So you think You Can Niche Workshop


Who are your ideal students?

Do you know what your Niche is (hint it’s not a style of Yoga)?

If you:

  • Have trouble filling your classes workshops or retreats
  • Find it hard to choose the words for your website
  • Don’t know what to post on social media
  • Don’t know where to find your ideal clients
  • Don’t feel like your teaching is having the impact you wish it was
  • Feel lost or disconnected from your business
  • Aren’t sure what extra training to focus on

 These are all symptoms of not having a clear niche.

Here’s the thing, as much as you’d like to you can’t effectively help everyone.


Then you try to speak to everyone you resonate with no one.

This is why having a clear niche is key to having a full community of students you can serve.


One of the reasons Yoga teachers have difficulty with niching is because they get stuck in their heads and try to figure out their niche.


But actually, your truest niche is waiting in your heart you just have to unearth it.


When you know who you serve, and what you help them with, it makes your marketing SO much easier. 

  • It takes the confusion and overwhelm out of your business
  • It helps you find your ideal clients, but more importantly, it helps your ideal clients find you
  • Creates a sense of heartfelt resonance between you and your students
  • Creates raving fans
  • Fills your classes workshops and retreats
  • You’ll have a true impact in your community
  • Become an expert/ specialist
  • Helps you stand out in a saturated market 


In this interactive niche workshop you will learn:


  • How to uncover or refine your niche
  • How to find your ideal students (your niche)
  • Speak to them clearly on your website and social media
  • Gain clarity in your business and have a plan moving forward
  • How to collaborate with other professionals who serve your niche

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