Tight Shoulders? Best Shoulder Stretch Ever!


I have some crazy tight shoulders. Before I was a Yogini I was a body builder and a hairstylist and both of those activities led to some really tight shoulders. Those tight shoulder muscles in my case also led to wrist issues.

So to say that I have focused a large amount of my Yoga practice time to stretching my shoulders would be an understatement! Thanks to this stretch, my shoulders have become much more flexible and my wrist issues are completely gone.

So if you suffer from tight shoulders or wrist issues, this is for you. In the video below I’ll walk you through step by step my favorite shoulder stretch.

Once you are familiar with this pose you can even practice in “Yin Style” by increasing the length of time you hold this working your way up to five min holds. This will really help you get into the fascia as well.

If someone you care about is suffering with shoulder or wrist issues please share this post with them.

Happy Practicing

ox nyk

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Author: Nyk Danu

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March 10, 2016, 2:11 pm

I love you and I miss you and I am SO glad this hit my in-box today. 🙂

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