You Are Wintering (Don’t Set New Years Resolutions)

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According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, you wouldn’t set New Year Resolutions.

Winter is the yin-est of the Yin. So in a yin time of year, the element for winter is water. And this time of year is meant to be a time of year when you go inward. Where you slow down, where you cozy up and where you go inside. So it’s meant to be more reflective.

You’re meant to be more introverted, meant to sleep more, meant to cozy up more, um, and to be more reflective. And so winter is the perfect time to get out journals, read books, you know, drink tea, stay warm, sleep more, rest more. Go inward and actually notice as you go inward, start daydreaming and checking in with your soul.

So when we’re in the winter season, we want to be wintering. And New Year’s,

as on the Western calendar, is still very much winter. January 1st is winter time. So it is not the time to be doing spring-type energy things like planning envisioning and goal setting that’s for springtime. So in traditional Chinese medicine and Taoism springtime is the time when we have this burst of energy where we can envision and we can create new things and we can plant seeds and we can get really active and start setting goals and we can hustle a little bit more.


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Nyk Danu Yoga: So I was inspired to do this episode. and this one is not going to be super evergreen.

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Nyk Danu Yoga: So at the time of this recording, when you’re getting this, this will be in December of 2023. If you’re listening to this later, this will still apply. But the date for Chinese New Year might be different. Okay, so

00:04:08.760 –> 00:04:15.239
Nyk Danu Yoga: I’m going to call this episode something like why you shouldn’t create New Year’s resolutions.

00:04:16.890 –> 00:04:20.089
Nyk Danu Yoga: So let me get into that. So

00:04:20.620 –> 00:04:33.999
Nyk Danu Yoga: in Western culture, because we’re on a solar calendar. For some reason, there’s all this pressure on the calendar, The New Year of the 30, first to the first to have all these New Year’s resolutions and to change our whole life.

00:04:34.030 –> 00:04:37.870
Nyk Danu Yoga: And there’s so much pressure on that. And 99% of them fail.

00:04:39.070 –> 00:04:45.129
Nyk Danu Yoga: So there are a few reasons why they fail. Number one. You haven’t cleared space.

00:04:45.960 –> 00:04:51.750
Nyk Danu Yoga: You’ve added new habits, but you haven’t removed things that aren’t serving you

00:04:51.860 –> 00:04:56.570
Nyk Danu Yoga: so that you have the space to do new things. So that’s one reason.

00:04:57.170 –> 00:05:02.380
Nyk Danu Yoga: Another reason that these fail is because

00:05:04.290 –> 00:05:07.399
Nyk Danu Yoga: you’re picking unrealistic goals.

00:05:07.770 –> 00:05:14.410
Nyk Danu Yoga: and you don’t realize how long it takes to create a habit. Now there’s not. I’m not going to go into sort of

00:05:14.570 –> 00:05:24.399
Nyk Danu Yoga: brain science and habits and stuff like that in this, but just know that it takes time to build habits. and that they need to be built slowly.

00:05:24.960 –> 00:05:38.049
Nyk Danu Yoga: So expecting your whole life to change on a certain date in the winter, just because you feel the pressure to come up with these New Year’s resolutions and to change everything about your life that isn’t working.

00:05:38.500 –> 00:05:50.569
Nyk Danu Yoga: This is why we have such a low success rate with resolutions in general. So that’s what I’m really why I’m going to dive into this, though I’m not really here today to talk about

00:05:50.630 –> 00:05:53.900
Nyk Danu Yoga: why, we’re not successful.

00:05:54.670 –> 00:05:59.519
Nyk Danu Yoga: What I want to talk about is why maybe you shouldn’t do New Year’s resolutions.

00:06:00.580 –> 00:06:06.050
Nyk Danu Yoga: So I’ll come at this from a few angles, and the final one will be from a Traditional Chinese medicine lens.

00:06:06.850 –> 00:06:25.930
Nyk Danu Yoga: So one reason that we shouldn’t do New Year’s resolutions again, is because we have not cleared the space in our life to bring in new habits. We haven’t created these habits slowly in a bite size amounts so that we can be successful with them.

00:06:26.850 –> 00:06:37.829
Nyk Danu Yoga: and we can stick to them. And then they just become part of how we live our lives. The other problem is, that people pick too many things, thinking that they are going to change a whole bunch of things that they have on a list

00:06:37.880 –> 00:06:39.079
Nyk Danu Yoga: in your life

00:06:39.090 –> 00:06:45.910
Nyk Danu Yoga: is unrealistic, puts way too much pressure on you, and then you just end up feeling shitty when you don’t actually manage to do it.

00:06:46.730 –> 00:06:56.969
Nyk Danu Yoga: So I am not a fan of New Year’s resolutions period the end full. Stop! Why. I think it’s far more effective

00:06:57.050 –> 00:07:08.139
Nyk Danu Yoga: to resolve to make a change in your life when you notice that it is an issue. not waiting until your birthday or New Year’s, or some specific date.

00:07:08.780 –> 00:07:10.729
Nyk Danu Yoga: Here’s an example for myself.

00:07:11.620 –> 00:07:19.479
Nyk Danu Yoga: I’m not very good at drinking water. I’ll be honest. I don’t like water. I’m really good at drinking it. If it’s carbonated, I’m good at drinking it

00:07:19.530 –> 00:07:26.050
Nyk Danu Yoga: better at drinking it if I put a little lemon and a little ginger in it, but plain straight-up water. It’s awful for me.

00:07:26.060 –> 00:07:38.339
Nyk Danu Yoga: I never wanna do it. It’s not a habit. I don’t crave it. I just. It just isn’t part of my life. It’s not something I feel drawn to. And so if I’m going to create the habit of drinking more water.

00:07:39.280 –> 00:07:45.509
Nyk Danu Yoga: I’m really going to have to be smart about how I create that habit so that I can actually be successful with it.

00:07:46.190 –> 00:07:53.409
Nyk Danu Yoga: So, for example, I might find ways in my case to make water more appealing, so that I actually want to drink it.

00:07:53.600 –> 00:07:57.060
Nyk Danu Yoga: Thus the carbonation. Thus the lemon and ginger.

00:07:57.900 –> 00:07:58.890
Nyk Danu Yoga: I might

00:07:59.360 –> 00:08:10.389
Nyk Danu Yoga: put little reminders in my home to remind me to do my water in the morning. So, for example, on my mirror in my bathroom, I wrote in dry, erase marker H20.

00:08:10.420 –> 00:08:19.200
Nyk Danu Yoga: Because what’s the first thing I do when I get up in the morning I go into the bathroom, and I go pee, and then when I stand up at the sink. there’s the mirror saying, Don’t forget water.

00:08:19.670 –> 00:08:29.949
Nyk Danu Yoga: Get your water, get your water brew ready in your big huge jars so that you can sip it throughout the day. So you have to make these habits

00:08:30.220 –> 00:08:39.940
Nyk Danu Yoga: doable small byte size. You have to make them easy for you, and you have to have reminders in order to be successful in creating new habits.

00:08:42.330 –> 00:09:07.399
Nyk Danu Yoga: So one of the reasons that I don’t think anyone should make New Year’s resolutions is because, if you need to resolve to change something in your life, you should resolve to change it when you notice that you need to change it, not wait for New Year’s, and then pile a bunch of resolutions on and feel bad about yourself if you don’t do them all because they were either unrealistic or there were too many of them. But you didn’t create these little bite-sized ways to kind of get that habit into your life.

00:09:07.980 –> 00:09:16.540
Nyk Danu Yoga: So that’s one reason why I’m not a fan of New Year’s resolutions. The other reason is, that this comes from a Chinese medicine perspective.

00:09:17.190 –> 00:09:25.520
Nyk Danu Yoga: If you’re not familiar. The concept of Yin and Yang are Chinese concepts, they are connected to Taoism.

00:09:26.210 –> 00:09:37.670
Nyk Danu Yoga: So within that lens of Tcm. And Taoism. The seasons themselves all have a certain degree of Yin or Yang nature. To them. So, for example.

00:09:38.650 –> 00:09:42.750
Nyk Danu Yoga: spring is more young than winter.

00:09:43.540 –> 00:09:49.630
Nyk Danu Yoga: Summer is more young than spring. Fall is more yin-like than summer.

00:09:49.970 –> 00:09:53.390
Nyk Danu Yoga: and then winter is the yinnest of the yin.

00:09:54.490 –> 00:09:57.420
Nyk Danu Yoga: So in a yin time of year.

00:09:59.080 –> 00:10:02.680
Nyk Danu Yoga: The element of winter is water.

00:10:03.410 –> 00:10:10.399
Nyk Danu Yoga: and this time of year is meant to be a time of year. Where you go inward.

00:10:10.750 –> 00:10:25.390
Nyk Danu Yoga: where you slowed out. where you cozy up and where you go inside. So it’s meant to be more reflective. You’re meant to be more introverted.

00:10:25.810 –> 00:10:33.309
Nyk Danu Yoga: meant to sleep more to coze up more and to be more reflective.

00:10:34.030 –> 00:10:38.920
Nyk Danu Yoga: And so winter is the perfect time to get out. Journals

00:10:39.970 –> 00:10:41.390
Nyk Danu Yoga: read books.

00:10:41.670 –> 00:10:47.680
Nyk Danu Yoga: you know, drink tea, stay warm sleep, more, rest, more.

00:10:47.730 –> 00:10:50.719
Nyk Danu Yoga: go inward, and actually notice.

00:10:50.810 –> 00:10:59.620
Nyk Danu Yoga: as you go inward. start daydreaming and checking in with your soul.

00:11:00.330 –> 00:11:05.180
Nyk Danu Yoga: So when we’re in the winter season we want to be wintering.

00:11:06.290 –> 00:11:08.720
Nyk Danu Yoga: and New Year’s.

00:11:11.660 –> 00:11:21.870
Nyk Danu Yoga: as on the Western calendar is still very much winter. January first is winter time. so it is not the time to be

00:11:21.950 –> 00:11:28.860
Nyk Danu Yoga: doing spring-type energy things like planning, envisioning and goal setting.

00:11:28.890 –> 00:11:30.499
Nyk Danu Yoga: That’s for springtime.

00:11:31.110 –> 00:11:36.409
Nyk Danu Yoga: So in traditional Chinese medicine and Taoism, springtime is the time when we

00:11:36.670 –> 00:11:47.029
Nyk Danu Yoga: have this burst of energy, where we can envision. And we can create new things. And we can plant seeds, and we can get really active and start setting goals, and we can hustle a little bit more

00:11:47.070 –> 00:11:50.020
Nyk Danu Yoga: right. That is the energy of spring.

00:11:50.040 –> 00:11:51.629
Nyk Danu Yoga: Even if you look at nature

00:11:52.010 –> 00:11:54.570
Nyk Danu Yoga: in the winter things rest.

00:11:55.280 –> 00:12:04.779
Nyk Danu Yoga: they get quiet. Look at the animals. lots of them hibernate right? So winter is supposed to be a time of less activity.

00:12:04.850 –> 00:12:07.760
Nyk Danu Yoga: going inward, reflecting

00:12:07.940 –> 00:12:18.940
Nyk Danu Yoga: soul, searching soulfulness and rest. And since January 1, for those of us in the northern hemisphere is still very much winter.

00:12:19.820 –> 00:12:27.530
Nyk Danu Yoga: That is not the time to be creating new habits. to be pushing and striving and efforting and hustling.

00:12:28.310 –> 00:12:33.989
Nyk Danu Yoga: to be more physically active. not saying you can’t be active in winter, but there’s a softness to it.

00:12:35.310 –> 00:12:37.450
Nyk Danu Yoga: That time of year is springtime.

00:12:38.950 –> 00:12:44.719
Nyk Danu Yoga: So if you are looking at the current calendar for 2024

00:12:45.300 –> 00:12:52.470
Nyk Danu Yoga: Chinese New Year is actually Saturday, February 10, 2024, so

00:12:52.650 –> 00:12:57.589
Nyk Danu Yoga: it would do us a good to winter all the way up

00:12:58.000 –> 00:12:59.210
Nyk Danu Yoga: to February.

00:13:00.340 –> 00:13:10.420
Nyk Danu Yoga: and then in at February tenth. is when you can, just in a very gentle way start to maybe start to envision

00:13:10.600 –> 00:13:16.959
Nyk Danu Yoga: start to plant some ideas for goals and things that you want to work on in the spring.

00:13:18.440 –> 00:13:21.300
Nyk Danu Yoga: So winter is about rest

00:13:21.610 –> 00:13:31.380
Nyk Danu Yoga: when we hit February 10. That’s the Chinese lunar calendar, and that’s their New Year. Now we might start to pull out our journals and be like, okay

00:13:31.920 –> 00:13:45.719
Nyk Danu Yoga: in the fall. I’ve let go. You may have missed the fall. That’s OK. You can do it next time. Let go. Of all the things that don’t serve me. I’ve released things. I’ve let go of things in the winter I get soulful. I go inward.

00:13:46.360 –> 00:13:58.690
Nyk Danu Yoga: I journal, I ask myself soulful questions. I figure out what it is that I want from my life and what it is that I want from the next year. What didn’t work from last year? All of that is soulful.

00:13:58.790 –> 00:14:10.720
Nyk Danu Yoga: excavating and unearthing happen in the wintertime and resting. and then in the spring, we go hard with the goals. so

00:14:11.390 –> 00:14:13.270
Nyk Danu Yoga: as of February 10.

00:14:13.340 –> 00:14:19.619
Nyk Danu Yoga: That could be the time when you now start taking just your sort of journaling and your

00:14:19.690 –> 00:14:29.340
Nyk Danu Yoga: you know, sole prompts. And you actually turn them into, okay, what do I want to create for 2024? What do I want to do in my business?

00:14:29.510 –> 00:14:42.279
Nyk Danu Yoga: in my life, in my hobbies, with my family, with connections. What do I want to create? What seeds do I want to plant? What do I want to envision?

00:14:42.420 –> 00:14:57.749
Nyk Danu Yoga: Maybe this is a good time. If you do vision boarding to slowly, not necessarily dive right into the vision board, we can still wait a little bit more for maybe March for that. But maybe you start kind of collecting images if you vision board things like that right?

00:14:58.030 –> 00:15:07.429
Nyk Danu Yoga: So February tenth. starting slowly, slowly to be like, Okay, what do I want? What seeds do I want to plant in the spring?

00:15:08.500 –> 00:15:15.289
Nyk Danu Yoga: So we don’t plant the seeds in the winter, I mean, I know there are those of you who are gardening experts who are going to argue with me, but, generally speaking.

00:15:15.440 –> 00:15:20.270
Nyk Danu Yoga: winter is the rest time. And then in the spring, we’re going to plant the seeds.

00:15:20.620 –> 00:15:32.090
Nyk Danu Yoga: That’s when our growth takes off. That’s when we really can start to work towards our goals and our visions, and our passions and our habits. That’s the time to create new habits.

00:15:32.800 –> 00:15:39.390
Nyk Danu Yoga: So I would still recommend that you create habits slowly in bite-sized doses so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

00:15:39.580 –> 00:15:48.939
Nyk Danu Yoga: and if in the fall you didn’t clear some space cause, let’s face it. Most of us have a busy calendar, so if in the fall you didn’t clear out, you didn’t let go

00:15:49.100 –> 00:15:57.399
Nyk Danu Yoga: of things that aren’t serving. You let things go. Then in the spring. You won’t have the space, so you may have to take a few minutes to let go.

00:15:58.870 –> 00:16:02.080
Nyk Danu Yoga: You take all of the gold that you’ve gleamed

00:16:02.170 –> 00:16:09.729
Nyk Danu Yoga: from your journaling, from your time, from your rest in the winter, from your soul, excavations from your

00:16:09.900 –> 00:16:13.129
Nyk Danu Yoga: heartfelt intentions, then writing things down, and

00:16:13.390 –> 00:16:18.099
Nyk Danu Yoga: all of that. And then in the spring, you start to plant those seeds.

00:16:19.300 –> 00:16:20.170
Nyk Danu Yoga: So

00:16:20.760 –> 00:16:26.440
Nyk Danu Yoga: as human beings, we no longer work in cycles with nature because we have electricity.

00:16:26.710 –> 00:16:29.480
Nyk Danu Yoga: and so we just keep

00:16:29.530 –> 00:16:31.979
Nyk Danu Yoga: going all year all the time.

00:16:32.450 –> 00:16:41.530
Nyk Danu Yoga: And this is part of the reason why, culturally, we’re so sick. We need time to go inward to rest and

00:16:43.290 –> 00:16:47.239
Nyk Danu Yoga: to take these same cycles as nature. So whenever you’re confused about

00:16:47.380 –> 00:16:58.439
Nyk Danu Yoga: what should I be doing right now? You know, with my life, with my energy. What is nature doing? And I realize those of you who aren’t in the Northern Hemisphere are listening to this when you’re in the exact opposite season.

00:16:58.460 –> 00:17:02.840
Nyk Danu Yoga: so you can save this. You can bookmark it, for when you are in wintertime.

00:17:03.230 –> 00:17:05.380
Nyk Danu Yoga: and then you can do your wintering.

00:17:06.940 –> 00:17:14.670
Nyk Danu Yoga: But I just wanted to talk a little bit about this today, because I think that there’s so much pressure on us to

00:17:15.420 –> 00:17:19.010
Nyk Danu Yoga: create all of these unrealistic goals

00:17:21.380 –> 00:17:27.790
Nyk Danu Yoga: around New Year’s and to change our whole life, and to be the best person that we can be. And all of these things.

00:17:29.080 –> 00:17:33.760
Nyk Danu Yoga: So first of all. look at the energy of why you want to create these changes.

00:17:34.470 –> 00:17:38.210
Nyk Danu Yoga: Be realistic about it. Make your habit slow and bite-size.

00:17:38.480 –> 00:17:43.469
Nyk Danu Yoga: and maybe January first isn’t the time to do them. because in January.

00:17:43.750 –> 00:17:46.950
Nyk Danu Yoga: for those in the northern hemisphere we are wintering.

00:17:47.380 –> 00:17:50.870
Nyk Danu Yoga: We should be resting. soul, searching.

00:17:51.020 –> 00:17:59.519
Nyk Danu Yoga: nurturing ourselves, going inward. It’s a great time to deep dive into things like, what do I want? What doesn’t serve me?

00:17:59.980 –> 00:18:01.709
Nyk Danu Yoga: What nourishes me?

00:18:01.900 –> 00:18:08.030
Nyk Danu Yoga: Things like that. You can even plan what changes you want to make. But you don’t start making them in the winter.

00:18:08.050 –> 00:18:16.419
Nyk Danu Yoga: That’s the time to just excavate and nurture. So I’m going to share this one reading with you before we close out here.

00:18:17.080 –> 00:18:25.480
Nyk Danu Yoga: and this is by a poem. It’s by Donna Ashworth, who is if you’re a Yoga teacher. Her poems are lovely for classes.

00:18:26.360 –> 00:18:28.990
Nyk Danu Yoga: and I will link to her website in the show notes.

00:18:30.020 –> 00:18:43.429
Nyk Danu Yoga: So what if you just didn’t do your New Year’s resolutions? And you just use that time instead in the winter to winter. so that in the spring you have your lists of things you want to do, and then you’re ready

00:18:43.980 –> 00:18:51.069
Nyk Danu Yoga: to envision, to start planting seeds to create. There’s that movement up that growth energy that happens in the spring.

00:18:52.090 –> 00:18:53.950
Nyk Danu Yoga: Okay, here’s the reading.

00:18:56.020 –> 00:18:58.520
Nyk Danu Yoga: It’s called Wintering by Donna Ashworth.

00:18:59.040 –> 00:19:05.109
Nyk Danu Yoga: You may think yourself lazy. flawed. yet your body is made

00:19:06.160 –> 00:19:18.000
Nyk Danu Yoga: of almost exactly the same elements as the stars. Your bone composition matches the coral reefs in the seas. and you, my friend, are ruled by the moon and the sun.

00:19:19.230 –> 00:19:20.850
Nyk Danu Yoga: whether you like it or not.

00:19:21.530 –> 00:19:23.850
Nyk Danu Yoga: So no, you are not lazy.

00:19:24.460 –> 00:19:27.500
Nyk Danu Yoga: Nature is simply pulling you to slow

00:19:28.920 –> 00:19:32.650
Nyk Danu Yoga: like the life. the flowers, and the fauna around you.

00:19:33.820 –> 00:19:39.640
Nyk Danu Yoga: It is not your moment to rise. it is winter. you are wintering.

00:19:41.600 –> 00:19:43.130
Nyk Danu Yoga: and you are right on time.

00:19:46.720 –> 00:19:49.460
Nyk Danu Yoga: Okay, friends. just a short

00:19:49.520 –> 00:19:52.739
Nyk Danu Yoga: little snippet, for in between, on the break

00:19:53.590 –> 00:20:04.010
Nyk Danu Yoga: I will be coming back with new episodes in January. and I look forward to connecting with you then and again if you haven’t had a chance to rate

00:20:04.620 –> 00:20:16.229
Nyk Danu Yoga: the podcast. I would be so grateful if you would take a moment to rate it and give it a review. And if you’re interested in my teacher training or my Zoom classes, there are links for all of that in episode show notes.

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Nyk Danu Yoga: And you can also follow me on Instagram. I created a new account just for the podcast it’s

00:20:21.940 –> 00:20:36.880
Nyk Danu Yoga: at Yin Yoga. Podcast so if you want to check that out, follow me there! That would be great, I also have my own profile, which is at Nick Danny Yoga, so we can connect on Instagram. Feel free to send me a DM. Let me know what you’ve been thinking about the show and anything

00:20:36.890 –> 00:20:39.719
Nyk Danu Yoga: thoughts you may have about future episodes.

00:20:40.050 –> 00:20:42.810
Nyk Danu Yoga: Okay, friends, please take a break.

00:20:43.130 –> 00:20:46.879
Nyk Danu Yoga: Allow yourself to winter. and I will talk to you soon.

00:20:48.630 –> 00:20:49.639
Nyk Danu Yoga: bye, for now.



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