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Ready to dive in? You can contact me using the form below, I’ll be happy, to reply but first check my FAQ below:

Where do you teach?
I teach in Victoria, BC, Canada. Check my Class Schedule Page for details on my local classes

Do you do Private Therapeutic Yoga Sessions?
Yup sure do! I have a few different Private Therapeutic Yoga Sessions programs you can see the packages on my Private Sessions Page. Once you’ve had a look Contact Me to book your complimentary consultation.

What kind of Yoga do you teach?
I teach Yin Yoga, Yinfused (aka Yin/ Yang) Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga For Back Pain and Restorative Yoga.

I am New To Yoga do you have classes that are suitable for beginners?
Yes, All my classes are beginner friendly. You can see where and when the classes are on my Class Schedule Page.

I’m not very flexible and have some back issues can I still do your classes?
Absolutely!  I was not flexible when I started practicing Yoga (in some spots I’m still not). So I have a knack for teaching those who are not human pretzels. I also have had my fair share of back and neck pain over the years. So I even have workshops just for folks with back pain. As long as you are not in acute pain and can get up and down from your hands and knees, then we are ready to go. You can see all my classes at a glance on my Class Schedule Page.

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