Hi Yoga Misfit, 

Have you been looking for a way to practice with me but, you either don’t live in Victoria BC, and Zoom classes aren’t your thing?

Well then, I’ve got exciting news! 

Did you know, having a regular Yoga practice will help you with persistent pain and anxiety relief (not to mention make you a kinder human being).

I created a pre-recorded video library so you can practice with me anytime that works for you!


“When I show up, I view for my time on the mat as mine and mine alone.

With Nyk’s encouragement and guidance, I can now see this time as the gift that it truly is; the thing that allows me to live my life off the mat in a more peaceful, loving, and compassionate way.

Because of Yoga, I am a better mother and a better wife. Thank you for this, Nyk.”

– Tracey Ast


“I have been having severe sciatica for almost three months, and have gone to three different acupuncturists, with varying degrees of relief. This video, along with treatment, is doing the trick. Especially helpful are the reverse postures like sphinx and the upward curl, which seems to have prodded a herniated disk back into place because of the reverse emphasis on curling the spine. The entire class did things for my spine that absolutely no other yoga video has ever done before. The emphasis on subtle ligament, bone and tendon alignment, instead of raw muscle ability like a vinyasa flow, has finally started a real realignment and healing process.

I am blown away by how subtle, but how important this is for injury repair.”

– Artdis


Who this is for:

  • You are a Yoga Misfit: Gen Xers (and sometimes Y) who don’t feel at home in mainstream Yoga circles, alternative folks, rebels, underdogs, punx, introverts, geeks and bookworm
  • You are dealing with some persistent pain in your back, neck and shoulders
  • You could use regular grounding and anxiety relief
  • You are a self-starter, committed to practice
  • You are willing and able to carve out 20-90 min, put it in your schedule and commit to showing up for Yoga practice
  • You know your body and are pretty good at adapting the poses to suit your needs


“I am not exaggerating when I say that this class was transformative. It was the key to solving a lifetime of neck pain and tension. Now when I feel that familiar pain coming on, all I have to do is this class and the pain and tension go away. Nyk is a wonderful teacher and her other classes are excellent as well.”

– Y. Cork


This maybe NOT be for you if:

  • You need to be held accountable to get on your mat and practice
  • You mostly go to Yoga class for the community
  • You tend  to in need a fair bit of guidance from the teacher
  • You find it difficult to listen to your body and modify the poses to suit your needs
  • You want detailed instructions tailored to you
  • You tend to sign up for things and not use them


“Beautiful video, as I’ve come to expect from Nyk. It included all the exercises recommended for my tight shoulders to release and strengthen (plus many others) but in a much more enjoyable way than just working through a list of stretches! I also feel calmer and that my heart, front and back, is more open. Thank you once again.”

– Joanna Moore




Do I need a bunch of fancy equipment?


No, you can get started with a minimal amount.

What You will need:

2 yoga bricks (which are inexpensive and you can buy almost everywhere)

A firm blanket or two (which you likely already have) 

A strap (or a bathrobe tie),

A Yoga bolster is nice to have but not needed for most classes

For some classes, you will need massage balls but if you don’t have those, a couple of tennis balls will work to start off.


What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel at any time, but please note that if you join again later on the monthly rate may be different. 


“Nyk, I’m obsessed with your videos. You are the best yin teacher I’ve encountered anywhere, period. And I just like you lol. You have excellent insights. Your Video’s are beyond therapeutic for me. You are a treasure. <3”

– S. Caramel


If you’ve got Questions reach out here

Happy Practicing, 



P.S. If you are looking for accountability, community and more individual directions check out my Zoom Classes.


P.S.S. If you are looking for completely custom, made for you, on-demand videos check out my Private Sessions (hosted on Zoom so you get the recordings).


How To Sit for Meditation (comfortably)

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Have you ever tried to sit for Meditation and been uncomfortable or in pain?

Although many of us likely sat on the floor a lot as kids, as adults we often don’t keep this habit up. Sadly sitting in chairs (which starts as early as grade one) begins the downward spiral that ends up in tight hips and weak backs which can make sitting on the floor difficult. Read More “How To Sit for Meditation (comfortably)”

Yin Yoga For Your Neck and Shoulders

If you are new to the practice of Yin Yoga check out my Yin Yoga for Beginners Post.

Yin Yoga for the neck and shoulders is one of my most requested sequences.

Often times people think that Yin Yoga is for the lower body. And it’s true if you look at most of the Yin Yoga books there is very little for the upper body. Read More “Yin Yoga For Your Neck and Shoulders”

What is Restorative Yoga?

I have noticed a lot of confusion with both students and even teachers as to what Restorative Yoga is and what it isn’t. Often people think as soon a Yoga bolster comes off the props shelf that suddenly we are practicing Restorative Yoga and that just not the case.

Although Restorative Yoga does rely heavily on Yoga props, many styles of Yoga use props to make Yoga more accessible to a variety of bodies in any style of Yoga. Read More “What is Restorative Yoga?”

Yoga For Anxious Times – Deep Rest A Guided Relaxation

posted in: Yoga 2

Note: This post is the first in a series of posts I am creating called Yoga for Anxious Times. This series is designed to give you simple and short practices to help you ground, center and rest in times where you are feeling anxious. You will be able to find more in the series by typing Yoga For Anxious Times in the search bar. Read More “Yoga For Anxious Times – Deep Rest A Guided Relaxation”

Yin Yoga For Spring

posted in: Yoga 0

Spring Is Hands Down My Absolute Favorite Time Of Year!

From a Chinese Medicine Perspective, Spring has These Qualities:

The Element of wood
The associated organs are the Liver and Gallbladder
It’s the time of year for cleaning, clearing and, purging
Clarity of vision/goals
A sense of direction and purpose
Harmony and the smooth flow of Qi

After resting in the winter and water element, the energy of the wood element bursts forward. Read More “Yin Yoga For Spring”

Buy Nothing for Year Challenge …. did I make it?

posted in: Mindful Living, Yoga 2

One year ago, I took on a Buy Nothing For a Year challenge inspired by Buy Nothing Day
which was founded in Vancouver by artist Ted Dave in September of 1992. It was then promoted by Ad Busters magazine. For the first four years, it was observed.

Eventually, Buy Nothing Day made it’s way to being recognized on the Friday after American Thanksgiving (the day is infamously known as Black Friday). Read More “Buy Nothing for Year Challenge …. did I make it?”

Music for Yin Yoga

posted in: Yin Yoga 0

I often get requests for recommendations for Yin Yoga Music both from my students and teachers.

I don’t always use music in my home practice but, I tend to when I teach.

Most of the locations I teach at are quite urban there may be a fair bit of external noise that can be distracting, so I find adding a little music can create an ambiance and a container for practice. Read More “Music for Yin Yoga”

What’s the Difference Between Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga?

Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga: Same, Same, But Different?

As a teacher who specializes in teaching Yin Yoga, I am often shocked by class descriptions labeled as Yin / Restorative. If you are a teacher or studio owner who has never taken any specialized training in either Yin or Restorative Yoga, I can see how the two could be confused as interchangeable. Read More “What’s the Difference Between Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga?”

Tight Neck? Yoga To The Rescue!

posted in: Yoga 0

Whether it be in a public Yoga class, or in my private Therapeutic Yoga practice, the neck is a much-requested area of the body to release.

This delightfully simple neck stretch is easy to do as part of your Yoga practice or anytime throughout the day. It can also be done at your desk if you need a little stretch break. Read More “Tight Neck? Yoga To The Rescue!”

Back Pain Yoga – Baby Cobra Pose

posted in: Back Pain, Yoga 0

As a Yoga Therapist, I work a lot with folks who suffer from Back Pain. Because of our more sedentary lifestyle, and with all the desk work we do, our back muscles can become weakened, and this can lead to injury.

There are a couple of simple prone backbends we can add to our regular routine that can make a big difference to the strength of our back muscles, improve our posture, and hopefully prevent back injuries. Read More “Back Pain Yoga – Baby Cobra Pose”

Sciatica? Get Relief!

posted in: Back Pain, Yoga 0

Sciatica is a bit tricky and can be persistent. In all my years of teaching Back Pain Yoga, I have found more than anything else that Sciatica is often used as a blanket term, which students cover a range of symptoms they may have. So, if you think you may have Sciatica, please see a health professional to get a proper diagnosis. Read More “Sciatica? Get Relief!”

Tight Shoulders? Try This

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Do you have tight shoulders? I hear you – I’m also in the tight shoulder club. This particular shoulder stretch has been one of the most effective for me.

You will need some sort of strap for this pose. If you don’t have a Yoga strap, you can just use a belt or an old necktie, anything to extend your reach, as long as it’s not stretchy. Read More “Tight Shoulders? Try This”

Improve Shoulder Mobility- Two Therapeutic Yoga Poses

posted in: Yoga 1

Sometimes, Yoga doesn’t need to be complicated or have fancy Yoga toys to be effective.

These two gentle Therapeutic Yoga movements for your shoulders are the perfect example of that.

If you are suffering from a reduced range of motion and shoulder mobility, whether it be due to lack of use or a previous injury, these are simple, sweet, gentle and therapeutic Yoga movements help to improve shoulder range of motion and improve circulation. Read More “Improve Shoulder Mobility- Two Therapeutic Yoga Poses”

Tight Upper Back? Eagle Arms To The Rescue!

posted in: Yoga 0

I’m guessing you like me have a pretty tight upper back.

One of the most common requests I get in my classes is for something for the upper back and shoulders.

Eagle arms is by the best Yoga stretch for this area.

In my life, this pose is a daily (if not multiple times a day) event around these parts. Read More “Tight Upper Back? Eagle Arms To The Rescue!”

What Does Namaste Mean?

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I no longer end my classes by saying Namaste. For me, it crosses the line from cultural appreciation to cultural appropriation more on that here.

I now ask my students to “bow their head in humility to the wisdom within own heart” and then with my hands in the same gesture (palms together at the heart ) I say “thank you for sharing your practice”


Saying ‘Namaste’ with hands and palms touching each other at the center of our hearts is sort of a staple in Yoga classes. Read More “What Does Namaste Mean?”

Neck Pain – A Gentle Release

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I have experienced chronic neck pain on and off for years, and because of that, I have learned the hard way what works for me and what doesn’t.

Sometimes, when we are experiencing neck pain, our tendency can be to do really big neck stretches (I know I’ve been guilty of this), like somehow if we can really get into it it will go away. Read More “Neck Pain – A Gentle Release”

Lower Back Pain – Get Relief

posted in: Back Pain, Yoga 3

Lower Back Pain is unfortunately pretty common. It can be challenging to find gentle yet effective poses to help relieve lower back pain without causing a flare up.

This lying twist is one of my favorites for times when my lower back is feeling tender or vulnerable.

If you deal with chronic back pain, it’s important that you only move within a range of motion that feels safe to you and won’t make you sore tomorrow. Read More “Lower Back Pain – Get Relief”

Yin Is The New Black

posted in: Yin Yoga, Yoga 1

In this post, I’m going to discuss Yin Yoga in a broad sense like an overview for those who are new to Yin Yoga. If you’re looking for Yin Yoga practice guidelines you can check out this post.

Yin Yoga has been quietly gaining popularity over the last decade or so, but there still seems to be some confusion as to what Yin Yoga actually is. Read More “Yin Is The New Black”

The Unlikely Yogi – How I Became a Yoga Teacher

posted in: Yoga 4

I’m a rock n roll, smoking, martini drinking, latte-obsessed Hairstylist… or, at least, I used to be…

When you think of a ‘Yoga teacher’, I’m not likely the image that comes to mind. So, how did a rebellious, tattooed, heavy metal lover become a Yoga Teacher?

Allow me to explain:

In 1998, a co-worker suggested that we all register for a Monday morning Yoga class together. Read More “The Unlikely Yogi – How I Became a Yoga Teacher”

Yin Yoga Breathing – Belly Breathing

posted in: Yoga 0

Those of you who have practiced Yin Yoga know that it is quite different than more Yang forms of Yoga. So, it would go to follow that the breathing techniques are different as well. In more active forms of Yoga, the breaths are sometimes used to bring energy up. But in a Yin Practice, we want to keep the energy very grounded and in the lower, or more ‘Yin’, areas of the body. Read More “Yin Yoga Breathing – Belly Breathing”

Yoga Words – What is a Kula

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If you travel in Yoga circles long enough, you are likely to stumble across words that may sound kinda funny or even intimidating. In some upcoming posts, I’ll go into the meaning of these words for those of you who are new to ‘Yoga speak’. Even those of you with Yoga experience may not know some of these terms. Read More “Yoga Words – What is a Kula”

To Round Or Not To Round – That Is The Question

posted in: Yoga 2

This post could stir the pot a little and maybe even cause a wee Yoga uproar. Believe it or not, Yogis just like everyone else can be pretty attached to ‘their way’ of practicing being the ‘right way’.

So if you are a Yoga teacher or a long time practicing Yogini and you are reading this, I encourage you to keep an open mind on this and try it out for yourself. Read More “To Round Or Not To Round – That Is The Question”

Vedic Astrology and Yoga

posted in: Mindful Living 2

The following is a guest post by my Vedic Astrologer, Lorae Marsten. I was highly sceptical about Vedic Astrology at first since I tend to have one foot in the woo woo and one firmly planted in practicality. I thought getting my chart read was a bit out there for me but Lorae and I have a mutual friend who raved about her so I gave it a chance. Read More “Vedic Astrology and Yoga”

Yin Yoga – Swan Pose

posted in: Yin Yoga, Yoga 1

Swan pose is great as a backbend on its own, and a great pose to lead into Sleeping Swan Pose (more on that in a future post). Of the Yin Yoga poses, Swan is a bit more on the Yang side, so the hold time isn’t as long. In general, 1-3 min is good, but of course, if you are an experienced ‘Yinnie’, you’re welcome to hold for longer. Read More “Yin Yoga – Swan Pose”

Neck Pain? Get Relief!

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I have a few neck pain poses in my Yoga tool belt, and they are all helpful, but this one is the granddaddy of all neck stretches. For some of you, it may even stretch out some little hidden muscles you didn’t even know you had, and it can even get into tightness the shoulders for some of us. Read More “Neck Pain? Get Relief!”

From Skeptic to Believer: A Yoga Journey – By Liana Bakker

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It was 2005 and I was in the middle of training to become a Registered Massage Therapist. One of our courses was “Therapeutic Exercise.” Not only did we learn about specific rehab exercises, but we learned a little bit about other exercises that could also benefit our patients.

When we got to the Yoga section I remember thinking, “It’s basically just over-rated stretching.” Read More “From Skeptic to Believer: A Yoga Journey – By Liana Bakker”

Yoga For Your Neck

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If you’re like me and suffer from neck stiffness, then you’re going to want to add this stretch to your daily routine. You can even do it at work at your desk.

Because of the nature of our western lifestyle and all the sitting at desks we do, it’s pretty common to have some neck drama. Read More “Yoga For Your Neck”

How To Practice Walking Meditation – By Lyndsey Burton

A Walking Meditation combines present moment awareness with movement, and is a great way to help you become more mindful while rocking the Yoga mat!

The awesome thing about a Walking Meditation is in its simplicity – All you have to do is walk and become aware, which creates a magical, mindful experience to what is normally a mundane task. Read More “How To Practice Walking Meditation – By Lyndsey Burton”

Yin Yoga – Dragon Pose

posted in: Yin Yoga, Yoga 0

The majority of my students have super tight hip flexors. Most of the time, this is because of the hours spent sitting in chairs. Dragon Pose is one of the most effective ways to release these chronically tight muscles. The hip flexors are the muscles that attach the front of your hips to your thighs. Read More “Yin Yoga – Dragon Pose”

Jewelry By Andrea – A Product Review

posted in: Reviews 0

Andrea of Jewelry by Andrea is a Calgary-based Jewelry designer that has a stunning line! Andrea and I first met virtually because we traveled in some of the same business groups on Facebook. When we realized we were living in the same city, we had to meet up in person.

When I first saw Andrea’s line, I loved how much beautiful Yoga, Meditation & Buddhist inspired pieces she had. Read More “Jewelry By Andrea – A Product Review”

Yoga For Gardeners

posted in: Mindful Living, Yoga 0

Spring has sprung. So it won’t be long now before I have students limping into my classes with all kinds of sore spots from weekends of hardcore gardening. Our growing season in most of Canada is pretty short, so those who are avid gardeners dive in head first and barely come up for air. Read More “Yoga For Gardeners”

Back Pain? Squat Down!

posted in: Back Pain, Yoga 1

Back Pain, sadly, is a common theme in my classes. I myself have suffered from back pain on and off over the years due to some poor standing habits from back when I was a hairstylist and the misalignment of my spine because of it. For many of you, it’s likely from sitting at a desk all day. Read More “Back Pain? Squat Down!”

International Women’s Day – Allow Me To Introduce My Sheroes

posted in: Gratitude 1

In honor of International Women’s Day, I’d like to introduce you to my Sheroes, the Dames who inspire me and fill me up.

Although I am normally quite positive and upbeat (or annoyingly optimistic I have been told) there are times where the weight of the world lays heavy on my shoulders and my light starts to dim. Read More “International Women’s Day – Allow Me To Introduce My Sheroes”

Yin Yoga – Sphinx Pose

posted in: Yin Yoga, Yoga 1

Backbends are so important to the health and longevity of our spine. We start to lose our lumbar (lower back) curve naturally as we age, and this is even more likely to happen in those who sit at a desk all day. When we lose that lower back curve, it can cause all kinds of back issues and eventually even the stooped over posture or hunch back of which we often see in elderly people. Read More “Yin Yoga – Sphinx Pose”

Yin Yoga Music: Tibetan Chakra Meditations – Cd Review & Giveaway

I get so many compliments on the music I play in my classes and I often get asked to recommend artists and albums. It would be impossible for me to discuss or review all the music play in class, so I can hi-light the odd label or artist.

It is actually pretty hard to find music for Yin Yoga. Read More “Yin Yoga Music: Tibetan Chakra Meditations – Cd Review & Giveaway”

The Art Of Extreme Self Care

posted in: Mindful Living 0

Self Care has become a buzz word, we hear everywhere it seems of late, but what exactly is self-care and why do we want to practice self-care? Before getting into the why, let’s look at the what. Trying to find a good definition of self-care is actually pretty challenging. The one I’ve found that I like is:

“Self-care is a very active and powerful choice to engage in the activities that are required to gain or maintain an optimal level of overall health.
Read More “The Art Of Extreme Self Care”

Yin Yoga Principles & Practice- A Book Review & Giveaway

This is the third of a three-part introductory series to Yin Yoga. You can check out part one and two as well if you’re not familiar with Yin Yoga.

Paul Grilley is known as ‘Mr. Yin Yoga’ in Yoga circles and is my Yin Yoga teacher.  So what better way to wrap up my introductory series than with a book review and giveaway of his expanded 10th-anniversary edition Yin Yoga Principles & Practice? Read More “Yin Yoga Principles & Practice- A Book Review & Giveaway”

Indie Spiritualist A No Bullshit Exploration Of Spirituality – A Book Review

What does a “Spiritual Person”  look like? When you think of a Spiritual Person, does this image come to mind?

What if it was more like this:

I first discovered Chris Grosso through a mutual friend, Kayla, via Twitter. I started following him and vice versa, and we have since become friends on Facebook as well. Read More “Indie Spiritualist A No Bullshit Exploration Of Spirituality – A Book Review”

That’s So Un-Yogic! Busting The Yoga Teacher Myths And Stereotypes.

posted in: Mindful Living, Yoga 0

Do you have specific ideas about Yoga teachers and what it means to be a Yoga teacher? Many Yoga Students buy into myths and stereotypes about Yoga teachers that are commonly portrayed in pop culture and media, but are these misconceptions even true? Putting Yoga teachers up on a pedestal is dangerous, for the teacher and the student as well. Read More “That’s So Un-Yogic! Busting The Yoga Teacher Myths And Stereotypes.”

Happy Joints: The Yoga For Arthritis Handbook-A Book Review

If you or someone you care about suffers from Arthritis, you’re going to want to check out this book review.

Kim McNeil (a fellow Yoga Therapist and trailblazer) and I follow each other on Instagram. When I saw that Kim had released a book, Happy Joints: The Yoga For Arthritis Handbook, I knew I had to buy a copy and check it out. Read More “Happy Joints: The Yoga For Arthritis Handbook-A Book Review”

Jade Yoga Mats ~ Product Review

FTC Disclaimer: This review is my own unsolicited opinion. I have bought all of my Jade Yoga Mats with my own money. Jade has not given me any products for review or to giveaway.


Have You Heard of Jade Yoga Mats?

The story of how Jade Yoga Mats came to be is pretty cool actually this is quoted form Jade’s website. Read More “Jade Yoga Mats ~ Product Review”

Happy New Year ~ My New Years Wishes For You

posted in: Yoga 2

Wow, I can’t believe a year has passed already! One year ago, I rang in the New Year on a rooftop patio in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I was surrounded by fireworks and candlelit lanterns floating by. It was a truly amazing experience. This year, I rang In the New Year inside with my Fella, take-out, a bottle of white wine and an evening of learning to play chess (so fun). Read More “Happy New Year ~ My New Years Wishes For You”

5 Meditation Myths (and the true story)

As a Yoga and Meditation teacher, I hear some funny misconceptions about Meditation. I confess I believed a couple of them myself before I had any Meditation training. I suffer from busy brain syndrome (I’m sure none of you can relate).

I naively thought that I would just sit on a cushion, bring my fingers into an Ancient Mudra and presto, a deep Meditative state leading to enlightenment right? Read More “5 Meditation Myths (and the true story)”

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