Work With Me One-On-One: 


If you have already taken a workshop or course with me and need custom support or, maybe you want to dive in right now rather than wait for a workshop?


 I do have a few opportunities for one-on-one support.

There’s one thing you should know though, the foundation of all the business mentorship I offer is based in niching.


I believe in niching so strongly that I don’t work with teachers who aren’t willing to niche. 


If right now you are thinking ‘Yikes I don’t have a niche’  or I have an idea about my niche but need support don’t worry I got you.


When you sign up for my email list at the bottom of this page you’ll get a video of my So You Think You Can Niche workshop for free.


That will get the ball rolling. Once you have gone through that video workshop a couple of times feel free to book a session with me,
I am here to support you with whatever comes up around niching. 


One On One Session Rates

These sessions are $150 for a 90 min or 5 sessions for $600 (one session free) 

These are held on Zoom and recorded so you can download the recording.

If you are interested in working privately or have any questions please reach out via the contact form at the bottom of this page.


Whatever stage you are in your Yoga business, make sure to join my email list below so that I can start sending you free resources right away. 


I’m really glad you’re here 💜