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Welcome To The Pilot of A Yin Yoga Podcast.

In Episode Two. I will introduce myself in a longer format kinda like I’m interviewing myself, which should prove to be interesting.

But we haven’t yet, I’m your host Nyk Danu. I am a yoga therapist.

A Yin Yoga teacher trainer, and a yoga business mentor, and I also teach public yoga classes.

So that’s me in brief. 

But I just wanted this one to be a little. Hey?

Here’s the podcast. Here’s what you can expect here.

So, welcome to A Yin Yoga Podcast, I’m your host Nyk Danu – certified Yoga Therapist, mentor of Yoga teachers, Yin Yoga Teacher trainer and total Yin Yoga Geek. 

If you have a crush on Yin Yoga and are ready to dive deep you are in the right place. 

Here myself, and my guests, will discuss all things Yin Yoga including, anatomy, philosophy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Meditation, Taoism, teaching tips and so much more. 

You can expect these conversations to be long format, informal, lo-fi and delightfully imperfect.

So whether you are a Yoga teacher or a Yin Yoga student welcome you to the Yinside.

Yin Yoga Podcast- Listen


A Yin Yoga Podcast – Pilot (Watch)


A Yin Yoga Podcast – Pilot (Read)

So why another Yoga podcast? This is the question. I asked myself for 2 years before starting this.

I started listening to Yoga podcasts  at a time in my life when I was feeling really disconnected from the Yoga world

I had just moved From Calgary AB where I was born and raised to The magical city of Victoria, on enchanted Vancouver Island, which is just off the west coast of Canada.

At the time I had been teaching for 13 years and I moved here in part to go back to school full-time and study Chinese medicine.

And since I wasn’t yet teaching here, I felt very disconnected from Yoga and from the Yoga world.

Not being able to share my enthusiasm and my love for Yoga, and in particular, Yin Yoga, with students on a regular basis, was really starting to leave a hole in my heart so I was feeling a little bit lost and disconnected.


A little bit alone in the Yoga universe, you could say.

I then stumbled across a Yoga podcast J. Brown’s Yoga Talks. Shout out to Jay. So I started listening to that regularly then quite quickly I discovered MBOM which is hosted by my friend Amanda Kingsmith, Shout out to Amanda.

As I started listening to these two podcasts, regularly they were a bit of a lifeline in time I was kind of grieving a little bit and feeling quite lost without teaching Yoga.

They helped me feel like, even though I wasn’t teaching yet in my new home city, I was still connected to Yoga and to other Yoga teachers.

So that began my love of podcasts.

And I still love Yoga Podcasts. there are a lot of Yoga Podcasts now, and several good ones.

So then why start another Yoga podcast?

I feel like this podcast will fill a hole, although there are a lot of Yoga podcasts out there at the time I was dreaming this up, I didn’t see any Yin-specific Podcasts.

There are podcasts devoted to other specific styles of Yoga.

There are podcasts that are quite niched. But I couldn’t find anything for those like me who are total Yin Yoga Geeks.

So I decided to create it because I love geeking out with other people who are in love with Yin Yoga.

I love learning and studying and growing, and there’s so much under the yin yoga umbrella that can be discussed.

So that’s what we will do here on this podcast.

There will be solo episodes, and longer format interviews with other Yin Yoga teachers, as well as experts in the areas of anatomy and traditional Chinese medicine including meridian or channel theory, of the elements, Taoist philosophy, meditation, teaching tips and a lot more.

My intention for this podcast is for it to feel like I’m sitting down having tea and sharing with you.  And when we have a guest it’s a couple of Yoga teachers sitting around the kitchen table with you, having some tea.

You can expect these episodes to be Low-fi, uncensored and unfiltered this is a conscious choice.

I think we have far too much polish and filter in our world in general, and of course, the Yoga world has fallen prey to that as well.

I tend to be a bit informal and delightfully imperfect, so these episodes will be as well.

You can also expect adult conversations and adult language.

In this podcast when I interview people, they will be sharing their pre-yoga story, their Yoga origin stories, where they have come from and how they came to Yoga, and sometimes in those stories, there can be sensitive and intense subject matter.


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