Free Yin Yoga Video -Yin Yoga for Tight Hips

We may not be aware of it, because we are culturally so used to sitting in chairs that it has become normal for us. But sitting at a desk all day is anything but normal, and in fact, not healthy for our bodies.

So while it’s true that any stretching of the muscles of your hips will help, often the issue isn’t just the muscles but the particularly deep fascia. You see when we spend large amounts of time sitting in the same positions day after day month after month, year after year it really tightens up not only the muscles in our hips but also the fascia.

And when we want to work with deep fascia well, that is Yin Yoga’s superpower. It’s because tight hips are so common that I created this sequence.

If you have tight hips you are gonna love this Yin Yoga sequence and your students will thank you.

In the video below I will walk you through a Yin Yoga sequence for your hips.


There are many variations in this sequence to keep things accessible for a wide range of different bodies.

Equipment Needed:

      • Block
      • Bolster
      • Blankets

Here’s To Happy Hips.