Tight Back Muscles? Noodles To The Rescue.


Tight back muscles are pretty common in my students and most often this is because of our lifestyle. Sitting at desks, driving and even most household chores require a sort of stooped forward posture. This can cause some chronic tightness in the muscles of the back.

Releasing these muscles in Yoga can be a bit tricky, downward dog does a nice job of it, but downward dog isn’t available to everyone and even for those of us who can practice it, it impossible to hold it long enough to get any real lasting relief.

So what is a Yogi to do… (cue music) never fear noodles to the rescue!

NO NO, not that kind of noodle, this kind of noodle!

Yup, a slightly modified pool noodle (like the ones that keep kids afloat in swimming pools) is a great way to spend a little quality quiet time with yourself and release tight back muscles at the same time, who knew!

If you are new to ‘noodling’ at first it can be a strong experience and may be an acquired taste, so grab your Yoga blocks, couch cushion or folded blanket to place under your bum until your body gets used to this.

In the video below I’ll walk you through noodling 101.

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Happy noodling,


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Author: Nyk Danu

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