Yin Yoga Apprenticeship

Apprenticeships are customized according to your current knowledge and the areas in which you need more depth or experience.

One-on-One, Yin-Yoga Apprenticeship—A Custom Program Made for You


This Is A Great Option If You:

  • You have taken My Therapeutic Yin Yoga training and want more support with your teaching and classes
  • Do you want more hours or a deeper study than my Therapeutic Yin training
  • You are a newer teacher and need more one-on-one support than a group program can deliver

In an apprenticeship model of training, your learning objectives are customized to you, your needs and your knowledge.

Apprenticeship Includes:

  • My current Therapeutic Yin Training taught one-on-one (if you haven’t taken it already)
  • Assigned reading and watching videos
  • Assisting and observing live classes (on Zoom)
  • A weekly Yin Yoga group Class (Zoom)
  • One-on-one meetings to answer questions

For more info on apprenticeship please feel free to contact me via this contact form


Yin Yoga Mentorship

Yin Yoga mentorship is designed for those who have graduated from my Therapeutic Yin Program and want more one-on-one support than a group program can allow for.


This Might Be A Fit If:

  • You are a new teacher and want feedback and support on your teaching and sequencing
  • You want support on the inevitable stuff that can come up with students from an experienced teacher
  • You are deeply in love with Yin Yoga and want to practice and study Yin in a deeper way
  • You need a safe space to bring all your questions and confusion

For more info on mentorship please feel free to contact me via this contact form

Please Note: Mentorship is only available to those who have taken my Therapeutic Yin Training or completed Yin Yoga Apprenticeship with me