52.060 –> 00:34:00.839
Nyk Danu Yoga: is sending you. your energetic body. and maybe even what we might call sort of our higher self.

00:34:02.850 –> 00:34:12.900
Nyk Danu Yoga: So when we’re so busy being a human doing instead of a human being, it’s really hard to take an opportunity to drop in to notice, to observe.

00:34:13.920 –> 00:34:15.240
Nyk Danu Yoga: to be still.

00:34:18.040 –> 00:34:25.650
Nyk Danu Yoga: and when we have this opportunity, in a practice like Yin Yoga, to intentionally be still and quiet.

00:34:26.969 –> 00:34:29.740
Nyk Danu Yoga: to take that time to drop in

00:34:31.080 –> 00:34:40.840
Nyk Danu Yoga: and to cultivate interception, to start to be aware of your inner landscape. the sensations of the body, emotions, thoughts, etc.

00:34:42.080 –> 00:34:49.979
Nyk Danu Yoga: Then that’s a very different practice. So how do you measure whether or not that’s advanced?

00:34:51.670 –> 00:34:53.559
Nyk Danu Yoga: So I would argue

00:34:53.730 –> 00:34:55.540
Nyk Danu Yoga: that advanced

00:34:55.610 –> 00:34:56.889
Nyk Danu Yoga: yin, Yoga

00:34:58.050 –> 00:35:03.110
Nyk Danu Yoga: is an advanced Yin yogi is somebody who is okay

00:35:03.420 –> 00:35:09.209
Nyk Danu Yoga: with being still and quiet and observing what is happening on the inside of them

00:35:10.210 –> 00:35:15.750
Nyk Danu Yoga: that is practicing mindfulness. practicing present moment awareness

00:35:15.950 –> 00:35:28.619
Nyk Danu Yoga: that is developing and nurturing, that witnessing consciousness, that part of them that is able to stand just a little bit outside of their direct sort of more charged experience and observe.

00:35:31.220 –> 00:35:34.240
Nyk Danu Yoga: So Yin Yoga cultivates all of that

00:35:37.320 –> 00:35:42.999
Nyk Danu Yoga: present moment awareness and understanding of what’s happening inside of our body, whether that’s

00:35:43.520 –> 00:35:44.649
Nyk Danu Yoga: easy or not.

00:35:45.320 –> 00:35:50.709
Nyk Danu Yoga: Thanks. Anyone who’s practised yen at a really trying time in their life can tell you

00:35:50.790 –> 00:35:52.510
Nyk Danu Yoga: that’s some hard shit to do

00:35:53.050 –> 00:35:57.249
Nyk Danu Yoga: right. I did. A whole episode called Yan Yoga is hardcore. So.

00:35:57.530 –> 00:35:59.339
Nyk Danu Yoga: sitting still and quiet

00:35:59.400 –> 00:36:09.040
Nyk Danu Yoga: with the stuff that comes up, whether that be physical, mental, emotional, energetic, etc., etc., that is advanced. Yoga.

00:36:09.580 –> 00:36:24.230
Nyk Danu Yoga: So I would argue. and I might be biased. That practicing Yin Yoga period is advanced. Yoga. Now does that mean that you can’t be a beginner and a practise yin? Of course you can.

00:36:25.620 –> 00:36:35.090
Nyk Danu Yoga: That might be a whole podcast. Episode on its own. But yes, I’m not saying that you need a whole bunch of previous Yoga experience to practice in Yoga. Not at all.

00:36:36.130 –> 00:36:50.679
Nyk Danu Yoga: Instead, it’s the attitude that makes it advanced. Yoga, not your experience. Level experience, level and ability to make pretzel shapes with your body is not what I would consider advanced yoga.

00:36:50.700 –> 00:36:55.350
Nyk Danu Yoga: You either got that or you don’t. It’s based on your bones and some practice.

00:36:56.120 –> 00:37:01.799
Nyk Danu Yoga: What I consider advanced yoga is, are we able to use our Yoga practice

00:37:03.810 –> 00:37:12.850
Nyk Danu Yoga: to help us when we’re not on our yoga mat. so are we able to be still, to be quiet, to be reflective?

00:37:13.240 –> 00:37:18.649
Nyk Danu Yoga: Are we able to be present during challenging things

00:37:18.680 –> 00:37:25.190
Nyk Danu Yoga: in our yin practice, like thoughts and feelings and sensations in the body? And are we able to stay

00:37:25.380 –> 00:37:26.689
Nyk Danu Yoga: and observe

00:37:27.010 –> 00:37:31.309
Nyk Danu Yoga: and develop that sense of introception and patience?

00:37:34.010 –> 00:37:43.570
Nyk Danu Yoga: If we’re doing that on a regular basis. then that helps us learn to respond to life instead of react to life.

00:37:44.580 –> 00:37:48.910
Nyk Danu Yoga: So when I can sit on my yoga mat in the yin practice.

00:37:49.020 –> 00:37:55.090
Nyk Danu Yoga: and observe the sensations in my hamstring. and notice that sensation of stretch.

00:37:55.390 –> 00:38:03.620
Nyk Danu Yoga: and then also notice my impatience with that, and maybe my boredom, and my fidgety-ness and all the thoughts that are running amok in my head.

00:38:03.760 –> 00:38:09.450
Nyk Danu Yoga: But I’m able to stay present and observe all of that

00:38:10.080 –> 00:38:25.329
Nyk Danu Yoga: witness, all of that, with the part of our mind which we all have. By the way, you just may not be paying attention to yours. There is all of us have this part of our mind that is able to just slightly step outside of your direct experience and witness or watch what’s happening.

00:38:26.150 –> 00:38:29.290
Nyk Danu Yoga: Right? It’s the part of you that is aware that you’re aware.

00:38:30.350 –> 00:38:34.159
Nyk Danu Yoga: and when we do practice yin regularly, or meditation.

00:38:35.590 –> 00:38:44.090
Nyk Danu Yoga: we cultivate and we strengthen, and we learn how to be in that sort of witnessing consciousness.

00:38:44.280 –> 00:38:56.779
Nyk Danu Yoga: it becomes more readily available for us in our daily lives and on our Yoga map. and then we’re able to, not only on our Yoga map. But when we’re out in the world

00:38:56.850 –> 00:39:00.759
Nyk Danu Yoga: with all of the stuff that happens and all the other people.

00:39:01.050 –> 00:39:09.569
Nyk Danu Yoga: we’re more able to find that inner resource again. because we’ve practiced it on our map. We’ve practiced sitting.

00:39:09.730 –> 00:39:18.529
Nyk Danu Yoga: be it being observant, being patient, being curious, going inward, practicing mindfulness, cultivating interception

00:39:18.940 –> 00:39:22.560
Nyk Danu Yoga: when we do all of that regularly on our yoga mat.

00:39:22.950 –> 00:39:29.480
Nyk Danu Yoga: then that’s easier to do when we’re out in the real world, which is kind of the point to me

00:39:30.760 –> 00:39:39.169
Nyk Danu Yoga: if you practice Yoga every single day, and you still go out into the world and aren’t very kind, and you’re like an asshole to people. Then what are you doing

00:39:39.340 –> 00:39:40.990
Nyk Danu Yoga: while you’re on that yoga mat?

00:39:42.550 –> 00:39:46.189
Nyk Danu Yoga: So, in my opinion. that’s advanced, Yoga

00:39:47.510 –> 00:39:49.880
Nyk Danu Yoga: so advanced, Yoga

00:39:50.050 –> 00:39:57.550
Nyk Danu Yoga: is realizing that actually, the point of Yoga. Isn’t these funny shapes we make with our bodies at all?

00:39:58.730 –> 00:40:03.660
Nyk Danu Yoga: And then, if these funny shapes we make with our body aren’t the point at all.

00:40:04.070 –> 00:40:05.750
Nyk Danu Yoga: If we’re not using

00:40:05.980 –> 00:40:14.290
Nyk Danu Yoga: these Asana shapes, these poses as a way to determine what’s advanced and what’s not advanced. Because, as I mentioned earlier.

00:40:14.560 –> 00:40:23.889
Nyk Danu Yoga: doesn’t matter how much experience you have, you may never be able to do certain poses. So if that’s the Aha that you have, that’s like, oh.

00:40:24.490 –> 00:40:38.969
Nyk Danu Yoga: I’ve been thinking of advanced Yoga as these funny shapes, these Asanas that we make with our body. But actually it doesn’t matter how experienced somebody is, how much practice they do, they may or may not ever be able to master that pose. And so

00:40:39.170 –> 00:40:47.400
Nyk Danu Yoga: then what is advanced? Yoga. if it’s not based on experience and practice, which I think it should be

00:40:49.660 –> 00:40:51.059
Nyk Danu Yoga: advanced. Yoga.

00:40:52.080 –> 00:40:54.000
Nyk Danu Yoga: Experience practice.

00:40:55.260 –> 00:40:56.280
Nyk Danu Yoga: That’s a start.

00:40:58.040 –> 00:41:03.109
Nyk Danu Yoga: not what shapes you make with your body. But how do you feel about those shapes that you make with your body.

00:41:04.780 –> 00:41:11.720
Nyk Danu Yoga: So when we bring again all of this sort of cultural baggage of advanced yoga

00:41:12.200 –> 00:41:25.319
Nyk Danu Yoga: into a yin practice, and all of these things like pushing yourself, efforting, striving. You know all of that stuff when we pull that into our yin yoga. Then we’re actually doing our Yin Yoga with our young attitude.

00:41:26.170 –> 00:41:37.229
Nyk Danu Yoga: and I can see this often in my classes I can see students sort of especially in, say, for example, half butterfly. Oh, my God! It’s like they think they’re not doing the pose right. If they’re not touching their foot, it’s ridiculous.

00:41:37.570 –> 00:41:46.960
Nyk Danu Yoga: and so they’re white knuckling it, and their veins are bulging, and they’re turning red because they think the goal air quotes again of that pose is to get your hand to your foot.

00:41:48.040 –> 00:41:49.979
Nyk Danu Yoga: What if the goal was.

00:41:50.130 –> 00:41:56.989
Nyk Danu Yoga: do you notice sensation in your body in a 50 to 60 degree amount?

00:41:57.340 –> 00:42:09.280
Nyk Danu Yoga: And can you sit and be present to that without the mind kind of going on adventures, and when it does go on adventures, can you be gentle and compassionate with yourself, and still have the dedication to bring it back.

00:42:10.120 –> 00:42:11.810
Nyk Danu Yoga: because that, my friends

00:42:12.010 –> 00:42:16.179
Nyk Danu Yoga: is practicing advanced Yoga, in my humble opinion.

00:42:17.450 –> 00:42:20.129
Nyk Danu Yoga: Okay. I think you get the point.

00:42:20.260 –> 00:42:26.300
Nyk Danu Yoga: So next time you’re hesitant to go. What do I teach? How do I teach advanced Yoga

00:42:26.310 –> 00:42:32.479
Nyk Danu Yoga: advanced in Yoga. Just take a moment to remember this. Podcast. Now that being said.

00:42:32.830 –> 00:42:47.969
Nyk Danu Yoga: there are different experience levels right? But describing these experience levels, as you know, beginner, intermediate, advanced, maybe not be so helpful. Beginner is a little bit more helpful, because if somebody’s brand new, they are a beginner.

00:42:48.820 –> 00:42:57.509
Nyk Danu Yoga: But again, intermediate. Maybe if you use intermediate meaning, they have some experience. They’re not an absolute beginner, then. Okay.

00:42:57.730 –> 00:42:58.990
Nyk Danu Yoga: but advanced.

00:42:59.570 –> 00:43:06.149
Nyk Danu Yoga: If you’re an advanced yogi, you are an enlightened being, my friend, because you have spent the time to deal with your mind, and

00:43:06.430 –> 00:43:10.159
Nyk Danu Yoga: you’ve let all of this minutia of our daily lives go.

00:43:11.620 –> 00:43:17.979
Nyk Danu Yoga: So maybe we can stop trying to practice advanced Yin Yoga.

00:43:18.620 –> 00:43:22.610
Nyk Danu Yoga: because unless you’re doing meditation.

00:43:23.150 –> 00:43:27.079
Nyk Danu Yoga: I don’t think there is such a thing as advanced. Yan Yoga.

00:43:27.870 –> 00:43:38.730
Nyk Danu Yoga: Now, if you’re a teacher and you’re thinking, yeah, but I have this group of students, and they’ve all been practicing yin for a long time, and II feel like I need to give them more. Well.

00:43:39.150 –> 00:43:45.629
Nyk Danu Yoga: here’s a question. Do you feel like you need to give them more? Or are they requesting more?

00:43:47.790 –> 00:43:57.890
Nyk Danu Yoga: This could be a whole episode, too, in the future, but because, as teachers, we tend to think that they need more. We tend to think they must be bored. They need more

00:43:58.050 –> 00:44:12.059
Nyk Danu Yoga: when meanwhile they’re actually just fine doing what they’re doing. They like this delightfully simple practice. They like a reliable practice that is familiar, because that’s more soothing to their nervous system.

00:44:12.560 –> 00:44:18.499
Nyk Danu Yoga: So don’t assume just because you have been doing the same shapes

00:44:19.160 –> 00:44:24.289
Nyk Danu Yoga: over and over again, which, if you’re teaching in, you probably have, because there’s only so many to do.

00:44:24.840 –> 00:44:31.930
Nyk Danu Yoga: don’t assume that that means that your students are bored that your students need more. Your students want more of a challenge.

00:44:32.310 –> 00:44:41.920
Nyk Danu Yoga: That might not be the case at all. That might just be something you are telling yourself, because you feel like you have to keep offering more.

00:44:42.310 –> 00:44:43.850
Nyk Danu Yoga: and they might be just fine.

00:44:45.450 –> 00:44:53.849
Nyk Danu Yoga: So that’s one thing to consider. And then the other thing to consider is if you’re thinking, yeah. But I need to give my students more, or maybe my students have asked for more.

00:44:54.260 –> 00:45:07.649
Nyk Danu Yoga: Well, if they’re asking for advanced yin or intermediate yin. One thing that could help with that is to create a registered series. So not a drop in

00:45:08.340 –> 00:45:22.130
Nyk Danu Yoga: that helps them go from point A to Point B in a deeper way. Right? That’s when you can bring in some themes. Whatever you’ve studied, you know, I tend to use traditional Chinese medicine, because that’s my foundation. That’s what I’ve studied.

00:45:22.990 –> 00:45:27.550
Nyk Danu Yoga: Maybe then you can dive deeper into some deeper topics.

00:45:27.840 –> 00:45:46.840
Nyk Danu Yoga: So when you have a group that has experience with the poses. Maybe you can introduce some more soulful themes to that group. Maybe it doesn’t have to be the sort of new to yin speech and now feel the rebound because they know all that they’ve been doing it this whole time. Now, maybe as a teacher.

00:45:46.890 –> 00:45:49.499
Nyk Danu Yoga: you get to challenge yourself

00:45:49.620 –> 00:45:59.779
Nyk Danu Yoga: to speak more to their inner journey. Instead of focusing on the Asana’s as a way to make this a more air quotes advanced practice.

00:46:00.340 –> 00:46:08.090
Nyk Danu Yoga: Maybe you get to speak more to the inner journey. Maybe that now informs your lesson plans.

00:46:09.630 –> 00:46:17.720
Nyk Danu Yoga: Maybe you start to guide those students through meditation. If you have a meditation practice the training and experience to do so

00:46:18.670 –> 00:46:27.260
Nyk Danu Yoga: to. Maybe when you have a er quotes advanced yin class, you’re spending some time in seated meditation.

00:46:29.460 –> 00:46:30.350
Nyk Danu Yoga: Maybe

00:46:32.250 –> 00:46:41.240
Nyk Danu Yoga: so, dear teacher, I’m not suggesting that you should do all of these things if you don’t have experience and training in them, like, if you’ve never guided meditation. If you don’t have a meditation practice.

00:46:41.280 –> 00:46:44.289
Nyk Danu Yoga: please don’t try to guide your students through meditation.

00:46:44.820 –> 00:46:46.160
Nyk Danu Yoga: but if you do.

00:46:46.240 –> 00:47:12.759
Nyk Danu Yoga: now’s where this comes in with your intermediate students with your experienced students, the ones who no longer need to hear the 8 different ways that they could choose to explore this pose based on their bone structure, because they already know, because they’ve been doing in for a long time, and they know it works for their bodies. And you know, these are the students that are already halfway in the pose before you’ve even finished describing it, because they know what works for them. They’ve got their props, if needed, they’re doing their thing.

00:47:12.970 –> 00:47:23.839
Nyk Danu Yoga: So if you’ve got students like that, then maybe it’s time to take them out of a dropping class and create a small series where you can dive deeper into a particular subject.

00:47:24.410 –> 00:47:30.070
Nyk Danu Yoga: a little more soulful of a practice, little less kind of based on the physical.

00:47:30.230 –> 00:47:33.930
Nyk Danu Yoga: including more meditative aspects, etc.

00:47:35.990 –> 00:47:40.969
Nyk Danu Yoga: So that’s some food for thought. Because if dear Yin Yoga teacher, you think that

00:47:41.150 –> 00:47:52.409
Nyk Danu Yoga: you’re going to guide your students through an advanced us in a class by just making them hold the poses longer, which may or may not be part of an intermediate or experienced practice.

00:47:54.400 –> 00:48:02.429
Nyk Danu Yoga: or by them going deeper air quotes into the pose. Then you’re missing the point of yin.

00:48:04.850 –> 00:48:10.760
Nyk Danu Yoga: and just to address the longer holds. There’s nothing wrong with doing longer holds in a practice

00:48:11.110 –> 00:48:14.969
Nyk Danu Yoga: from my experience with myself and my students. If

00:48:15.840 –> 00:48:18.380
Nyk Danu Yoga: you are no longer feeling the shape.

00:48:18.690 –> 00:48:29.939
Nyk Danu Yoga: you’re no longer feeling that sweet rebound in the shape when you come out. When you’ve done these shorter holds in the 2 to 5 min range. Then maybe you do start to increase the length of hold

00:48:29.960 –> 00:48:35.700
Nyk Danu Yoga: in a practice. But if you were doing that in a group scenario, you would probably want to do

00:48:35.720 –> 00:48:45.079
Nyk Danu Yoga: 2 2 times. So like, you might want to say, Okay, this has been 5 min. Those of you have had enough. Come out. And this is, you know, we’re going to continue on for a couple more whatever.

00:48:45.360 –> 00:49:01.280
Nyk Danu Yoga: because even if they’ve been practicing yin for a long time, there’s a huge percentage of people that do not need to do longer holds because they’re still feeling plenty in their body, especially if they’re practicing in just sort of weekly with you and not doing a home practice.

00:49:02.320 –> 00:49:06.090
Nyk Danu Yoga: So there’s some thoughts on advanced Yin yoga?

00:49:06.390 –> 00:49:10.240
Nyk Danu Yoga: Probably not always popular opinions, but nonetheless.

00:49:11.190 –> 00:49:18.240
Nyk Danu Yoga: So for those of you who clicked on this all excited thinking, yes, I’m going to learn how to teach advanced Yoga

00:49:18.680 –> 00:49:20.190
Nyk Danu Yoga: advancekin. Yoga.

00:49:21.130 –> 00:49:23.810
Nyk Danu Yoga: Then learn how to guide meditation.

00:49:23.990 –> 00:49:25.789
Nyk Danu Yoga: start practicing meditation.

00:49:26.680 –> 00:49:33.410
Nyk Danu Yoga: start excavating some of these deeper learnings that the Yin practice can bring us.

00:49:34.940 –> 00:49:38.440
Nyk Danu Yoga: That’s what I would call advanced yin. Yoga.

00:49:40.050 –> 00:49:44.030
Nyk Danu Yoga: Okay, friends, that’s all for today. I think that’s plenty of

00:49:44.290 –> 00:49:49.629
Nyk Danu Yoga: food for thought. And until I see you again. bye, for now.


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