If you already have 200 hours (or more) of teacher training and have fallen in love with Yin Yoga and want to start teaching it, you are in the right place.

Yin Yoga is quite different than more movement-based or flowing forms of yoga, and because of that, specialized training is invaluable.

Thinking that Yin Yoga is just like regular yoga but with longer holds is a common mistake, one that keeps teachers offering mediocre Yin classes instead of exceptional ones.

I currently have two ways I offer Yin Yoga training (more on that here). If you want to learn more about my journey to Yin Yoga you can find that here. 

Below is my Yin Yoga specific training. You can see my full list of training and certifications here

500 + hours of Yin Yoga teacher training with Paul Grilley

3 years of full-time of Traditional Chinese Medicine studies at Pacific Rim College

Which Included:

  • 90 hours Meridians and Points
  • 90 hours Energetics of Acupoints
  • 90 hours Traditional Chinese Medicine Foundations
  • 90 Hours Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnosis
  • 45 hours Shi Liao: Traditional Chinese Medicine Nutrition Therapy
  • 90 hours Chinese Medicine for Natural Health Practitioners
  • 45 Hours of 5 Elements
  • 90 hours Intro to Tui Na
  • 90 hours Intro Qi Gong
  • 90 hours Tai Qi Chuan
  • 135 hours of Acupuncture Observation Clinic

For more info on teacher training workshops or apprenticeship please feel free to contact me via this form for a free consultation and assessment.